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44+ Data Communication Questions | Computer Important Quiz MCQ / Short

Data Communication Questions

Selected and important 44+ Data Communication Questions and Answers have been shared on this page. Data Communication and Computer Networks MCQ is available here for preparation of various competitive exams. Take a test from this short Data Communication Quiz and evaluate your knowledge regarding this topic.

Frequently asked Data Communication Questions are given on this page, so that candidates can know about the type of questions that will be asked up in their examination. So, go through these and learn them, as it will be helpful for you at the examination time.

Data Communication Questions

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Question 1) The transmission signal coding method for T, the carrier is called…..


(B) Bipolar

(C) Manchester

(D) Binary

Question 2) Which section of a synchronous modem contains the scrambler?

(A) Terminal section

(B) Receiver section

(C) Control section

(D) Transmission section

Question 3) The receive equalizer reduces delay distortions using a…..

(A) difference engine

(B) tapped delay lines

(C) descrambler

(D) gear shift

Question 4) Avalanche photodiode receiver can detect bits of transmitted data by receiving.

(A) 1 Photon

(B) 100 photons

(C) 10 photons

(D) 200 photons

Question 5) Multiple repeaters in communication satellites are called.

(A) detector

(B) modulator

(C) transponders

(D) stations

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Question 6) What is the main difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmission?

(A) band width required is different.

(B) pulse height is different.

(C) clocking is derived from the data in synchronous transmission.

(D) clocking is mixed with data in asynchronous transmission.

Question 7) In a synchronous modem, the digital-to-analog converter sends a signal to the……

(A) transmission line

(B) modulator

(C) terminal

(D) equalizer

Question 8) The synchronous modems are more expensive than the asynchronous modems because….

(A) they must contain clock recovery circuits

(B) production volume is larger

(C) they must operate on a larger bandwidth

(D) They are larger

Question 9) How much power (approximately) a light-emitting diode can couple into an optical fiber?

(A) 1 picowatt

(B) 100 microwatts

(C) 10 milliwatts

(D) 10 watts

Question 10) The loss in signal power as light travels down the fiber is called.

(A) propagation

(B) attenuation

(C) scattering

(D) absorption

Question 11) While transmitting odd-parity coded symbols, the number of zeros in each symbol is….

(A) odd

(B) even

(C) unknown

(D) none of these

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Question 12) One important characteristic of LAN is…

(A) parallel transmission

(B) low cast access for low bandwidth channel

(C) unlimited expansion

(D) application independent interfaces

Question 13) Which of the following is not a characteristic of the hub architecture of Arc net?

(A) Directionalized transmission

(B) Alternative routing

(C) Zero insertion loss amplifier

(D) RIM port isolation

Question 14) How many OSI layers are covered in the X.25 standard?

(A) three

(B) four

(C) two

(D) seven

Question 15) What is the number of separate protocol layers at the serial interface gateway specified by the X.25 standard?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 7

Question 16) How many bits per symbol are used in the Baudot code?

(A) 5

(B) 7

(C 8

(D) 9

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Question 17) Which of the following transmission systems provides the highest data rate to an individual device?

(A) Digital PBX

(B) Computer Bus


(D) Voiceband modem

Question 18) Which of the following is possible in a token passing bus network?

(A) Unlimited number of stations

(B) Unlimited distance

(C) In-service expansion

(D) Multiple time-division channels

Question 19) A group of packets from a source through an X.25 packet system to sink.

(A) arrive in the same order sent for VC, but not for PVC

(B) arrive in the same order sent for PVC, but not for VC

(C) arrive in the same order sent for both VC and PVC

(D) None of these

Question 20) A protocol is a rule governing a time sequence of events that must take place.

(A) between peers

(B) across an interface

(C) between non-peers

(D) none of these

Question 21) Establishing a virtual connection is functionally equivalent to ……

(A) physically connecting a DTE and DCE

(B) connecting a virtual memory

(C) placing a telephone call prior to a conversation

(D) none of these

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Question 22) Protocol converters are ……

(A) same as multiplexers

(B) same as TDMs

(C) usually not operated in pairs

(D) usually operated in pairs

Question 23) Satellite transponders.

(A) use a higher frequency for reception of radiation from earth stations and lower frequency for transmission to earth stations.

(B) use lower frequency reception of radiation from earth stations and higher frequency for transmission to earth stations.

(C) use a single frequency for reception and transmission from one point on earth to another

(D) are devices that echo the radiation without change from one point on earth to another

Question 24) A spin stabilized satellite.

(A) solar cells mounted on a cylinder body that continuously rotate so that about 40a time.

(B) gyroscopic action of a spinning satellite to maintain its orientation towards the earth and the sun

(C) solar panels whose cells are continually oriented towards the sun

(D) both (A) and (B)

Question 25) In OSI network architecture, the routing is performed by ….

(A) a data link layer

(B) network layer

(C) transport layer

(D) session layer

Question 26) Layer one of the OSI model is…….

(A) physical layer

(B) link layer

(C) transport layer

(D) network layer

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Question 27) What is the main purpose of a data link content monitor?

(A) measurement of bit error rate.

(B) Determine the type of switching used in a data link.

(C) Determine the type of transmission used in a data link.

(D) Detect problems in protocols.

Question 28) Satellite transponders contain ….

(A) a receiver and transmitter designed to relay microwave transmission from one point on earth to another

(B) a device that echoes the radiation without change from one point on earth to another

(C) devices that transform the message sent from one location on earth to a different code for transmission to another location

(D) all of these

Question 29) Satellite in geosynchronous orbit…

(A) remains in a fixed position relative to points on earth

(B) can cover about 80

(C) moves faster than the earth’s rotation so that it can cover a larger portion of the earth

(D) remains in a fixed position so as the earth rotates it can fully cover the earth.

Question 30) What frequency range is most affected by fog and precipitation?

(A) 4GHz to 6GHz

(B) 6GHz to 10GHz

(C) above 10GHz

(D) 2GHz to 4GHz

Question 31) Which of the following is not an example of data communication?

(A) A teletype printing news bulletins.

(B) A computer transmitting files to another computer

(C) An automatic teller machine checking account balance with the bank’s computer

(D) A salesman telephoning orders to the office

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Question 32) Escape sequences

(A) use ESC character to indicate the start of a special control sequence

(B) are used to switch (escape) between ASCII and EBCDI codes

(C) are a popular daydream for inmates

(D) none of these

Question 33) HF ratio waves follow how many basic paths on leaving the transmitter?

(A) Tow

(B) Four

(C) One

(D) Many

Question 34) Transmission of binary signals require……

(A) less bandwidth than analog

(B) more bandwidth than analog

(C) same bandwidth as analog

(D) a Licence from the FAA

Question 35) The use of Dataphone Digital Services.

(A) can be expected to increase

(B) provides a higher operating rate than FTI service.

(C) can be expected to be replaced by FTI service due to the lower cost of that service.

(D) provides a higher operating rate than T

Question 36) In OSI network architecture, the dialogue control, and token management are responsibilities of ……

(A) data link layer

(B) network layer

(C) transport layer

(D) session layer

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Question 37) The standard ASCII ….

(A) is version II of the ASC standard

(B) has 128 characters, including 32 control characters

(C) is a subset of the 8-bit EBCDIC code

(D) is used only in the United States and Canada

Question 38) Fibre-optic cables operate at frequencies near…….

(A) 20 MHz

(B) 200 MHz

(C) 2 GHz

(D) 800 THz

Question 39) Digital cellular radio systems……

(A) expand the number of cells.

(B) allow multiple subscribers to share the use of cells.

(C) allow multiple subscribers to share the use of a common channel within a cell

(D) extend transmission distance of subscribers within a cell.

Question 40) The standard first-level digital multiplex system in the United States operates at……

(A) 2.048 Mbps

(B) 44.736 Mbps

(C) 1.544 Mbps

(D) 9600 Mbps

Question 41) Which of the following is not an example of data communication?

(A) A teletype printing news bulletins.

(B) A computer transmitting files to another computer

(C) An automatic teller machine checking account balance with the bank’s computer

(D) A salesman telephoning orders to the office

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Question 42) Modulation is…….

(A) varying of some parameter of a carrier, such as its amplitude to transmit information.

(B) utilization of a single transmission channel to carrying multiple signals.

(C) transmission of pulses in DC form over a copper wire.

(D) none of these.

Question 43) V.42 defines….

(A) compatibility with MNP Class 5 data compression.

(B) a method of data storage.

(C) two methods of error detection and correction.

(D) compatibility with MNP Class 7 enhanced data compression.

Question 44) A smart modem can.

(A) detect transmission errors and correct them automatically.

(B) correctly answer multiple choice quizzes

(C) accept commands from the terminals Via Rs-232 interface.

(D) none of these.

Question 45) Extended command sets supported by modern modems.

(A) are standardized.

(B) are prefixed with the letter E.

(C) use different commands to control many advanced modem features.

(D) can be counted on to provide a high-speed data transfer capability without requiring flow control.

Question 46) A Western Electric 201 modem operates with a carrier frequency of….

(A) 1000 Hz

(B) 1200 Hz

(C) 1800 Hz

(D) 600 Hz

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Question 47) The CCITT V.26 modem has a modulation rate of …..

(A) 1200 Hz

(B) 1200 bands

(C) 1560 cps

(D) none of these

Question 48) A bipolar violation.

(A) represents a zero-bit followed by one bit.

(B) occurs when two successive pulses have the same polarity and are separated by a zero level.

(C) occurs when two successive pulses have the same polarity and are separated by one level.

(D) represents one bit followed by a zero bit.

Question 49) Multiplexing is….

(A) the process of increasing bandwidth on a channel.

(B) a technique that enables more than one data source to share the use of a common line.

(C) mailing letters at the Post Office.

(D) the capability to share frequency by time.

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Question 50) When the amplitude of pulses is varied to represent analog information, the method is called.






Ans1) (B)Ans18) (C)Ans35) (C)
Ans2) (D)Ans19) (C)Ans36) (D)
Ans3) (B)Ans20) (A)Ans37) (B)
Ans4) (D)Ans21) (C)Ans38) (D)
Ans5) (C)Ans22) (C)Ans39) (C)
Ans6) (C)Ans23) (A)Ans40) (C)
Ans7) (D)Ans24) (D)Ans41) (D)
Ans8) (A)Ans25) (B)Ans42) (A)
Ans9) (B)Ans26) (A)Ans43) (C)
Ans10) (B)Ans27) (D)Ans44) (C)
Ans11) (C)Ans28) (A)Ans45) (C)
Ans12) (D)Ans29) (D)Ans46) (C)
Ans13) (B)Ans30) (C)Ans47) (B)
Ans14) (A)Ans31) (D)Ans48) (B)
Ans15) (B)Ans32) (A)Ans49) (B)
Ans16) (A)Ans33) (A)Ans50) (C)
Ans17) (B)Ans34) (B)

Data Communication Questions are generally asked in the competitive exams where computer awareness as a section is included. Candidates can read out the above important questions from this page of to gain knowledge regarding this topic.

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