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GENPACT Interview Questions for Freshers/BPO/CA | Mostly Asked Ques-Ans

GENPACT Interview Questions

The term “Genpact” stands for Generating Impact. Genpact is a multinational professional services company, helps to companies transform. Genpact Interview Process consists of Technical & HR Interview. Applicants need to qualify Interview at last to get Job in GENPACT. GENPACT Interview Questions related to specific fields are asked in Interview. Check Mostly Asked Ques-Ans from below page. Genpact employs more than 80,000 employees across the world.

We will focus on repeatedly questions provided in this article as some questions repeat in nearly every interview with Genpact. The questions can be in any form either relates to your knowledge of Genpact, your attitude to work, your motivation, career goals and various other situations. So, focus on all types of questions.


GENPACT Interview Questions can be of wide range starting from your introduction, Qualification, Experience, Industry specific experience. A perfect GENPACT Recruitment process can assist to pick the most willing candidates amongst all applicants.

GENPACT Interview Questions

GenPact Recruitment Process

  1. Eligibility Criteria.

Graduation Criteria: The following are the graduation criteria for the GenPact Recruitment Process of Software Engineers:-

Graduation Criteria’s Information
Branch of Study or Department of Study Bachelor’s of Engineering (B.E.) / Bachelor’s of Technology (B. Tech) in one of the following disciplines: CSE/ECE/IT/EEE/TELECOM/EIM.Sc (Master of Science) in Computer Science & Information Technology or related fields.

M.Tech (Master of Technology) / M.E. (Master of Engineering) in Computer Science & Information Technology or related fields.

B.C.A (Bachelor’s of Computer Application) or M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application)

Mode of Study Full-Time courses recognised by the Central or State governments of India.(Not the part-time or correspondence courses available.)
Minimum Percentage criteria with which Graduation needs to be done Sixty Percent (60%)
Backlogs No Backlogs are active during the GenPact Recruitment Process.

Academic Criteria: Given below is the mandatory academic criteria for the GenPact Selection Process:-

Academic Criteria Information
Minimum Percentage required in Senior Secondary or Diploma Seventy Percent

General Requirements (or Required Skills):

A candidate must have a set of general abilities to secure GenPact job. Listed below are a handful of them:-

  • Interpersonal as well as communication abilities should be exceptional.
  • Should have a technical bent of mind.
  • Professionalism is one’s attitude toward one’s work should be there.
  • Excellent organizational and detail-oriented skills.
  • One should be able to understand and perform his or her tasks in an independent manner.
  • Having flexibility in the day and night shifts.
  1. Interview Process.

At Genpact, the interview process is usually broken down into three stages:

  • One round of online evaluation (The Coding Round is usually conducted on portals like Hackkerank, etc.)
  • A single round of Technical interviews.
  • One Behavioral or Human Resources Round.
  1. Interview Rounds.

Genpact Interview Process:

Genpact Interview process consists of Technical Interview and HR Interview. Following are the details of each phase:

Genpact Technical Interview

  • Questions related to specific technical fields are asked in this round. Questions may be based on specific knowledge about the company’s technical activities
  • Understand the technical work required to be completed as part of the job applied for or may enquire candidates to solve actual technical problems that they would be likely to face if employed.

Genpact HR Interview

  • Final step to select a candidate as an employee is Interview as it helps to determine a candidate’s personality.
  • Questions can be of wide range starting from your introduction, Qualification, Experience, Industry specific experience, Courses done, your strengths and weaknesses, salary expectations, friends, family etc.

GENPACT Interview Questions generally varies from one interview to another and some questions are nearly repeated in all the interview rounds. To get a job in GENPACT, candidates need to qualify the interview round. Interview Process differs as per the post applied but generally there are two rounds of interview. In the first round technical/domain knowledge of a candidate is judged and second is HR round.

GENPACT Technical Interview Questions

GENPACT Java Interview Questions

Question 1: Can you override private or static method in Java?

Question 2: What will happen if you call return statement or System.exit on try or catch block? will finally block execute?

Question 3: Why Java doesn’t support multiple inheritance?

Question 4: Why Synchronization in Java?

Question 5: What are basic features of java ?

Question 6: What is Garbage Collection. ?

Question 7: Can System.gc() start the java garbage collection process?

Question 8: What are the different ways to create singleton ?

Question 9: Difference between == and equals?

Question 10: this keyword?

GENPACT SQL Interview Questions

Question 1: What is Self-Join?

Question 2: What is a foreign key?

Question 3: What is normalization?

Question 4: What is the difference between TRUNCATE and DROP statements?

Question 5: What are aggregate and scalar functions?

Question 6: Which operator is used in query for pattern matching?

GENPACT Selenium Interview Questions

Question 1: Difference between page factory n page object model

Question 2: Difference between string.equals and string1==string2

Question 3: How does grid work?

Question 4: How to debug or fix the issue?

Question 5: How to switch from one window to another window?

Question 6: Explain the testing framework

Question 7: How to do the execution of the second method after the first method execution only without giving priority?

Question 8: What is the difference between string, string buffer, string builder?

Question 9: Difference between method overloading n method overriding?

Question 10: What does the exception mean? How do you recognize where to fix in the lengthy code if somewhere exception occurs while executing

Question 11: Difference between list-iterator an iterator?

Question 12: What is hashmap?

Question 13: How do you execute test cases using testing?

Question 14: How do you run batch execution? Which one are you using for that?

Question 15: How to print webtable in the same structure on console?

Question 16: How do you switch multiple windows?

Question 17: How do you switch between tabs?

Question 18: How do you find a webpage background color?

GENPACT Interview Questions for BPO

Question 1:Tell something about BPO and how it works?

Answer: BPO is abbreviated as Business Process Outsourcing. When a company wants its non-core work to be done by an expert at cheaper costs then they outsource their work to other country, which is called Business Process Outsourcing.

Question 2:What are the major sectors for outsourcing?

Answer: IT and Communication, Medical and health services, Insurance, Finance, Law and Jurisdiction are some of the sectors where majority of outsourcing works get done.

Question 3:Are you comfortable working in night shifts?

Answer: Always answer this question as yes, as the majority of the outsourcing work is done according to the country timeline from where the work gets outsourced in which case it is night shift most of the time.

Question 4:What is inbound and outbound call centers?

Answer: An inbound call centers will only receive calls while outbound call centers will place calls. In general inbound call centers function as companies’ service department, while outbound handles the service department.

Question 5:How can you relate call centers to BPO?

Answer: Call centers may be one of the very first processes in a business that was openly outsourced.

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GENPACT Interview Questions for CA

Question 1: What are the five heads of income to calculate Total Income of the Assess?

Answer: Income from Salaries, Income from House Property, Profits from Business and Profession, Income from Capital Gains and Income from Other Sources

Question 2:Which are the main items included in Salary?

Answer:Wages, Annuity or Pension, Gratuity, Fees commission, perquisites or profits in lieu of salary or in addition to salary or wages, Advance of Salary, Payment received from the employer for the period of leave not availed.

Question 3:Define Gratuity.

Answer: Gratuity is the amount payable by the employer to the employee as recognition for the long term association of the employee with the employer.

Question 4: Define Pension.

Answer: Pension is a periodical payment received by the employee from the employer after he ceases to be the employee. It is taxed as Salary.

Question 5:What is the criterion for exemption of H.R.A?

Answer: Salary of the employee, House Rent Allowance, Rent paid by the employee, The place where the house is taken on rental basis.

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GENPACT HR Interview Questions:

Question 1:Give me brief information about yourself.

Question 2: Any challenging situation that you have faced and after which you felt a sense of accomplishment?

Question 3: What is the one thing that you regret?

Question 4: What are your two biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Question 5: What are your traits that are in line with the company’s mission statement?

Question 6: What do you know about Genpact?

Question 7:Tell me an experience of yours wherein you were asked to do something which wasn’t as per your liking. How did you manage it?

Question 8: Do you have what it takes to work under pressure? What makes you angry?

Question 9: How much salary do you expect?

Question 10:Narrate an incident when you helped to resolve a conflict between others.

Other questions they may ask in Genpact interview

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What motivates you most in work?
  • How would you describe an ideal colleague?
  • Describe a situation when you reached a goal and tell us how you achieved it.
  • Tell us about an obstacle you overcame.
  • Describe a time when you had to deal with an angry or upset client (customer).
  • Tell us about a time when you felt overwhelmed with work.
  • Describe a time when you struggled to communicate something to your boss, colleague, or to a customer. How did you manage to get your message over?
  • When you had to work on multiple projects simultaneously, how did you prioritize?
  • Describe a situation when you did not agree with the opinion (or decision) of your superior or supervisor, and knew that they were wrong. How did you handle that?

GENPACT Interview Questions and Answers!!!

To help all the contenders in cracking the GENPACT Interview, here we have provided GENPACT Interview Questions for Freshers/ BPO/ CA etc. Go through the below provided GENPACT Interview Questions and Answers to crack Interview easily.

Get Best Answer: Interview Tips

The Process of selecting candidates focuses on abilities, knowledge, skills, experience and various other related factors. From this page of recruitmentresult.com, get complete details regarding GENPACT Interview Questions.

FAQ’s about GENPACT Interview Questions:

Question 1: How can I prepare for GENPACT Interview?

Answer: You can check the questions asked in GENPACT Interview given on this page of recruitmentresult.com. You should tell something about your education/experience to interviewer. Try to speak nicely about your former jobs, bosses and colleagues.

Question 2: GENPACT Interview Questions and Answers are helpful?

Answer: Yes, Interview Questions and Answers of GENPACT are helpful for all individuals who are going to appear in Interview and want to qualify it.

Question 3: What type of company is GENPACT?

Answer: GENPACT is an American professional services firm legally domiciled in Bermuda with its headquarters in New York City, New York.

Question 4: Who is owner of GENPACT?

Answer: Tiger Tyagarajan

Question 5: What is the salary for freshers in GENPACT?

Answer: The typical GENPACT Fresher salary is ₹2,27,387. Fresher salaries at GENPACT can range from ₹1,24,070 – ₹2,42,089.

Final Words:

When preparing for a GENPACT Interview, applicants must review basic structures and algorithms (searching, sorting, hashing). Above provided Important GENPACT Interview Questions and Answers will help you a lot to crack the Interview.

If contenders have any query regarding Genpact Company Interview Questions & Answer, then drop the comment in below provided comment box. You can also follow us on Facebook & Google+.

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