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Indian Air Force Salary 2023 | IAF Airman/Technician/Airforce Pilot Starting Pay

Indian Air Force Salary

Along with Indian Air Force Salary Amount, one hired as IAF Airman (Group X & Y), Airforce Technician or Pilot also receives grade pay, incentives, & perks. Indian Air Force Jobs Salary of different profiles is given here. Candidates can check out the starting Indian Air Force Salary and Benefits 2023 involved with them from this page.


Indian Air Force Salary 2023 | IAF Airman/Technician/Airforce Pilot Starting Pay

Indian Air Force Salary

Salary in Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Technician Salary in India

(Rs. 18,192 – Rs. 976,498 /-):

As a technician in Indian Air Force, candidates needs to maintain the military equipment’s. Field work training in weaponry, maintenance of aircraft and air bases also comes under technician post. For becoming a technician in Air Force, aspirants needs to have passed senior secondary school or equivalent in English, math and science subjects. Salary Of Technician in Indian Air Force/ IAF Technician Salary/ Air Force Mechanic Salary is given here.

The Air Force Technician Pay Scale is Rs. 44,154/- p.m

Air Force Airmen Salary:

Candidates that are employed under Group X and Group Y are called as Airmen or PBOR (Person below Officer Rank). Employees that are under Group X will have working related to technical fields as per their trade and those are under Group Y will have working other than technical filed.

What is the Salary of Airmen in Indian Air Force?

Pay Scale of Airmen In Indian Air Force is as:

Indian Air Force Airman Salary in Group X and Y:
Airmen Training Stipend (Group X and Y) Rs. 14,600/-
Air Force Group X Salary Rs.33,100/- per month
Airforce Y Group Salary Rs.26,900/- per month

Indian Air Force Pilot Salary

(Rs. 66,110/-month approx):

Pilots are responsible for operating and managing the aircraft. They are like the backbone of aviation sector. Their work is to carry passengers from one destination to another. The other responsibilities they have to check out is air traffic, look over on the air regulation, and make planning of flights etc Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot Salary is prescribed here.

Starting Salary of Air Force Pilot in India PB 3- 15600-39100 i.e., Rs. 15,600/- per month
Grade Pay Rs. 5400/- month
Military Service Pay Rs. 6000/ month
Dearness Allowance Rs. 21, 600/ month
Kit Maintenance Allowance Rs. 500/ month
Transport Allowances Rs.3200+ DA ( major cities) / 1600 +
DA ( Other cities)
Flying Allowance Rs. 11250/month
Total Rs. 66,110/month approx

Salary Scale of Different Types of Pilots (Per Annum):

Salary (Indian Air Force Highest Salary Per Month)
1,77,539 23,63,300 1,00,45,414
80,000 –
90,000 –
15,00,000 –
1,50,000 –
5,00,000 –
10,00,000 –

Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot Salary:

Apart from flying, Air Force Fighter Pilot needs to develop various plans and have to work with the commanders. Their work is to do regular communication with other pilots and professionals.

IAF Fighter Pilot Salary starts at $39,445 for Second Lieutenants (Annual)

Indian Air Force Auto Technician Salary

(Rs. 0.3 Lakhs to Rs. 45.4 Lakhs):

The work of an Auto Technician is to perform maintenance and repair operations. They needs to diagnose the problems in the equipment’s, test out on the parts of equipment’s and various other repair issues.

Average annual IAF Automobile Technician Salary is Rs. 6 Lakhs.

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Indian Air Force Officer Salary:

An Air Force Officer needs to give instructions to staff, supervise the air force personnel’s, handles various military operations, assigning tasks to employees and various other major roles and responsibilities comes under Officer profile. You can also check Indian Air Force Officer Salary per month from below:

Rank of Indian Air Force Officer Indian Air Force Salary Slip MSP
Flying Officer Rs. 56,100 Rs. 15,500
Flight Lieutenant Rs. 61,300 Rs. 15,500
Squadron Leader Rs. 69,400 Rs. 15,500
Wing Commander Rs. 1,16,700 Rs. 15,500
Group Captain Rs. 1,25,700 Rs. 15,500
Air Commodore Rs. 1,34,400 Rs. 15,500
Air Vice Marshal Rs. 1,44,200 Nil
Air Marshal HAG Scale Rs. 1,82,200 Nil
Air Marshal Apex Scale Rs. 2,05,400 Nil
Air Chief Marshal Rs. 2,50,000 Nil

Air Force Administration Salary:

The responsibility of employees working under administration department is to do management of both human and material resources. Admin is the best branch that comes under non-technical services. Preparing of official documents, schedule and arrange travelling also comes under the responsibility of admin in Air Force.

Average salaries for Indian Air Force Administrator is between Rs. 5, 81954 – Rs 8, 27510/-.

Air Force Starting Salary

(Rs. 339,780 to Rs. 2,166,101/-):

Employees working in Indian Airforce get an average pay scale of Rs. 901,988/- year.

Air Force Salary in India Per Month:

The Salary range is approximately Rs.12,000/- per month for Dietitian position to Rs. 82,528/- per month for Manager position.

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Indian Air Force Salaries in India:

Post IAF Salary
Technician 35,756
Pilot 87,916
Senior Non Comissioned Officer –
Airport Manager 51,857
Technical Supervisor 8,80,229
supervisor 6,12,973
Manager 3,65,589
Assistant Manager 31,717

Indian Air Force Salary Structure

Indian Air Force Pay Scale:


Military Indian Air Force Average Salary
Senior Non-commissioned Officer 6,22,802
Airman 5,05,932
Commander 12,79,262

Administrative Assistance

Profile Salary of Indian Air Force
Administration Executive 5,00,000
Clerk 20,000
Administrative Officer 7,80,425

Installation & Maintenance

Post IAF Pay Amount
IAF Pay For Technician 5,58,983 per year
Fitter 6,71,882 per year

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What Is X Group In Indian Air Force?

  • Indian Air Force is recruited candidate as Airmen in 2 fields one is group ‘X’ and other group ‘Y’.
  • Group ‘X’ personnel is working as a technical duty and Group’Y’ is working as non-technical duty( like administration, logistics, education etc.).

Airforce X Group Salary:

Rank Indian Air Force X Group Salary Per Month
Aircraftsman 33100
Leading Aircraftman 33100
Corporal 36900
Sergeant 40600
Junior Warrant Officer 46800
Warrant Officer 56300
Master Warrant Officer 59000

IAF Group X Pay:

Rank Pay Level
Aircraftsman 21700 – 57500
Leading Aircraftman 21700 – 57500
Corporal 21700 – 57500
Sergeant 21700 – 57500
Junior Warrant Officer 35400 – 94100
Warrant Officer 35400 – 94100
Master Warrant Officer 35400 – 94100

Air Force Y Group Salary:

Rank Total Salary of Group Y
Aircraftsman 30500
Leading Aircraftman 30500
Corporal 34300
Sergeant 38000
Junior Warrant Officer 44200

IAF Salaries:

Position Indian Air Force Salary Scale
Technician 438k – 609k
Indian Air Force Pilot Salary per Month in India 975k – 1.18M
Airman 454k – 976k
Mechanical Transport Operator 493k – 540k
Administrative Officer 892k – 2.2M
Administrator 495k – 670k
IT Administrator 553k – 720k
Senior Non Commissioned Officer 447k – 479k
Administrative Officer – Monthly 68k – 74k
Police – Monthly 49k – 54k

IAF Pay Amount:

Rank Pay Bands/Scale
Lieutenant PB-3/15600-39100
Captain PB-3/15600-39100
Major PB-3/15600-39100
Lt Colonel PB-4/37400-67000
Colonel PB-4/37400-67000
Brigadier PB-4/37400-67000
Major General PB-4/37400-67000
Lt General /
Hag Scale
67000 – (annual
increment @ 3%) –
Hag + Scale *
*Admissible To
1/3rd Of Total
Strength Of Lt Gens
75500 – (annual
increment @ 3%) –
VCOAS / Army
Cdr / Lt Gen (NFSG)
80000 (fixed)
COAS 90000 (fixed)

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Indian Air Force Pay Scale 7th Pay Commission:

Post Pay Scale
Sepoy 5200-20200
Lance Naik 5200-20200
Naik 5200-20200
Havaldar 5200-20200
Naib Subedar 9300-34800
Subedar 9300-34800
Subedar Major 9300-34800
Lieutenant 15600-39100
Captain 15600-39100
Major 15600-39100
Lieutenant Colonel 37400-67000
Colonel 37400-67000
Brigadier 37400-67000
Major General 37400-67000
Lieutenant General 37400-67000

Indian Airforce Allowances:

Allowances Rates
Field Area Allowance Rs. 4200/-PM
High Altitude/ Uncongenial
Climate Siachen
Rs. 11200/-

What is the average salary in the Air Force?

  • The typical US Air Force Colonel salary is $142,240. O6
  • Colonel salaries at US Air Force can range from $110,000 – $180,000

Do Air Force Pilots Get Paid More?

  • Pay for Air Force fighter pilots vary according to their experience.
  • New Air Force officers are ranked as second lieutenants.
  • Annual pay military pilots in general was approximately $90,00
  • An experienced commercial airline pilot can command an annual salary of more than $160,000
  • Average for pilots and other cockpit crew is about $130,000.

Indian Army Officer’s Pay Scale & Allowances:

Post Average Indian Air Force Salary Per Month
Major 15600-39100
Lieutenant Colonel 37400-67000
Colonel 37400-67000
Brigadier 37400-67000

Indian Air Force Salary & Benefits:

Post Indian Air Force Salary Per Month in In
Sepoy 25,000
Lance Naik 30,000
Naik 35,000
Havaldar 40,000
Naib Subedar 45,000
Subedar 50,000
Subedar Major 65,000
Lieutenant 68,000
Captain 75,000
Major 1,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel 1,12,000
Colonel 1,30,000

Promotion In Airforce:

Promotion Minimum Length of Service
Aircraftsman to Leading Aircraftman 2 Years (including training)
Leading Aircraftman to Corporal 5 Years
Corporal to Sergeant 13 Years and 6 months
Sergeant to Junior Warrant Officer 17 Years
Junior Warrant Officer to Warrant Officer 23 Years
Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer 28 Years

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Airforce X & Y Group Career Growth:

Promotion of Leading Aircrafts men to the rank of Corporal and Sergeant is based on passing the promotion examinations and completion of a minimum length of service. Policy for further promotions to the rank of Junior Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer and Master Warrant Officer is on merit-cum-seniority.

Ending Words:

Now, you get familiar with Indian Air Force Salary for IAF Airman/Technician/Airforce Pilot. To know pay amount for other profiles, stay tuned with us.

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