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OUCET Syllabus 2023 | Osmania University CET Exam Topic Pattern PDF

OUCET Syllabus 2023

Osmania University, Hyderabad will conduct Osmania University Common Entrance Test for which OUCET Syllabus 2023 is given here. Here on this page, we have provided Topic-wise Osmania University CET Exam Syllabus and OUCET Exam pattern PDF.

OUCET Syllabus 2023
OUCET Syllabus 2023


Osmania University CET Syllabus: Highlights

Name of the Exam Osmania University Common Entrance Test
Acronym OUCET
Conducting Body of OUCET 2023 Osmania University, Hyderabad
Exam Category Post-Graduation
Level of OUCET Exam State Level
Official Website ouadmissions.com

Download Here: OUCET Syllabus PDF

OUCET Exam Pattern And Syllabus

With the help of above mentioned link it will become easier for contenders to get the Osmania University Common Entrance Test Syllabus or we can say OU CET Syllabus. Now after going through the OUCET Entrance Syllabus, contenders are suggested to go through the OUCET Entrance Exam Pattern. With the help of the OUCET Paper Pattern/ OUCET Exam Paper Pattern candidates can get an estimate of the structure and marking scheme of the examination.

OUCET Exam Pattern:

  • Duration of OUCET Entrance Examination will be 90 minutes
  • There will be 100 objective type questions of 100 marks in examination. For M.P.Ed. 75 objective type questions of 75 marks will be there and the remaining 25 marks will be awarded by the Department of Physical Education, Osmania University for the Sports achievements of the candidates during the last three years.
  • The decision of the Department of Physical Education, OU will be final and binding in awarding the incentive marks for sports achievements.
  • The entrance test will consist of any 3 or 4 varieties of objective type items such as analogies, classification, matching, comprehension of a research study / experiment / theoretical point of view, etc., with multiple answers besides the usual multiple choice items. The items will be framed only from the OUCET Syllabus
  • Pattern of Entrance Test for Admission into M.Sc. Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Genetics and Microbiology is as follows. Candidates have to appear for a common entrance test, namely BCBTESFSG&M comprising of Part-A (Chemistry for 40 Marks) and Part-B (One of the optionalsstudied at B.Sc. level among the optionals subjects: Physics, Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology) for 60 Marks

OUCET Syllabus

Here we have structured all the topics for which the OUCET Exam Syllabus is available. Candidates who wish to download the Syllabus for OUCET/OUCET Syllabus for any of course can hit on the below given link.

Once contenders hit on the below stated link the Topic Wise OUCET Syllabus links will get displayed on next screen, candidates need to hit on the links and download OUCET 2023 Syllabus.

For Post Graduate Courses:

Ancient Indian History Culture and Archeology (AIHCA)


  • Fundamentals of Indian Archeology
  • Indian Art
  • Architecture


  • Indian History from the earliest time to the present day into political
  • social
  • economic,
  • religious
  • cultural aspects


  • Aqsam-ai-Kalima
  • Fail
  • Aquaman-ai-fail
  • Jumla Ismia Wa Failia
  • Murakkab Idafi
  • Murakkab Touseefi
  • Mubtada Khaba
  • Wahid
  • Tasnia Jama Muzakkar and Muannas
  • Zameer Zarf Zaman and Makan
  • Huroof Jarra

For Master of Communication and Journalism (M.C.J.)


  • Comprehension of a passage
  • Sentence Construction
  • Identifying Grammatical Errors
  • Spelling
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Logic and Reasoning


  • Media Awareness
  • Current Affairs
  • General Awareness
  • Words Frequently used in Media

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Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.) / M.L.I.Sc. (2 yrs. Integrated)


  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Reasoning
  • Mental Ability,
  • Arithmetic
  • News Papers & Periodicals
  • Verbal Reasoning,
  • Mental Ability
  • General Arithmetic
  • Quantitative Ability


General Knowledge, awareness & Current Affairs:

  • Popular and Technical Terms in various fields
  • Famous Persons their Specialization
  • filed of activity
  • Awards, Honors etc.
  • Learned Regional
  • National and International Institutions
  • Societies
  • Associations – their location
  • activities, etc.
  • Current Affairs and Events
  • Regional
  • National and International (Social, Political, Economic, etc)
  • Sports and Games
  • terms specifications, rules and persons etc.
  • Geographical locations
  • names and terms – cities, countries, rivers, mountains, parks, forests, capitals, etc.
  • Inventions
  • Discoveries
  • Explorations, etc.
  • Questions relating to specific subjects – Arts, Social Sciences & Sciences (Literature, Economics, Medicine, Physics, Engineering, etc.
  • Awareness
  • Current Affairs



  • Indian Economy and Economic Development
  • Structure of the Indian Economy
  • Indian Agriculture
  • Industry and Services
  • Telangana State Economy


Micro Economics:

  • Introduction
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Theory of Production and Costs
  • Market Structure
  • Factor Pricing

Macro Economics:

  • National Income
  • Theories of Employment



  • Spelling & Punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Antonyms – Synonyms
  • One word substitutes – Words often confused
  • Idiomatic expressions


  • Tenses
  • Propositions
  • Concord
  • Auxiliary verbs
  • Active-passive Voice

Correction of sentences:

  • Identify the error
  • Identify the correct sentence

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Exercises in Jumbling:

  • Jumbled words to be arranged in the right order to form a sentence
  • Paragraph sequencing.


  • History of English Literature
  • Literary Terms,
  • Comprehension (Poetry)Literary Forms
  • Literary Movements
  • Books & Authors (canonical texts)
  • Comprehension (Prose)



  • Spelling of Words
  • Correct form of sentences
  • Basic Grammar (Gender, Case, Tense, Number)
  • Meaning of the words


  • History of Hindi Literature
  • Basic Hindi Grammar (Theory)
  • Hindi
  • Prose
  • Poetry and Fiction etc
  • General Awareness of Hindi Language and Literature.

For Islamic Studies:


  • Fundamental beliefs
  • practices of Islam
  • Prophethood
  • Revelation
  • Compilation of the Quran
  • Economic
  • Political and Ethical teachings of the Quran


  • Definition
  • Compilation
  • types of Hadith
  • Source of Islamic Law
  • Schools of Islamic Law
  • Marriage
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Inheritance


Pre-Islamic Arabia:

  • Geopolitical
  • Social and religious conditions
  • Life of the Prophet and Early caliphate
  • The Umayyads
  • the Abbasids
  • Administration
  • Society
  • Contribution to Science
  • Literature
  • Fine Arts & Architecture
  • Petty Dynasties,
  • Concepts of Ummah
  • Khilafah and Imamah

Muslim Philosophy:

  • Metallicities
  • Asharites


  • Origin
  • development
  • Sufis
  • Sufi orders

For Kannada:


  • Finding of correct form of words
  • sentences
  • meanings of words
  • basic grammar
  • composition


  • History of Literature
  • Literary works
  • authors grammar
  • Prosody
  • general awareness about the language

For Linguistics:

  • Popular ideas and beliefs about language
  • countries/States and their official languages
  • names of the language families to which a given language belongs to
  • largest/Second largest spoken language in a country/region
  • Awareness of language-related subjects
  • famous authors of the world and the language in which they wrote/have been writing
  • world famous books
  • the language in which they are written

General English:

  • awareness of English alphabets and the sounds they represent
  • spelling
  • basic knowledge of English grammar
  • synonyms
  • antonyms

For Marathi:


  • History of Marathi Literature.


Forms of Literature:

  • Poetry
  • Short Story
  • Novel
  • Drama
  • Essay
  • Biography
  • Autobiography

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For M Lib ISc :


  • Library Classification
  • The Library Cataloguing
  • Library Management


  • Reference and Information Sources
  • Services
  • Library and Society
  • Introduction to Computers

For Persian:


  • Grammar


  • Life histories of the following Poets
  • Authors
  • Rudaki
  • Firdausi
  • Ansari
  • Nizami
  • Attar
  • Rumi
  • Khayyam
  • Amir Khusro
  • Saidi
  • Hafiz
  • Iqbal
  • Chahar Maqala by Nizami Aroozi Samarqand
  • Anwar-e-Soheli by Mulla Waiz Kashif

For Sanskrit:



  • Marking the correct declensional form as indicated
  • Marking the correct Vibhakti as indicated


  • Marking the correct Tinganta verbal forms
  • Marking the correct Lakara-tense and mood
  • Samasas


  • Marking the correct Vigrahvakya
  • Marking the correct Samaras against given Vigrahavakya.



  • Joining the word
  • Disjoin the sandhis


  • Marking the correct Kridanta form


  • Identify Alankara
  • Define Alankara

History of Literature:

  • Identifying the poet
  • identifying the text

For Theatre Arts:


  • World Theatre
  • History and Development of World Theatre
  • Sanskrit Theatre
  • Sanskrit Theatre
  • Major Playwrights
  • and their contribution


  • Folk Theatre Forms of Andhra Pradesh
  • Major and Marginal folk forms of AP
  • Veedhi Natakam
  • Burra Katha
  • Oggu Katha and Puppetry
  • Telugu Theatre
  • History and development of Telugu Theatre
  • Major Playwright
  • Plays
  • Associations
  • Actors
  • Directors and their contribution
  • Origin of Telugu Theatre
  • Padya Natakam (Musical Theatre)
  • Modern Telugu Theatre
  • Modern Street Theatre
  • Indian Theatre

How to download OUCET Syllabus 2023?

  • First of all to download the OUCET Syllabus 2023, candidates need to log on to the official website i.e. ouadmissions.com
  • Thereafter contenders need to hit on OUCET (CPGET) 2023 Link.
  • A new page will come out along with various links
  • From the left side of the new page contenders need to hit on the OUCET Syllabus link
  • Thereafter a new page along with subject-wise OUCET Syllabus links will appear
  • Candidates need to select and hit on topics whose OUCET Syllabus they wish to download
  • As a result, the OUCET Syllabus PDF will get displayed on next screen
  • Candidates need to download the OUCET Syllabus for Entrance Exam and need to take a printout of it for further usage.

Press Here: Osmania University Official Website

Osmania University Entrance Exam Syllabus

With the help of the Osmania University CET Topic-Wise Exam Syllabus PDF candidates can easily understand the topics to be included in their studies and topics to ignore. Further along with the OUCET Syllabus 2023, candidates must also go through the OUCET Exam Pattern.

OUCET Entrance Syllabus

While appearing in the examination, if one knows the topics on which the questions will be raised but doesn’t know the structure and marking scheme then the knowledge will be considered incomplete. And we all know that incomplete knowledge is always harmful.

Check Out:


With the help of the information given in the above section of this page, it will become easier for contenders to download the OUCET Syllabus 2023.



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