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PNG Full Form | Type of Digital Image Files – मतलब & फुल फॉर्म


PNG Full Form

PNG Full Form: Portable Network Graphics is the full name of PNG. It is a format through which image compression has been done. Currently, PNG format is in high demand in the market as it gave a portable and well-compressed image file. Apart from PNG Full Form, we have provided other information related to PNG such as its meaning, History and Type of Digital Image Files etc on this page.

PNG Full Form

PNG Full Form


PNG Full Form

पीएनजी की फुल फॉर्म

“पोर्टेबल नेटवर्क ग्राफ़िक्स”

PNG Full Form in English

“Portable Network Graphics”

PNG Full Form

पीएनजी का फुल फॉर्म और मतलब क्या है ?

पीएनजी का फुल फॉर्म “पोर्टेबल नेटवर्क ग्राफिक्स” है। यह कंप्यूटर पर बिटमैप (रास्टर) छवियों को संग्रहीत करने का एक प्रारूप है। पोर्टेबल नेटवर्क ग्राफिक्स (पीएनजी) प्रारूप 1995 की शुरुआत में विकसित किया गया था। इसके विकास के पीछे मुख्य कारण जीआईएफ में केवल 256 रंगों की सीमा थी। इसलिए इसे जीआईएफ छवियों के उत्तराधिकारी के रूप में जाना जाता है। पीएनजी एक छवि प्रारूप है जो रेखापुंज छवियों के दोषरहित डेटा संपीड़न को नियोजित करता है। यह छवियों को GIF फ़ाइल के रूप में सहेजने के लिए कम से कम संपीड़न तकनीक का उपयोग करता है, लेकिन कॉपीराइट मुद्दों के बिना।

इसमें अनुक्रमित रंगों का एक बिटमैप होता है, इसलिए इसे बिटमैप छवि भी कहा जाता है। पीएनजी पैलेट-आधारित छवियों, ग्रेस्केल छवियों और पूर्ण-रंग गैर-पैलेट-आधारित आरजीबी या आरजीबीए छवियों का समर्थन करता है। PNG फ़ाइल .png/.PNG फ़ाइल एक्सटेंशन का उपयोग करती है और इसे MIME छवि/png मीडिया प्रकार दिया जाता है। जेपीईजी/जेपीईजी प्रारूप फोटोग्राफिक छवियों के लिए पीएनजी की तुलना में एक छोटी फाइल तैयार कर सकता है क्योंकि जेपीईजी एक हानिपूर्ण एन्कोडिंग विधि का उपयोग करता है। पीएनजी फुल फॉर्म के साथ पीएनजी इमेज का एक उदाहरण निम्नलिखित है।

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PNG Full Form

Meaning of PNG:

Portable Network Graphics or PNG is a format that is used for compression of images in a lossless way. This file format is commonly used in web. PNG was developed after JPEG and GIF format, so it contains many features of both the formats. PNG supports 24-bit color and hence a PNG image has 16 million colors but GIF image contains a maximum of 256 colors.

History of the PNG Format:

In 1995, the working related to PNG has been started and also at that time GIF format was established. The main aim of creating the PNG format is to provide more enhance feature than Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) format.

  • 1 October 1996: Version 1.0 of PNG specification was released.
  • 31 December 1998: Version 1.1 was released with some small changes and three new chunks were added.
  • 11 August 1999: Version 1.2 was released with one extra chunk.
  • 10 November 2003: PNG became an International Standard (ISO/IEC 15948:2003).
  • 3 March 2004: ISO/IEC 15948:2004.

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PNG Full Form

Type of Digital Image Files:

There are mainly 5 types of Digital Image Files that helps in storing the image.

1) TIFF (Tagged Image File Format):

TIFF is also known as TIF and the extension of this file type is “.tif”. This type of file is most commonly used in photo softwares like photoshop. The images having tif extension are uncompressed and thus imager data is in detailed way and the files are big in size.

2) JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group):

JPEG is also known as JPG and the extension of this file type is “.jpg”. The image of JPEG file is compressed and thus it stores a large amount of data in small size file. The digital cameras are also storing the image with this extension as due to small size format, one can takes lots of photos in one camera card.

3) GIF (Graphic Interchange Format):

GIF images use the extension “.gif” which means the file type stored in this format ends up with “.gif”. Through this format, images are also compressed but image compression is different as compared to JPEG. In GIF, the image compression is lossless which means that the data doesn’t lost at the time of compression but file size is not as small as it is in JPEG format.

GIF format is also used in animations but due to less number of colors, this file type is not used for photography purpose.

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PNG Full Form

4) PNG (Portable Network Graphics):

PNG file types are ending with “.png” and it was created on behalf of replacement of GIF format. In comparison to GIF, PNG offers better compression and full range of colors. PNG is used in web images but it is not used for printing of images.

While at the time of photography, PNG is also not good as compared to JPEG, as the file stored is larger in size. In images that contain text, we generally use PNG format as by using this, the image looks less ““bitmappy.”

5) Raw image files:

Data contains in this type of file is usually from a digital camera. Raw files contain a large amount of data, and as a result, the files are extremely larger in size. The files are called raw because the data stored in it is generally not processed and is uncompressed. Before editing or color correction, the raw files are firstly converted into TIFF format.

Advantage of PNG:

  • The images that contains PNG format are of low-resolution, thus the image looks of good quality and is loaded quickly.
  • PNG supports variety of colors and is also a good format for editing of images.
  • At the time of compression, it doesn’t loss any data.

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PNG Full Form

Uses of PNG Format:

  • For creating photos using drawings, illustrations, comics, etc
  • To scan texts like articles, letters, newspapers, etc
  • For creating charts, graphs, logos etc

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PNG Full Form

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