GTU Previous Year Question Paper 2022 (Summer-Winter) Engg/Diploma/BE PDF

GTU Previous Year Question Paper

Download GTU Previous Year Question Paper 2022 of Summer-Winter from here. Officials of Gujarat Technical University has published GTU Question Paper PDF for Engg/ Diploma/ BE/ BA/ MA and other Programmes. You may also get Previous Year GTU Question Papers and Solutions of Summer/Winter Examination from this page.

GTU Question Paper 2022

GTU Question Papers of Summer Exam 2022

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GTU Exam Question Paper

GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 1)

Basics of Environmental Studies

Choose the most correct answer of the following multiple choice questions.

1 (a) (i) Which one of the following is not a fossil fuel? 1 M

(a)Natural Gas   (b) Petrol   (c) Coal   (d) Uranium

1(a)(ii) During photosynthesis , autotrophs take in _______ 1 M

(a) Oxygen   (b)Carbon dioxide   (c)Nitrogen   (d) Sulphur

1(a)(iii) Rise in the sea level is due to _______ 1 M

(a)Ozone depletion   (b)Smog   (c)Global warming   (d)Acid rain

1(a)(iv) Increase in concentration of soluble salts in the soil is known as _______ 1 M

(a) Desertification   (b) Soil erosion   (c) Bioaccumulation  (d)Salination

1(a) (v) Which air pollutant reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood by combining with hemoglobin forming carboxy hemoglobin? 1 M

(a) SO2   (b) CO   (c) CO2   (d) N2O

1(a) (vi) The deaths of infants per 1000 births are known as 1 M

(a)Mortality rate   (b) Birth rate   (c) Infant mortality rate   (d) Total fertility rate

1(a)(vii) GSDMA stands for _______ 1 M

(a) Gujarat state development management authority

(b) Gujarat state disaster management authority

(c) Gujarat soil disaster management authority

(d) Gujarat surface disaster management authority

Choose the most correct answer of the following multiple choice questions.

1(b) (i) The removal of carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere and the provision of long term storage of carbon in the terrestrial biosphere is known as _______ 1 M

(a)Carbon sequestration   (b)Carbon dating  (c) Carbon fixing   (d) Photosynthesis

1(b) (ii) In an aquatic ecosystem phytoplankton can be considered as a _______ 1 M

(a)Consumer   (b)Producer   (c) Saprotrophic organism  (d) Marco consumer

1(b) (iii) The sum total of the populations of the same kind of the organisms constitute _______ 1 M

(a) Colony   (b) Genus   (c)Species   (d) Community

1(b) (iv) Fluoride pollution mainly affects _______ 1 M

(a) Kidney   (b)Brain   (c) Eyes   (d)Teeth

1(b) (v) Which of the following is a biodegradable substance 1 M

(a) Plastic   (b) Oil   (c)Pesticide   (d)Garbage

1(b) (vi) Minamata disease is caused by severe _______ poisoning 1 M
(a) Mercury   (b) Lead   (c) Arsenic   (d) Chromium

1(b) (vii) In the atmosphere the layer above the troposphere is 1 M

(a)Stratosphere   (b)Exosphere   (c) Mesosphere   (d)Thermosphere

2 (a) Explain the composition of atmosphere. 3 M

2 (b) Write a short note on Sustainable development.  4 M

2 (c) Why environmental education is important? Explain the impact of technology and development on environment. 7 M

3 (a) Differentiate between Deforestation and Desertification. 3 M

3 (b) Explain the various sources of water pollution 4 M

3 (c) Define the term Ecology and explain in detail the structure and function of an ecosystem. 7 M

4 (a) Define the following terms:-Omnivores, Bioaccumulation and Eutrophication. 3 M

4 (b) Write a short note on Rain water harvesting. 4 M

4 (c) Describe the importance of Biogeochemical cycles in biosphere. Explain Nitrogen cycle with the help of a diagram. 7 M

5 (a) Define the following terms:-Smog, Environmental ethics and Food web 3 M

5 (b) Explain forest ecosystem 4 M

5 (c) Define the term Acid rain. Discuss the various causes and effects of acid rain on the environment. 7 M

6 (a) Differentiate between renewable and non renewable resources. 3 M

6(b) Explain the environmental problems posed by population explosion. 4 M

6 (c) Explain the term land pollution. Discuss in detail the causes and effects of land pollution. 7 M

7 (a) Explain the role of decomposers in the ecosystem. 3 M

7 (b) Explain the various causes and effects of thermal pollution. 4 M

7 (c) Explain the various aims and objectives of The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution), Act 1974. 7 M

GTU Question Papers of BID Semester–III Examination Winter 2018

Subject Code: 1035106

Date: 03.12.2018

Subject Name: History 3

Time: 10:30 AM TO 01:30 PM

Total Marks: 50


  • Attempt all questions.
  • Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
  • Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q-1 Explain In Detail Modernism.——— (05)

Q-2. Discuss Material And Construction Techniques Used In Late 19th & Early 20th Century—————— 05)


Q-2. Discuss The Works In Early Modern, Modern & Modern Works In Asian Context.–05)

Q-3. Discuss The Context & Characteristics Of Post Modernism.—– (05)

Q-4. Explain In Detail Conceptual Emphasis Of Modernism & Post Modernism, Relating With The Contemporary Architecture & Design Scenario — (10)

Q-5. Explain The Terms In Brief (Any Five).——- (10)

  1. Facade
  2. Corridors
  3. Glazed Brick
  4. Courtyards
  5. Colonades
  6. Promenades
  7. Deck
  8. Pavers

Q-6. Explain In Detail The Culture & Socio-Economy In Late 19th & Early 20th Century. (05)

Q-7. Discuss The Works In Post Modern & Post Modern Works In Asian Context.—- (05)

Q-8. Discuss With Sketches The Factors That Have Influenced Development Of Design 19th & Early 20th Century.——– (05)

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 GTU Question Paper PHARM.D YEAR 2 Examination –Winter – 2018


  1. Give the responsibilities of community pharmacist.
  2. Give the various applications and software’s used by community pharmacist.
  3. Explain ABC inventory control.


  1. Define prescription and explain the parts of prescription.
  2. Write a note on safety stock inventory control.
  3. Explain the maintenance of register by community pharmacist.


  1. Give the definition and principles of pharmaceutical care.
  2. Write a note on patient information leaflet- its content, design and layouts.
  3. Define OTC medicines and list out them.


  1. Explain the role of community pharmacist for care of pregnant and breast feeding women.
  2. Define patient counseling. Give the various stages and barriers of patient counseling.
  3. Give the factors affecting patient medication adherence.


  1. Write a note on communicable diseases and their causative agents.
  2. Give the importance of health screening services with suitable screening tests.
  3. Discuss the role of community pharmacist for counseling of OTC patients.


  1. Write a note on tuberculosis and its prevention measures.
  2. Give the role of community pharmacist for family planning.
  3. Give the common drug therapy and pathophysiology of ophthalmic ailments.


  1. Give the symptoms of various minor GI tract diseases.
  2. Write a note on code of ethics for community pharmacist.
  3. Explain role of community pharmacist for essential drug concept and rationale drug therapy.

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Check GTU Previous Year Question Paper 2021 by following the above mentioned direct link. Apart from it, you may also check the GTU Question Paper 2021 at the official portal. For more updates related to GTU Semester Exam Question Papers, you must be in touch with us.

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