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Solapur University Syllabus 2023 B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, TYBCOM, MA, M.Com

Solapur University Syllabus

Download Updated Solapur University Syllabus 2023!! Solapur University is one of the most reputed University was recognized on 1st Aug 2004. University provides various Postgraduate (PG) and Undergraduate (UG) courses.

So, those students who are pursuing B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, TYBCOM, MA, M.Com and looking for Solapur University Syllabus 2023 can get complete Solapur University Exam Syllabus PDF from here.


Organization Name Solapur University
Exam Name B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, TYBCOM, MA, M.Com
Category Name Solapur University Syllabus
Exam date March/April 2023
Exam Mode Online
Official Portal su.digitaluniversity.ac

Solapur University Courses & Duration

Courses Duration
B.Voc. 3 years
B.Sc. 3 years
BBA 3 years
BCA 3 years
M.A. 2 years
M.Sc. 2 years
M.Com. 2 years
MCA 3 years
MBA 2 years
Certificate Courses 6 months
Ph.D. Courses 2 years

Solapur University Syllabus

Solapur University Syllabus PDF

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Solapur University Syllabus for M.Sc Bioinformatics Part-I Semester- I

PAPER NO. Binf 101: Introduction To Bioinformatics
Section I- Introduction to Bioinformatics
I:Introduction to Bioinformatics:
II: Biological Databases
III: Bioinformatics Software
IV: Database Searches
Section II- Biocomputing
I: Biocomputing
II: Systems Biology
III: Markov chains and applications
IV: Introduction to Neural Networks
PAPER NO. Binf 102: Cell Biology And Genetics
Section I: Cell biology
I – Biology of cells
II – An overview of organelles
III -Cell cycle
IV – Cell-cell interactions and signal transductions
Section II: Genetics and DNA as genetic material
I- Mendel’s laws
II- Replication and Transcription
III- Translation and Recombination
IV- Mutation and DNA repair
PAPER NO. Binf 103: Introduction To Html & Biostatistics
Section I – Introduction to HTML
I: Introduction to HTML
II: Basic tags of HTML: Basic tags, Body attributes
III: Table Frameset & Form
IV: Introduction to MATLAB, Applications of HTML
Section II – Introduction to Biostatistics
I–Fundamentals of Biostatistics
II–Data representation
III–Measures of central tendency
IV–Random variables
PAPER NO. Binf 104: Introduction To Programming Languages And Programming Through C & C++
Section 1: Basics of C language
I: Introduction to Programming Languages
II: Introduction to C Programming
III: Array, String & pointers
IV: Functions structure & file handling
Section II- Basics of C++ language
1: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
II: Classes and Objects & function in C++
II: Polymorphism & Inheritance
IV: Working with files, Templates
PAPER NO. Binf Pr-106: Introduction to HTML & Biostatistics and Introduction to programming languages & programming through C & C++
Design a simple web page using basic tags.
Design a simple web page using frameset.
Design a simple web page using Image tag with attributes.
Design simple login page using form with attributes.
Design simple registration form using all form tags.
Design simple website using hyperlink
Study of sampling techniques using biological data: Mean, Median, Mode, Mean deviation,
Standard deviation, Variance, Coefficient of Variance.
Graphical representation of biological data.
Study of Chi-square test.
C program using operators.
C program using If.
C program using If else.
C program using switch case.
C program using while.
C program using Do while.
C program using Break.
C program using Continue.
C program using different Pointers.
C program using Arrays.
C program using Structures.
C program using Parameter passing.
C++ program using class & object.
C++ program using constructor
C++ program using destructor
C++ program using constructor overloading
C++ program using Inheritance
C++ program using virtual function
C++ program using friend function
C++ program using operator overloading
C++ program using pointers
C++ program using template
C++ program using file

Solapur University M.Com Syllabus

M.Com. Part-I M.Com. Part-II
Business Finance
International Marketing -Paper -III
Managerial Economics
(Co- Operation & Rural Develop.
Adv. Banking & financial System- Paper- I & II
Advanced Marketing -Paper -IV
M.C.O.B. Advanced Accountancy Paper -III
Taxation Advanced Accountancy Paper -IV
Adv. Marketing Advanced Costing Paper -III
Advanced Accountancy Advanced Costing Paper – IV
Advanced costing Prin.& Practice of General Insurance -Paper -III
Advanced Statistics- Sem- I (w.e.f. 2014- 15) Prin. & Practice of Life & Health of Insurance-(Research Methodology) Sem- III Paper -IV
Advanced Statistics-Sem- II (w.e.f. 2014- 15) Advanced Statistics
International Marketing Paper- III
Adv. Marketing Paper- IV
M.Com- II- Management Accounting- Sem- III & IV
M.Com- II- Research Methodology – Sem-III- Paper -II

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Solapur University 2023 Syllabus For B.Sc

B.Sc Part-I B.Sc Part-II
Statistics Geography
Physics Physics
Botany Plant Protection
Zoology Statistics
Geology Zoology
Geography Bio-Technology
Microbiology Botany
Electronics Computer Science
Biotechnology Electronics
Chemistry Chemistry
Mathematics Meterology
Psychology Microbiology
B.Sc. Part- III
Entire Computer Science
2014 -15)
Geology & Geochemistry
(w.e.f. -2014- 15)
B.Sc. -II- Psychology

Solapur University 2023 Syllabus PDF M.A. Part – I History

UNIT – I Introduction, Meaning of History, Nature, Scope and Definitions of History.
UNIT – II Kinds of History.Auxiliary Science.
UNIT – III Causation, Theory and Laws of History.Interpretation of History Marxist and Hegel.
UNIT – IV Steps of Research Methodology.Sources – Primary, Secondary.Sources of Modern Technique.
UNIT – I ChronologyPeriod
UNIT – II Cyclical Theory, Sociological Theory, Ecological Theory.Indian Themes : Labour and Peasant, Varna, Jati, Religion and Culture.
UNIT – III Medieval Period: Arab, Persian, Indian.Modern Period: Rajwade, Khare and Pagadi’s approach to writing history and subaltern approach.
UNIT – IV Arnold Toyanbee.G. S. Sardesai.Nilkanth Shastri.Irfan Habib.Sir Jadunath Sarkar.

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Solapur University Syllabus B.Tech Electronics

For Section I

Unit 1 – Introduction to Internet of Things, Introduction to IoT, different components of an IoT system: embedded systems, sensors, communication systems, cloud, and applications of IoT in various domains.

Unit 2 – Embedded Systems for IoT, Introduction to embedded systems, different components of an embedded system, and basics of microcontroller based embedded systems; basics of Linux based embedded systems, role of embedded systems in IoT.

Unit 3 – Introduction to ARM Introduction to ARM architecture, cortex series classification (A, R, M series), ARM Cortex-M series family, ARM Cortex-M3 processor overview, block diagram, registers, memory map, data accessing, arithmetic, program flow control etc., low-power features, requirements, sleep mode, development of low-power applications, basic embedded C programs for on-chip peripherals.

For Section II

Unit 4 – Communication technologies for IoT Basics of the communication technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, Wifi, RFID, their architecture, characteristics, limitation, power consumption parameters and applications

Unit 5 – Application protocols for IoT Basics of application protocols like MQTT and CoAP, their features, framework, message formats, implementations and application

Unit 6 – Cloud platforms for IoT Cloud architecture for IoT, concept of APIs, survey of various IoT cloud platforms, understanding the costing structure of cloud for IoT services, performance metrics for cloud platforms in Io

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How To Download Solapur University Syllabus 2023?

  • Visit to official site of university which is su.digitaluniversity.ac/.
  • Follow the “Top Links” and go to “Revised Semester Pattern Syllabus” link.
  • Select the appropriate stream and press on desire subject.
  • A Solapur University Syllabus pdf file will appear on the screen.
  • Download Solapur University Syllabus MA/ Solapur University Syllabus BSC and take a printout of it for further use.

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Solapur University Syllabus 2023 PDF

Start your preparation for upcoming semester and annual examination such as B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, TYBCOM, MA, and M.Com with Solapur University Syllabus PDF. Students who are pursuing UG/ PG courses from University of Solapur are advice to check complete Solapur University Syllabus PDF.

Solapur University 2023 Syllabus PDF

University of Solapur conducts Under Graduate or Post Graduate exam twice in year using online mode so those who are search for SU Syllabus may download by following the steps provided above.

Interesting Facts about University

The full name of Solapur University is Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, was come into existence on 1st Aug 2004. However, it was inaugurated on 03 Aug 2004 by the Governor of Maharashtra. Solapur University had a Post Graduate Centre of Shivaji University for over two decades. The center for PG studies had 3 PG science departments along with 7 PG courses conducted in the Post Graduate departments. Solapur University has been recognized to grant for the requirements of over 60,000 students community.

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Detailed University of Solapur Syllabus / Solapur University B.Sc, B.Tech, TYBCOM, MA, M.Com Syllabus in PDF is also available here. One can also download Solapur University Syllabus 2023 by hitting the direct links. You Can Also Bookmark Our Site By Pressing Ctrl+ Key To Get All Latest Updates

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