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NIOS Syllabus 2023 For D.El.Ed/10th/12th | Download Sr./Secondary Exam PDF

NIOS Syllabus 2023

Students pursuing D.El.Ed/10th/12th through National Institute of Open Schooling must check their latest NIOS Syllabus. Here we have given subject wise detailed syllabus for Physics, English, Maths through which candidates can go easily. Students can also download NIOS Sr./Secondary Exam Syllabus in the form of PDF.

NIOS Syllabus 2023
NIOS Syllabus 2023


NIOS Syllabus 2023
Organization Name National Institute of Open Schooling
Category NIOS Syllabus
Mode of Exam Offline
Syllabus Available for D.El.Ed/10th/12th
Official Website www.nios.ac.in

Download NIOS Syllabus PDFs

NIOS Syllabus for 10th

Subject NIOS Syllabus Class 10
English Download
Science Download
Social Science Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Business Studies Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Psychology Download
Sanskrit Download
Home Science Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Mathematics Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Indian Culture & Heritage Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Economics Download
Painting Download
Data Entry Operations Download

NIOS Syllabus for 12th

Subject NIOS Syllabus Class 12
English Download
NIOS Syllabus for 12th Physics Download
NIOS Syllabus for 12th Chemistry Download
Commerce (Business Studies) Download
Home Science Download
Mathematics Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Geography Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

Political Science Download (Hindi)

Download (English)

NIOS Syllabus for 12th Accountancy Download
Sociology Download
History Download
Computer Science Download
Painting Download
Psychology Download
Data Entry Operations Download

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NIOS Syllabus

NIOS D.El.Ed Syllabus 2023

Groups – I & II

Code No. 501 Elementary Education in India:

A SocioCultural Perspective

  • Block 1: Elementary Education in India:A Retrospective
  • Block 2: Elementary Education in Indiain the Contemporary Context-I
  • Block 3: Elementary Education in Indiain the Cotemporary Context-II
Code No. 506 Understanding children in

inclusive context

  • Block 1: Child Growth and Development:Basics
  • Block 2:Personality Development ofChildren
  • Block 3:Inclusive Education
  • Block 4: Girl Child and Child Right
Code No. 502 Pedagogic Processes in

Elementary Schools

  • Block 1: Learning and TeachingProcess
  • Block 2: Management of Learning-Teaching Process
  • Block 3: Emerging Issues inClassroom Learning
  • Block 4: Learning Assessment
Code No. 507 Community& Elementary


  • Block 1: Society, Communityand School
  • Block 2: School System
  • Block 3: Managing SchoolCommunity Interface
Code No. 503 Learning Languages at

Elementary Level

  • Block 1: Understanding Language
  • Block 2: Skills Associated withLanguage Learning
  • Block 3: Language Learning inthe classroom
Code No. 504 Learning Mathematics at

Elementary Level

  • Block 1: Importance of LearningMathematics at the Elementary

    Stage of Schooling

  • Block 2: Enriching Contents andMethodology
  • Block 3: Learner Assessment inMathematics
Code No. 505 Learning Environmental

Studies at Primary Level

  • Block 1: Importance of teaching-learning of EVS at primary level
  • Block 2:Curriculum and Pedagogyof EVS
  • Block 3: Assessment of learningin EVS
Code No. 508 Learning in Art, Health &

Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level

  • Block 1: Art Education
  • Block 2: Health and Physical Education
  • Block 3: Work Education

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Optional Teaching Subjects (Group –III) – Any one

Code No. 509 Learning Social Science at

Upper Primary Level

  • Block 1:Understanding Social Scienceas a Discipline
  • Block 2:Social Science Subjects andConcepts
  • Block 3: Issues in Pedagogy of SocialSciences
Code No. 510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level
  • Block-1: Understanding Science
  • Block 2: Managing & MeasuringScience Learning

Practical Courses (Group – IV)

Code No. 511 School – Based Activities
  • Case study of a school child
  • Maintenance of records and registers and
  • Contribution to school programmes
Code No. 512 Workshop – Based Activities (First Year)
  • Preparation of lesson plans on language,Maths, EVS, Sc/S.Sc.
  • Preparation of Teaching and Learningmaterials and aids on the three subjects
  • Development of portfolio in any onesubject based evaluation
  • Preparation of balanced question paperbased on design and blueprints
  • Observation of Demonstration lesson
  • Participation on process evaluation
Code No. 513 Workshop – Based Activities (Second Year)
  • Concept mapping in any two subjects-language, Maths, EVS, Sc/S.Sc.
  • Acting on Art, Physical & Health andWork Education
  • Analysis of Time Table/annual activitycalendar
  • School community relationship
  • Seminar presentation
  • Participation on process evaluation
Code No. 514 Practice Teaching
  • Lesson planning
  • Subject matter competence
  • Teacher’s guidance
  • Pupil participation in the lesson& itsmanagement
  • Pupil Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Practice Teachingprocess by Head of the school

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NIOS 10th Syllabus

NIOS Board Syllabus for Mathematics

Module Explanation
Module 1 : Algebra
  • Number Systems
  • Indices ( Exponents )
  • Radicals( Surds )
  • Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials
  • Special Products and Factorisation
  • Linear Equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Number Patterns
Module 2 : Commercial Mathematics
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage and its Applications
  • Compound Interest
  • Banking
Module 3 : Geometry
  • Lines and Angles
  • Congruence of Triangles
  • Concurrent Lines
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Similarity of Triangles
  • Circles
  • Angles in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral
  • Secants , Tangents and their Properties
  • Constructions
  • Coordinate Geometry
Module 4 : Mensuration
  • Area of Plane Figures
  • Surface Area and Volume of Solid
Module 5 : Trigonometry
  • Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Trigonometric Ratios of Some Special Angles
Module 6 : Statistics
  • Data and their Representation
  • Graphical Representation of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Introduction to Probability

NIOS Syllabus for 12th

NIOS Maths Syllabus

Unit 1 Complex Numbers
Unit 2 Quadratic Equations
Unit 3 Matrices
Unit 4 Determinants and their Applications
Unit 5 Inverse of a Matrix and its Application
Unit 6 Linear In equations and their Applications
Unit 7 Permutations and Combinations
Unit 8 Binomial Theorem
Unit 1 Cartesian System of Coordinates
Unit 2 Straight Lines
Unit 3 Circles
Unit 4 Conic Sections
Unit 1 Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
Unit 2 Special Types of Series
Unit 1 Sets, Relations and Functions
Unit 2 Trigonometric Functions-I
Unit 3 Trigonometric Functions-II
Unit 4 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Unit 5 Relations between Sides and

Angles of a Triangle

Unit 1 Limit and Continuity
Unit 2 Differentiation
Unit 3 Differentiation of Trigonometric Functions
Unit 4 Differentiation of Exponential and

Logarithmic Functions

Unit 5 Tangents and Normals
Unit 6 Maxima and Minima
Unit 7 Integration
Unit 8 Definite Integrals
Unit 9 Differential Equations
Unit 1 Measures of Dispersion
Unit 2 Random Experiments and Events
Unit 3 Probability

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NIOS Syllabus for Physics

Core Modules

Module 1: Motion, Force And Energy
Unit Explanation
Unit 1 Dimensional Analysis and Vectors
Unit 2 Motion in a Straight Line
Unit 3 Newton’s Laws of Motion
Unit 4 Motion in a Plane
Unit 5 Gravitational motion
Unit 6 Work, Energy and Power
Unit 7 Rotational Motion
Module 2: Mechanical Properties Of Matter
Unit 1 Properties of solids
Unit 2 Properties of Liquids
Unit 3 Properties of Gases
Module 3: Heat And Thermodynamics
Unit 1 Laws of thermodynamics
Unit 2 Transfer of Heat
Module 4: Electricity And Magnetism
Unit 1 Electrostatics
Unit 2 Electric Current
Unit 3 Chemical and Thermal Effects of Electric Current
Unit 4 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
Unit 5 Magnetism
Unit 6 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
Unit 7 Electric Power Generation and its Transmission
Module 5: Oscillations And Waves
Unit 1 Simple Harmonic Motion
Unit 2 Elastic Waves
Module 6: Optics And Optical Instruments
Unit 1 Reflection and Refraction of Light
Unit 2 Dispersion and Scattering of Light
Unit 3 Electromagnetic waves
Unit 4 Wave Properties of Light
Unit 5 Optical instrument
Module 7: Atoms An Nuclei
Unit 1 Structure of Atom
Unit 2 Photoelectric Effect and Mater Waves
Unit 3 Nuclei and Radio – Activities
Unit 4 Nuclear Fission and Fusion
Module 8: Semiconductors And Their Applications
Unit 1 Basics of Semiconductors
Unit 2 Semiconductor Devices
Unit 3 Applications of semiconductor Device

Core Optional Modules

Modules 1: Astro Physics
Unit 1 The Sun and the Solar Family
Unit 2 Astronomical Telescopes
Unit 3 Stars
Unit 4 Universe
Modules 2: Electronics In Daily Life
Unit 1 Measuring Instruments in Electronics
Unit 2 Power Supply and Signal Generating Systems
Unit 3 Microprocessor and its Applications
Unit 4 Circuit Breaker, Timer and Power Control
Optional Modules 3: Photography And Video –Audiography
Unit 2 Film Exposing and Processing
Unit 3 Audio – Video Recording
Unit 4 Compact Disc For Audio – Video Recording

NIOS Syllabus for English

Topics NIOS Syllabus 2023
Module 1 Reading and functional grammar
Module 2 Functional writing and study skills.
Module 3 Listening and speaking skills
Module 4 English for specific purpose
Module 5 English for Receptionist
Module 6 English for Office Use

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NIOS 12th Syllabus for Commerce

Core Modules

Core Modules
  • MODULE-I: Introduction To Business
  • MODUL- II: Business As A Career
  • MODULE-III: Trade And Service Activities
  • MODULE-IV: Management Of Business
  • MODULE-V: Financing Of Business
  • MODULE-VI: Marketing
Optional Modules
  • Office procedures and Practices
  • Practical Banking
  • Introduction to Factory Set-up
  • Agency Services

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NIOS Subject Wise Syllabus 2023:

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is among the premier choice for the candidates seeking for distance education. Institute conducts D.El.Ed, Secondary & Senior Secondary Examination in order to provide superior education to each enrolled student to enhance their career.

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Students can start preparing for D.El.Ed/10th/12th Examination with the help of NIOS Syllabus 2023. They can get it through this page or through its official website. Also, they can download NIOS Syllabus In Hindi through the direct links provided here on this page according to the subjects included in the syllabus.


Grab details regarding NIOS Syllabus 2023 by visiting its official website regularly.

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