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Infosys Salary in India 2023– Consultant, Technology Lead, Engineer Pay Structure

Infosys Salary

We have provided Infosys Salary in India 2023 as per the job hierarchy in Infosys. Principal Consultant Infosys Salary Structure, Senior Consultant, Technology Analyst, Team Lead, System Engineer and other Salary of Infosys employees is given here. So, check out average Infosys Pay Scale on the basis of Job/Degree/Qualification etc from here.


Infosys Salary

Individuals who hold decent qualifications can be enrolled for the high posts and will get compensation accordingly. On the basis of Research in Infosys, Salary of Fresher’s is different as per their designation & qualifications. Every Infosys employee receives an Infosys salary slip. Along with Infosys Salary for Freshers, Additional benefits such as life insurance, memberships in health clubs, relocation expenses, vacation pay and paid sick leave.


Infosys Salary India

Check Infosys Pay Scale:

Job Title Range Average
Technology Analyst ₹472k – ₹802k ₹630,508
Senior Systems Engineer ₹347k – ₹611k ₹453,358
Systems Engineer, IT ₹239k – ₹478k ₹351,495
SAP Consultant ₹422k – ₹2m ₹873,218
Team Leader, IT ₹558k – ₹1m ₹989,405
Information Technology (IT) Consultant ₹498k – ₹2m ₹1,072,285
Test Analyst ₹375k – ₹823k ₹599,339
Senior Software Engineer ₹358k – ₹1m ₹644,365
Test Engineer ₹254k – ₹568k ₹388,588
Infosys Salary Software Engineer ₹244k – ₹1m ₹489,675
Information Technology (IT) Lead ₹535k – ₹1m ₹963,970
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) ₹811k – ₹2m ₹1,469,227
Software Test Lead ₹628k – ₹1m ₹978,754
Senior Project Manager, IT ₹1m – ₹3m ₹1,902,951

Salary Structure In Infosys

The average pay scale given here is on the basis of Infosys Workers Salary. So, have a look on the Salary Structure of Infosys:

Infosys Principal Consultant Salary India

(Rs. 2,20,604 – Rs. 49,05,985/-):

The duty of a principal consultant is to directly deal with the clients, diagnose their problems and advise them. Analyzing the strategy of business and making plans according to it, also comes under the working of principal consultant. Some of the other tasks related to this profile is to lead the team and oversees its daily performance.

The Average Salary of Principal Consultant in Infosys is Rs. 28,16,153/-.

Senior Consultant Salary In Infosys

(Rs. 1,31,110 – Rs. 32,18,443/-):

The senior consultant is responsible for the work from its requirement till its implementation.  They work closely with the clients and must ensure that their products are of client satisfaction. They develop techniques that help in increasing the product efficiency and optimize cost savings.

The Average Infosys Senior Consultant Salary is
Rs. 14,96,656/-.

Technology Analyst Infosys Salary 

(Rs. 89,011- Rs. 1,200,000/-):

The task of Technology Analyst is to identify the problems related to functioning of computer systems. They work on execution and examine the solutions. They mainly work on implementing the new hardware, new software solutions and do testing to increase the compatibility.

The Average Technology Lead Infosys Salary is
Rs. 607,334/- .

Technology Lead Salary In Infosys

(Rs. 63,297 – Rs. 83,72,584/-):

The responsibility of technical lead is to lead a development team and it is not an easy task as they have to maintain strong relation on board with everyone. They have to take up the responsibility of the entire project. Analyzing and removing errors from the project is also the work of technical lead. Technical lead has to continuously work on the productivity of the team.

The Average Infosys Technology Lead Salary is
Rs. 10,57,647/-. 

Salary Of Team Lead in Infosys

(Rs. 1,27,251 – Rs. 19,40,316/- ):

The team lead work is to install, design and maintain security of IT systems. They can have abundance duties such as they can work on managing of websites, technical support, and advertisement of search engines. They need to have strong leadership skills as they have to look over the team of IT Professionals. They need to oversee that the employees are understands the tasks and are on work track.

The Average Infosys Team Leader Salary is
Rs. 10,49,069/-. 

System Engineer Salary in Infosys

(Rs. 70,834 – Rs. 25,25,250/-):

The task of system engineer is to monitor all the systems, configure them, test them and maintain the operating system. They have to test the performance of applications, maintenance of backup, security and increase the system efficiency.

The Averge Infosys System Engineer Salary is
Rs. 3,80,000/-. 

Salary in Infosys after 5 years:

Infosys Job Level 5 Salary of Senior Systems Engineer is as:

Senior Systems Engineer:
With 1-4 years of experience Rs. 444,059/-
with 5-9 years of experience Rs. 526,672/-

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Infosys also provides its employees a chance to experience equality, explore his / her potential, come up with new ideas, make time for family, have fun on campus and get a chance to lead worldwide. Salary of Infosys varies on the basis of qualification/years of experience/Degree etc.

Infosys Designations Hierarchy And Salary

For the easiness of candidates, we have provided Infosys Designations and Salary India in below tabular form !!!! Infosys Designations or Infosys Hierarchy are as:

Infosys Job Level Hierarchy Infosys Employee Salary
(Per Annum)
Business Analyst Rs.5.8 lakh
Business Development Executive Rs.5.2 lakh
Program Manager Rs.16.18 lakh
Associate Consultant Rs.7.5 lakh
Infosys Project Manager Salary Rs.11 lakh
Test Engineer Rs.3.65 lakh
Senior Test Engineer Rs.4.2 lakh
Technical Test Lead Rs.4.2 lakh
Senior System Engineer Rs.4.2 lakh
Sr Consultant Rs.13 lakh
Senior Associate Consultant Rs.9 lakh
Consultant Rs.10 lakh
Web Developer Rs.3.6 lakh
Lead Consultant Rs.16.5 lakh
Group Project Manager Rs.30 lakh
Product Manager Rs.19 lakh
Delivery Manager Rs.30 lakh
Sr Project Manager Rs.14 lakh
Principal UI Designer Rs.12 lakh
Sr Software Engineer Rs.4.43 lakh
Technical Lead Rs.8.9 lakh
Sr Web Developer Rs.5.6 lakh
Assistant Software Engineer Rs.3.5 lakh
Infosys Software Engineer Salary Rs.3.8 lakh
Application Developer Rs.3.2 lakh

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Infosys Salary by Degree/Job:

Salary of the employees also varies according to their qualification and experience. Candidates having Bachelors degree will get less salary as compare to the candidates having post Graduation degree.

Degree Infosys India Salary
Master of Business Administration or MBA Rs.121,084 to Rs.2,936,142
Bachelor’s Degree Rs.236,818 to Rs.2,421,565
Bachelor of Commerce, Commerce Economics Rs.210,000 to Rs.3,000,000
Master of Commerce or M.Com Rs.587,000 to Rs.1,600,000
MBA or Master of Business Administration , Accounting, Finance Rs.450,000 to Rs.1,650,000
Bachelor of Commerce Rs.124,516 to Rs.1,610,731
Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance Rs.292,332 to Rs.2,153,676
Bachelor of Commerce/ B.Com, Finance Rs.243,000 to Rs. 2,200,000
MBA or Master of Business Administration , Finance Rs. 98,920 to Rs. 5,526,606

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Infosys Pune Salary:

Infosys variable pay as per post wise is given here. Check Infosys band structure from here:

Profile Infosys Pay Scale
Systems Engineer Rs. 3,90,000/yr
Senior Systems Engineer Rs. 4,67,780/yr
Technology Analyst Rs. 6,56,529/yr
Senior Associate Consultant Rs. 10,17,654/yr
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 5,78,031/yr
Technology Lead Rs. 11,49,817/yr
Test Engineer Rs. 4,79,189/yr
Associate Consultant Rs. 8,77,261/yr
Consultant Rs. 13,84,935/yr
Project Manager Rs. 17,97,886/yr
Test Analyst Rs. 7,63,240/yr

Some Of The Perquisites Accessible To The Employees Are:

Along with impressive amount of Infosys Salaries In India, organization also pays other benefits, perks to their employees as given below.

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Club membership
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid holiday

Infosys Salary Package For Freshers:

Infosys Freshers Salary varies according to their designation and qualification. Candidates holding good qualification can be recruited for the high post can get salary according to that. Also, Infosys Salary Slip is provided to the employees working in this corporation.

The company offers a pleasant and challenging working atmosphere and encourages the potential employees. Company also provides more facilities with salary like Life Insurance, Health Club membership, Relocation Expenses, Paid sick leave and Paid holiday etc.

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Infosys Salary Hike and Perks:

Infosys is the one of the best Information technology company in India for both fresher and experienced IT workers. Career in Infosys is worthwhile as it offers attractive pay scale, Infosys Grade Structure and many other benefits to its employees.

Infosys offers various posts at their different departments, which require working experience and skills. Therefore, your designations and experience are the major requirements in order to have an immense Infosys Salaries.

Infosys Designation Hierarchy:

Infosys Designation Structure given here is as per the job levels in Infosys. Designations in Infosys are as:

1) Partner
2) Senior Manager
3) Manager
4) Senior Consultant
5) Consultants
6) Analysts

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