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RAM Full Form | What is PRAM/SRAM RAM | रैम का फुल फॉर्म, इसके प्रकार

RAM Full Form

RAM Full Form: RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is also referred to as the volatile memory which means that the data stored in the RAM gets lost when the computer is turned off. RAM is called as Random Access because data can be read and write randomly. RAM Full Form in Hindi and English along with the types of RAM is mentioned in the beneath section of this page.

RAM Full Form

RAM Full Form


RAM Full Form

  • RAM Full Form in English: Random Access Memory
  • रैम का फुल फॉर्म इन हिंदी: यादृच्छिक अभिगम स्मृति

RAM Full Form

Definition of RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a part of the main memory of computer and is accessible by CPU. It is used for storing of data that is frequently processed by the CPU. RAM is fast but on the other hand it is volatile, which means that when the power is cut off, all data stored in the memory will be lost.

History of RAM

Type of RAM Invention Year
FPM-(Fast page mode RAM)- 1990
EDO RAM (Extended data operations read-only memory) 1994
SDRAM (Single dynamic RAM) 1996
RDRAM (Rambus RAM) 1998
DDR (Double Data Rate) 2000
DDR2 2003
DDR3 2007



RAM Full Form

Types of RAM (RAM के प्रकार)

The two main types of RAM are:

  • SRAM (Static RAM)
  • DRAM (Dynamic RAM)

Static RAM

  • Established Year: 1990s to present
  • Popular products: Digital cameras, routers, printers, LCD screens

The information stored in SRAM is till when the power supply is on. SRAM consumes more power and are costlier. In this, a flip-flop holds up the memory and takes four or six transistors. This makes the working of SRAM faster as compared to DRAM. Static memory cell takes a lot of space on a chip, so there is less memory stored on a single chip, hence they are expensive. Static RAM is mostly used as a cache memory for CPU.

Dynamic RAM

  • Established Year: 1970s to mid-1990s
  • Popular products: Video game consoles, networking hardware

The information stored in DRAM loses very quickly even when the power is on i.e. in a short period of time (for milli sec.) DRAM is similar to Integrated Circuit (IC) that contains lots of transistors and capacitors. Dynamic RAM needs to be refreshed all the time as it forgets the data that it is holding. DRAMs are cheap and slower as compared to SRAMs.

Some other RAMS


FPM stands for Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory. This RAM processes by locating a bit of data column and row wise and then reads that bit and after that moves on the next bit.


SDR RAM is Synchronous Dynamic Access Memory. The data stored in this memory by using IC’s (Integrated Circuits). They also have termination on the other side that is inserted on the slots of motherboard’s memory.


Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory is full name of RD RAM. This chip works in parallel way and a data rate of 800 MHz is achieved through this. More heat is generated from this memory as operations are carried out at high speeds.

VRAM (Video)

RAM that is used for optimization of video adapters is called VRAM. Two ports are there in the chip, so that video data can be written at the same time when video adapter reads the memory.


Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory is the full form of SDRAM. It is similar to SDRAM; the difference between the two is that DDR SDRAM has higher bandwidth that provides high speed.


EDO RAM stands for Extended Data Output Random Access Memory. It processes in the way that as the first bit address has been located, and then it starts looking for the next bit.

What is PRAM?

The full form of PRAM is “Parameter Random Access Memory” which stores the system settings. System settings such as display settings, speaker volume, time zone etc are stored in this memory. It is is found in Macintosh computers and the settings may differ from Mac to Mac, but the initial purpose of the memory is same.

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