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Marine Engineering Salary in India 2023| Annual Salary Range, Career, Scope

Marine Engineering Salary in India

An individual who is willing to do Marine Engineering job in India, must do proper research and gain knowledge about the Marine Engineering Salary in India. Some of the important factors related to job are Salary, Career growth, Scope, etc. In this page, we have covered Marine Engineering Annual Salary Range. So, it is advisable to check out this page for more information about Marine Engineer Salary In India, Marine Engineering Salary Per Month In India, Salary Of A Marine Engineer In India, What Is Marine Engineering Salary, Average Marine Engineering Salary and other details.

Marine Engineering Salary in India 2023| Annual Salary Range, Career, Scope


Marine Engineering Salary in India

What Is The Salary Of A Marine Engineer?

Marine Engineering Ranks

Your salary will be determined in part by your rank. This job has five promotional levels, from bottom to top:

  • Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet
  • Fourth Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Chief Engineer

Marine Engineering Salary by Rank

These are the average Salary Of Marine Engineer In India ranges by rank. The figures are Marine Engineering In India Salary paid per month in Indian Rupee

Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet Rs 35 to 75 thousand INR per month
Fourth Engineer (Salary For Marine Engineer In India) Rs 1.5 to 2.25 lacs INR
Third Engineer (Marine Engineer Salary Per Month) Rs 2.75- 3.5 lacs INR
Second Engineer (Salary Of Marine Engineer) Rs 4 to 5 lacs INR
Chief Engineer (Chief Marine Engineer Salary India / Marine Chief Engineer Salary Per Month) Rs 5 lacs and above INR per month

Marine Engineering Salary By Industries:

Management of Companies
and Enterprises
Professional, Scientific
and Technical Services
Transportation and Warehousing 81,630
Manufacturing 69,390

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How Much Marine Engineering Salary In UAE?

A person working as a Marine Engineer in Dubai typically earns around 25,500 AED per month. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Marine Engineer salaries may differ drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location.

Marine Engineering Salary By States:

Highest Paying States:

Get Marine Engineering Jobs Salary from below:

Maryland 107,680
Pennsylvania 95,760
Massachusetts 92,350
Connecticut 84,220
Missouri 82,850
Maine 82,470
New Jersey 82,300

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Lowest Paying Marine Engineer Officer Salary States:

Alabama 50,300
Mississippi 56,940
Wisconsin 62,490
Illinois 62,960
New York 67,370
Virginia 70,470
California 71,080

Nautical Science Vs Marine Engineering Salary

Want to know, what is the Difference between Nautical Science and Marine Engineering Salary In India? Then I will tell you the difference. Graduate Marine Engineering Salary Per Month is higher than Nautical Science Salary.

The Marine Engineering Salary in India per Month is around 3, 00,000. On the other hand, Nautical Science Pay Scale In India per month is 80,000. So, it is clear that B Tech Marine Engineering Salary is high.

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Marine Engineer Job Profile:

Marine Engineer Jobs or Career in Sea is almost similar to that of a Nautical Science. The major difference though can be seen in B Tech Marine Engineering (Salary), responsibilities & work environment.

As an Marine Engineering, you will be assigned to specific departments and Career In Marine Engineering involves the following task as listed below:

  • Provide technical guidance and project management for marine design and construction.
  • Examine marine construction and estimate metrics like stability, weight, and hydrostatics.
  • Provide document requirements, instructions, material specifications, and troubleshooting guides.
  • Maintain Monitor logs, data, and user feedback to identify trends and improve designs.

Final Note:

The entire information about Marine Engineering (Salary) in india / Marine Engineering Scope And Salary In India is maintained in above section of this page. Bookmark our web portal, in order to get updated details of Diploma In Marine Engineering Salary, Marine Engineers (Salary) and Career In Marine Engineering (Salary) etc.

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