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BPSC Previous Year Question Papers | Last 5 Years Hindi/English PDF Online

BPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates, who wish to appear in the Bihar Public Service Commission Exam, must download the BPSC Previous Year Question Papers 2023. Bihar Public Service Commission conducts the Bihar Combined Competitive Examination to recruit eligible candidates for various departments in the Bihar Government.

Here from this page, candidates can download online last 5 Years Hindi/English BPSC Question Papers PDF to practice in better way.


BPSC Previous Year Question Papers PDF: Highlights

Exam Name BPSC Combined Competitive Exam
Organization Name Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)
Exam Level State PCS Exams
Exam Mode Offline
Selection Process BPSC Prelims Exam: 1 objective type paper for 150 marks

BPSC Mains Exam: 4 descriptive papers (1 qualifying + 3 merit ranking)

BPSC Interview/ Personality Test: 120 marks

Time Duration Prelims: 2 Hours

Mains: 3 Hours for each paper

Interview: 30 minutes

Negative Marking No
67th BPSC Prelims Exam Date 2023 September-30- 2023
67th BPSC Mains Exam Date 2023 29th, 30th, and 31st of December 2023
Official Site bpsc.bih.nic.in

BPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Want to take lead in Bihar PSC Exam? Check out BPSC Previous Year Question Papers PDF from here!!

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BPSC Previous Year Question & Answers


Candidates can get the question and answers through this page. You can also download the pdf files of question papers in Hindi/English languages through online mode.

Ques1. The controversial biography “Controversially Yours” is of which among the following cricketers?

  1. Imran Khan
  2. Shoaib Akhtar
  3. Shahid Afridi
  4. Shoaib Malik

Ans: 2

Ques 2. Which among the following minerals is also known as Horn Silver?

  1. Silver Iodide
  2. Silver Chroride
  3. Zinc Phosphate
  4. Silver Sulphide

Ans: 2

Ques 3. Which among the following will emit maximum mass of carbon dioxide , when the same quantity is burnt of all of them?

  1. Kerosene
  2. Natural Gas
  3. Gasoline
  4. Propane

Ans: 1

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Ques 4. Which among the following alkane has largely replaced the ozone layer-depleting halomethanes in household refrigerators and freezers?

  1. Methane
  2. Propane
  3. Butane
  4. Methane

Ans: 3

Ques 5. Who among the following has been given a constitutional power to address the Parliament of India?

  1. Attorney General
  2. Chief Justice of India
  3. Chief Election Commissioner
  4. Solicitor General

Ans: 1

Ques 6. Which among the following is the correct location of McMurdo Dry Valleys the hyper saline water bodies on dry land?

  1. Africa
  2. Central Asia
  3. North America
  4. Antarctica

Ans: 4

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Ques 7. Who among the following is also venerated as “Second Buddha”?

  1. Padmasambhava
  2. Avalokitesvara
  3. Maitreya
  4. Mahasthamaprapta

Ans: 1

Ques 8. Currently, the Shah Commission is probing into the mining illegalities in which among the following states?

  1. Karnataka
  2. Goa
  3. Gujarat
  4. Maharasta

Ans: 2

Ques 9. Commonwealth Games bronze-medalist Jai Bhagwan is related to which among the following sports?

  1. Shooting
  2. Archery
  3. Wrestling
  4. Boxing

Ans: 4

Ques10. Between which among the following stations, Indian Railways flagged off its first air-conditioned (AC) double-decker chair-car train recently?

  1. Mumbai – Surat
  2. Howrah – Dhanbad
  3. Howrah – Patna
  4. Mumbai – Goa

Ans: 2

Ques 11. 3 pumps, working 8 hours a day, can empty a tank in 2 days. How many hours a day must 4 pumps work to empty the tank in 1 day?

  1. 9
  2. 10
  3. 11
  4. 12

Ans: 4

Ques 12. 39 persons can repair a road in 12 days, working 5 hours a day. In how many days will 30 persons, working 6 hours a day, complete the work?

  1. 10
  2. 13
  3. 14
  4. 15

Ans: 2

Ques 13. An error 2% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is:

  1. 2%
  2. 2.02%
  3. 4%
  4. 4.04%

Ans: 4

Ques 14. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is 5:1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 sq. cm, what is the length of the rectangle?

  1. 16 cm
  2. 18 cm
  3. 24 cm
  4. Data inadequate

Ans: 2

Ques 15. The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20% is:

  1. 40%
  2. 42%
  3. 44%
  4. 46%

Ans: 3

Directions (Ques 16 to 20): Find the correctly spelt words:

Ques 16. (Solve as per the direction given above)

  1. Pessenger
  2. Passenger
  3. Passenger
  4. Pesanger

Ans: 2

Ques 17. (Solve as per the direction given above)

  1. Benefitted
  2. Benifited
  3. Benefited
  4. Benefeted

Ans: 3

Ques 18. (Solve as per the direction given above)

  1. Chancelary
  2. Chancellery
  3. Chancallery
  4. Chancellary

Ans: 2

Ques 19. (Solve as per the direction given above)

  1. Excessive
  2. Exccessive
  3. Exxcesive
  4. Excesive

Ans: 1

Ques 20. (Solve as per the direction given above)

  1. Indipensable
  2. Indipenseble
  3. Indispansible
  4. Indispensable

Ans: 4

Ques 21. Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following religion?

  1. Taoism
  2. Judaism
  3. Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion)
  4. Shintoism

Ans: 3

Ques 22. From a point P on a level ground, the angle of elevation of the top tower is 30º. If the tower is 100 m high, the distance of point P from the foot of the tower is:

  1. 149 m
  2. 156 m
  3. 173 m
  4. 200 m

Ans: 3

Ques 23. The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60º and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is:

  1. 3 m
  2. 6 m
  3. 8 m
  4. 2 m

Ans: 4

Ques 24. For safety, the fuse wire used in the mains for household supply of electricity must be made of metal having

  1. Low Melting Point
  2. High Resistance
  3. High Melting Point
  4. Low Specific Heat

Ans: 1

Ques 25. Heavy Water Project (Talcher) and Fertilizer plant (Paradeep) are famous industries of

  1. Orissa
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Kerala

Ans: 1

Ques 26. Class A has a higher enrollment than Class B.

Class C has a lower enrollment than Class B.

Class A has a lower enrollment than Class C.

If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Uncertain

Ans: 2

Ques 27. In the past, consumers would rarely walk into an ice cream store and order low-fat ice cream. But that isn’t the case today. An increasing health consciousness combined with a much bigger selection of tasty low-fat foods in all categories has made low-fat ice cream a very profitable item for ice cream store owners.

This paragraph best supports the statement that

  1. Low-fat ice cream produces more revenue than other low-fat foods.
  2. Ice cream store owners would be better off carrying only low-fat ice cream.
  3. Ice cream store owners no longer think that low-fat ice cream is an unpopular item.
  4. Low-fat ice cream is more popular than other kinds of ice cream.
  5. Consumers are fickle and it is impossible to please them

Ans: 3

Ques 28. Hamid Karzai was chosen president of Afghanistan in

  1. 2000
  2. 2001
  3. 2002
  4. 2003

Ans: 3

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Ques 29. Durand Cup is associated with the game of

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Hockey
  4. Volleyball

Ans: 2

Ques 30. I saw a …… of cows in the field.

  1. Group
  2. Herd
  3. Swarm
  4. Flock

Ans: 2

Download BPSC Papers Hindi/English PDF

Every year Bihar Public Service Commission conducts recruitment exam to fill various posts and these exams contains the question of different sections. Candidates can check the BPSC Old Papers to know about the question asked in exams and can solve them to prepare well.

Interested candidates can check out the BPSC Previous Year Question Papers by going through the beneath segment of this page which is well published by the team of recruitmentresult.com.

Bihar Public Service Commission exam

The BPSC recruitment exams consist of the following three parts namely: Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Interview respectively. Candidates can check the Bihar PSC Previous Question Papers for their better preparations. We hope that the above provided BPSC Previous Year Question Papers in the form of question and answers will help you in qualifying the exam of BPSC. To get more updated question and answers, keep visit this page time to time.

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