Andhra University Syllabus 2022| Revised (BA/BCOM/B.ED/MBA/MCA) AU Syllabi

Andhra University Syllabus

Those candidates who are going to participate in AU (BA/BCOM/B.ED/MBA/MCA) examinations can check Andhra University Syllabus 2022. Candidates can simply download Andhra University Syllabus PDF from here.

University of Andhra Exam Syllabus is very important as without syllabus students cannot prepare well and can’t attain success in the Examination. To prepare in better way for the exams, students must seek help from AU Revised Syllabi PDF given below.

Andhra University Syllabus Details:

University NameAndhra University
CategoryAndhra University Syllabus 2022

 Andhra University Syllabus 2022 PDF:

CoursesAndhra University Syllabus PDF
Department of Commerce & Management Studies (College of Arts and Commerce)
Subject – Paper: Corporate Legal Frame WorkDownload PDF
MBA CBCS Syllabus and Course StructureDownload PDF
MCom CBCS Syllabus and Course StructureDownload PDF
MBA (Banking and Financial Services) CBCS Syllabus and Course StructureDownload PDF
MBA (Retail Management) CBCS Syllabus and Course StructureDownload PDF
College of Science And Technology
Department of Applied Mathematics
M.Sc., Applied Mathematics 2014-15 Model Question PapersDownload PDF
Department of Biochemistry
M.Sc., Biochemistry 2014-15 Model Question PapersDownload PDF
Department of Biotechnology
M.Sc., Biotechnology 2014-15 Syllabus & Model Question PapersDownload PDF
M.Sc., BiotechnologyDownload PDF
Department of Botany
MSc Horticulture and Landscape Management Syllabus 2017-18.Download PDF
MSc Horticulture and Landscape Management MQPs 2017-18.Download PDF
College of Science And Technology
Department of Architecture
B.Architeture Syllabus & Model Question Papers 2015-16Download PDF
M.Plan Syllabus 2015-16Download PDF
B.Arch ( Architecture ) Syllabus WEF 2006-2007 BatchDownload PDF
M.Planning ( Environmental ) Syllabus WEF 2007-2008 BatchDownload PDF
M.Planning ( Environmental ) Syllabus WEF 2007-2008 BatchDownload PDF
Department of Chemical Engineering
B.Tech. Scheme 2015-16.Download PDF
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) Syllabus 2015-16.Download PDF
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) Model Question Papers 2015-16.Download PDF
B.Tech. (Biotechnology) Syllabus 2015-16.Download PDF
B.Tech. (Biotechnology) Model Question Papers 2015-16.Download PDF
M.Tech. Chemical Curriculum 2015-16Download PDF
College of Law
LLB 3 Years Syllabus RevisedDownload PDF
LLB 5 Years Syllabus RevisedDownload PDF
LLM Syllabus RevisedDownload PDF
MHRD Syllabus RevisedDownload PDF
College of Pharmacy
M.Pharmacy SyllabusDownload PDF
B.Pharm First Year syllabus and RegulationsDownload PDF
B.Pharm Second Year syllabusDownload PDF
B.Pharm Third Year syllabusDownload PDF
B.Pharm Fourth Year syllabusDownload PDF
Grading system for M.Pharmacy ProgrammeDownload PDF

Andhra University Syllabus 2022

B.A. Course Subjects:

English language including communication Skills
Second language
Core l-1
Core 2-1
Core 3-1
Foundation course
Computer Skills

Andhra University Syllabus for B.A Economics:

Semester I
  • UNIT  I: Nature, definition and scope of Economics – Wealth, Welfare, Scarcity and modern definitions
  • UNIT 2: Methodology in Economics – Micro and Macro; Static and Dynamic analysis; Normative and positive science, Inductive and Deductive methods; Partial and General Equilibrium.
  • UNIT – 3: Utility analysis – Cardinal approach – Law of Diminishing marginal utility – Concept of consumers surplus – law of Equi marginal utility.
  • UNIT – 4: Demand analysis – Law of demand – Elasticity of demand – measurement of elasticity of demand – Price, Income and Cross Elasticities of demand.
  • UNIT -5: Indifference curve analysis – Properties of indifference curves – Price or budget line -Equilibrium of consumer with the help of indifference curves.
Semester II
  • UNIT  I: Production function – Concept of Cobb-Douglas production function – Law of variable proportions- law of returns to scale- Different cost concepts- Diagrammatic presentation cost curves- Revenue concepts with diagrams.
  • UNIT 2: Perfect competition – Price determination and equilibrium under perfect competition- Monopoly – Price determination – Price discrimination.
  • UNIT – 3:Monopolistic competition – Price determination – Oligopoly – Kinked demand curve approach.
  • UNIT – 4: Marginal Productivity theory of distribution – Theories of wage determination – Wages and collective bargaining – Concept of minimum wage.
  • UNIT -5: Ricardian theory of rent – Quasi rent concept of Alfred Marshall – Interest – Classical, Neo- Classical and Keynesian theories – Profit – Dynamic, Innovations, Risk and Uncertainty theories.

Download Andhra University UG Syllabus 2022

Download Andhra University UG & PG Syllabus 2022

B.Sc. Courses Subjects:

English language including communication skills
Second language
Core1-lab I
Core2-lab I
Core3-lab I
Foundation course
Computer skill

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AU Syllabus of B.A History (Sem I):


Topics To Be Covered
ISurvey of the Sources – Literary Sources- Archaeological Sources – Influence of Geography on History – Unity in Diversity – Prehistoric period – Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures – Harappan Civilization: Origin, Extent, Urban Planning- Nature of Polity and Economic Organization,Society – Religious Conditions – Downfall of the Civilization
IIVedic Civilization: Vedic Literature – Early Vedic and later Vedic Civilizations –Political,Economic and Religious Conditions in the Society – Emergence of Varna and caste system – Rise of New Religious Movements: Conditions of 6th Century B.C. – Jainism – Vardhamana Mahavira.Buddhism – Gauthama Buddha.
IIIVedic Civilization: Vedic Literature – Early Vedic and later Vedic Civilizations –Political,Economic and Religious Conditions in the Society – Emergence of Varna and caste system – Rise of New Religious Movements: Conditions of 6th Century B.C. – Jainism – Vardhamana Mahavira.Buddhism – Gauthama Buddha.
IVPost – Mauryan Period in North India – Sunga.Kanva dynasties – A brief political survey of Foreign invasions – Kushan – Kanishka – The Age of Satavahanas – Brief Political History – Gauthamiputrasatakrni – Socio Economic Religious Cultural Developments

Age of Guptas: Brief Political History – Development in the Gupta Period – Administrative System, Society, Economy, Art, Architecture.

Literature, Science and Technology – Golden Age of Guptas – Post Gupta Period: Achievements of Harshavardhana – Hiuen Tsang.

AU Syllabus of M.A /M.SC Mathematics (Sem 1):

Unit NameTopics To Be Covered
Algebra – I
UNIT-IGroup Theory: Definition of a Group- Some Examples of Groups- Some preliminary Lemmas- SubgroupsA counting principle- Normal subgroups and Quotient Groups-Homomorphisms- Automorphisms
UNIT-IIGroup Theory: Cayley”s Theorem- Permutation Groups- Another counting principle- Sylow’s Theorem- Direct products- Finite Abelian Group
UNIT-IIIRing Theory Definition and Examples of Rings- Some special classes of Rings- Homomorphisms- Ideals and Quotient Rings- More Ideals and Quotient Rings- The Field of Quotients of an Integral Domain
UNIT-IVRing Theory Euclidean Rings- A particular Euclidean Ring- Polynomial Rings- Polynomials over the Rational Field- Polynomial Rings over Commutative Rings.
Real Analysis – I
UNIT-IBasic Topology
UNIT–II Numerical Sequences and Series
UNIT-III Differentiation
Topology – I
UNIT-ISets and Functions
UNIT-II Metric spaces
UNIT-IIIMetric spaces (Continued) and Topological spaces
UNIT-IVCompactness and Prescribed book
Differential Equations – I
UNIT-ISecond order linear differential equations
UNIT-II Oscillation theory and boundary value problems
UNIT-IIIPower series solutions
UNIT-IVSystems of first order equations
Linear Algebra And Discrete Mathematics
UNIT-IElementary Canonical FormsUNIT-II Simultaneous Triangulation-Simultaneous Diagonalization-Direct-sum Decompositions-Invariant Direct Sums-The Primary Decomposition Theorem
UNIT-IIIDefinitions of lattices, Modular lattices and distributive lattices
UNIT-IVBasic properties, Boolean polynomials, ideals, minimal forms of Boolean polynomials

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How to Download Andhra University Syllabus 2022?

  • Interested aspirants should visit the official website of university that is
  • Go to Academics section from taskbar of homepage and select syllabus from the list.
  • Select an appropriate link of required course for which you want to apply for.
  • Choose an option from PDF Format or word format
  • Syllabus will appear on your screen, save and download it for exam use.

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About Andhra University Syllabus 2022:

The UG & PG exams of various courses are conducted by Andhra University for all those students who are pursuing UG/PG programs like B.Com, MBA, and MCA etc. from this university. Applicants who qualify these exams will promote to the next higher level. So, contenders are advised to start their preparation now. Individual may collect Andhra University Syllabus 2022 from this page.

Andhra University BBA Syllabus:

Sem. I

  • Human Resource Management I
  • Principles of Management I
  • Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods I
  • Computer Applications

Sem. II

  • Effective Communication I
  • Managerial Economics I
  • Business Law I
  • Principles of Management II
  • Management Accounting I

Sem. III

  • Business Law II
  • Management Accounting II
  • Business Environment
  • Family Business Management
  • Project Work

Sem. IV

  • Quantitative Methods in Business II
  • Managerial Economics II
  • Financial Management I
  • Effective Communication II
  • Human Resource Management II

Sem. V

  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Direct Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Research Methodology in Management

Sem. VI

  • Environment Management
  • International Marketing
  • Export/Import Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Project Management

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Candidates can check and download Andhra University Syllabus 2022 through this Official Link so you can start preparation as per the course and start preparation according to its contents.

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