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SGBAU Syllabus 2023 For B.SC/B.Com/MA/Engg (Part 1, 2, 3): Download PDF

SGBAU Syllabus

Download SGBAU Syllabus PDF for B.SC/ B.Com/ MA/ Engg and other Programmes (Part 1, 2, 3) from here!! Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Syllabus for all branches is available on this page, so check the details as per your course and stream to start preparation of the examination.

SGBAU Syllabus


SGBAU Syllabus

SGBAU Exam Syllabus PDF Download

M.A. Examination Part-I and Part-II Download
M.A. Examination Part-I and Part-II Hindi Download
M.A. Examination Part-I & M.A. Part-II English Download
B. Com. –I & BBA Semester – I Download
B.Com. Part-I Examination Download
M.Com Semester-I & III Download
MBA Download
M.Phil (Commerce) Download
LL.M. I to IV Semester Download
Bachelor of Law (Semester pattern) Download
ME I & II Year Examinations Download
BE & B.Arch Four / Five Year Degree Course Download
MCA Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science Download
B.Sc. Part-I Download
M.Sc. IN BOTANY Download
MSW Part-I & Part-II Download
BSW Part-I Download
Bachelor of Library And Information Science Download
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SGBAU Syllabus

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SGBAU Syllabus

M.COM Semester-I Syllabus

Unit No. Topics To Be Concerned
Managerial Economics
  • Nature & scope of Managerial Economics Concepts of Managerial Economics.
  • Economic theory & Managerial theory.
  • Role & responsibilities of Managerial Economists. Fundamental Principles- Opportunity cost principle Equi marginal principle.
  • Demand Analysis Individual & market Law of demand.
  • Elasticity of demand its meaning and importance.
  • Price elasticity Income elasticity & Cross elasticity Using elasticity in Manegerial decisions.
  • Production Theory Production function.
  • Production with one and two variable inputs.
  • Economics and dis-economics of scale.
  • Short & Long run cost functions.
  • Law of variable proportions.
  • Law of suply suply cost and managerial decisions.
  • Price determination & pricing practices.
  • Characteristics of different market structures Objectives of firm.
  • Price determination in short-run and long run under perfect competition. Monopolistic competition oligopoly and monopoly.
  • Price-discrimination.
  • Business cycles Nature and phases of business cycle.
  • Theories of business cycles.
  • Monetary innovation.
  • Samuelson and Hicks theories.
Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

SGBAU Syllabus

I Services Marketing

  • Nature and type of services.
  • Difference between services and goods marketing.
  • Services marketing triangle.
  • Micro and macro environment for services marketing.
  • Customer’s expectations and perception.
II Services Marketing Process

  • Service market segmentation Targeting and positioning.
  • Services marketing mix-Need pricing of services.
  • Promotion and Distribution of services.
  • Matching of demand for supply of services.
III Service Marketing Applications

  • Marketing of financial services
  • Marketing of hospital.
  • Marketing of tourism.
  • Marketing of educational services
IV Customer Relationship Management

  • Relationship marketing- Meaning nature and scope.
  • Types of relational exchanges.
  • Attributes and determinants of relational exchange.
  • Reasons for relationship marketing
V Developing and Managing Relationship

  • Customer selection.
  • Relationship strategies.
  • Implementing customer relationship management.

SGBAU Syllabus

Advanced Financial and Cost Accounting

  • Accounting Books and Final Accounts.
  • Valuation of Goodwill and shares.
  • Accounting standard (Indian & International)
II Final Accounts of companies (an overview)

  • Final Accounts and financial statements of companies.
  • Amalgamation & absorption of companies.
  • Cost Accounting
  • Typical problems on ascertainment of total cost Net profit and selling price.
  • On Cost Ascertainment and classification Allocation of on-cost Special Revenue items.
  • Machine-Hour Rate. Operating costing.
  • Process Costing Normal spoilage or wastage abnormal spoilage or wastage.
  • Joint and By-products preparation of process Accounts.
  • Job & Contract Accounting.
  • Cost Audit Concept and definition Scope Kinds of Audit Distinction Between financial and cost Audit.
  • Cost Audit procedure Programme and Report Advantages of Cost Audit
Banking and Insurance Services

SGBAU Syllabus

I Commercial Banks

  • Functions
  • Credit creation
  • Nationalisation of commercial banks
  • Priority sectors
  • Mobilisation of resources
  • Current trends in giving loans. N.P.A.
  • Computerization of banks
  • E-Banking
  • ATM and their impact on performance.
  • R.B.I S.B.I and Co-operative Banks
  • R.B.I Functions Instruments of credit control Monetary Policy Role in Economic development of the country.
  • S.B.I Functions and working.
  • Regional Rural and Co-operative Banks Functions Resources Operational system Progress and performance Role in rural development.
III Nature And Scope Of Insurance

  • Need and importance of Insurance General principles of Insurance
  • Insurance as a Social and Business security tool
  • Procedure regarding formation of Insurance policy and settlement of policy claims
  • Progress and performance
  • Privatization of Insurance and its effects.
IV Kinds Of Insurance

  • Life Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance.
  • Other forms of Insurance cover Motor Personal Accident Sickness and other libility cover.
V Legislation Of Life And General Insurance In India

  • Contribution to Economic Development of LIC & General Insurance Development
  • Working and functions of IRDA IDBI IFCI ICICI IBRD.

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SGBAU Syllabus

MA Syllabus Details

We are going to provide the MA (Geography) complete syllabus details with the subjects name and topics covered in the particular subjects as indicated below

  • Geomorphology and Oceanography
  • Climatology and Ecosystem
  • Regional Planning & Development Geography of Tourism
Unit No. Topics Covered
Geomorphology and Oceanography
  • Nature and Scope of Geomorphology
  • Fundamental concepts
  • Geological Structures and Landforms
  • Uniformitarian’s
  • Multicyclic and Polygenetic Evolution of Landscopes
  • Concept of Threshold Envirnmental Change
  • Climatic Change and Geochronological Methods- Documentary Evidence
  • Artifacts
  • Majorhorizons Dendrochronology
  • Pollen
  • Thermoluminescence.
  • Earth movements epeirogenic
  • orogenic and cymatogenic earth movements.
  • Forces of crustal instability
  • isostasy
  • plate tectonics
  • seismicity
  • volcanicity
  • orogenic structures with reference to the evolution of the Himalayas
  • Exogenic Processes
  • concept of gradation
  • Agents and processes of gradation
  • causes
  • types and classification of weathering
  • massmovement erosional
  • depositional processes and resultant landforms
  • soil formation Slop evolution
  • down wearing parallel retreat and stope replacement models
  • Nature and scope of oceanography History of oceanography
  • distribution of land and water major features of ocean basins
  • continental margin and deep ocean basins earth structure and plate tectonics Marine deposits
  • Physical and chemical properties of sea water
  • Interlink between atmospheric circulation and circulation patterns in the oceans
  • surface currents
  • The rmohaline waves and tides in the oceanic block/Law of the sea
  • exclusive economic zone
  • mineral oil deposits and formation of coral-reefs
  • man and marine Environment

SGBAU Syllabus

Climatology and Ecosystem

  • Nature & scope of climatology.
  • composition
  • Mass and structure of the atmosphere.
  • Insolation heat balance of the earth
  • green house effect
  • Forces controlling motion ofair
  • Vertical and horizontal distribution of temperataure.
  • Atmospheric motion Forces controlling motion of air Air presser belts
  • vertical motion Local winds
  • jet stream
  • general circulation in the atmosphere
  • Tropical temperate and high latitude weather systems-concept of air-masses.
  • Fronts atmospheric disturbances
  • ocean atmospheric interaction-El Nino
  • south oscillation (ENSO) and Lanina
  • Global warming
  • Monsoon winds
  • norwesters
  • cyclones tropical temperate phenomena
  • Climate of India and its controls Western disturbances.
  • Climatic classification of koppen and thornthwaite
  • Major climates of the world tropical
  • temperate desert and mountain climate
  • General systems
  • ecological concepts
  • Geography as human ecology.
  • Ecology concept and components.
  • Ecosystem- form and function
  • trophic level
  • ecological pyramids
  • ecological niche
  • energy and nutrients in the ecosystem
  • hydrological cycle
  • Food chains and food webs.
  • Major terrestrial ecosystem of the world
  • agriculture
  • forest
  • Grassland and desert.
  • Population Growth and environment
  • carrying capacity of the earth Land resources
  • world food security
  • Biodiversity and its depletion.
  • Preservation and conservation of the ecosystem through resourse management
Regional Planning & Development Geography of Tourism
  • Regional concept in geography
  • conceptual an theoretical framework
  • merits and limitations for application to regional
  • planning and development
  • changing concept of the region from an interdisciplinary view-point
  • Concept of space area and location attributes.
  • Types of regions Formal and functional uniform and nodal
  • single purpose and composite region
  • in the context of planning
  • regional hierarchy
  • Special purpose regions.
  • Physical regions resource regions
  • regional division according 18 19 to variations in levels of socio-economic development special
  • purpose regions river valley regions
  • metropolitan regions
  • problem regions- hilly regions
  • tribal regions regions of drought and floods
  • Approaches to delineation of different types of regions and their utility in planning.
  • Planning process-sectoral temporal and spatial dimensions short term and long term perspectives of planning.
  • Planning for region’s development and multi regional planning in a national context
  • Regional Development Strategies
  • Concentrations Vs dispersal concept of multi level planning
  • decentralized planning
  • Regional development in India- Problems and properties
  • Basics of Tourism
  • Definition of Tourism
  • Factors infuencing
  • Tourism
  • Historical
  • natural
  • Socio-cultural and Economic
  • Motivating Factors for Pilgrimages
  • Leisure
  • Excreation
  • Elements of Tourism
  • Tourism as an Industry
  • Tourism Types – Cultural
  • ecoethnocoastal and adventure
  • Tourism
  • National and International Tourism Globalization and tourism
  • Impact of Tourism
  • Physical
  • economic and Social and Perceptional positive and negative impacts
  • Environmental laws and tourism current trends
  • spatial patterns and recent changes
  • Indian tourism
  • Regional dimensions of Tourist’s attraction

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How To Download the SGBAU Syllabus?

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  • Now select the ‘Syllabus’ link from the home page which is available in the right corner of the homepage.
  • Hit on the link and select the appropriate course link for which you want to get the SGBAU Syllabus.
  • And after pressing on the relevant link your proper syllabus of the program will display to you in front of your computer screen.
  • Save SGBAU Exam 2023 Syllabus and take printout of SGBAU Syllabus of Engineering and keep SGBAU Exam Syllabus safe for the examination preparation.

SGBAU Syllabus

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