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Amazon Placement Papers | Free Download Previous Year Paper with Solution

Amazon Placement Papers

Those job seekers who have desire to get place in Amazon, can easily obtain Amazon Placement Papers through this page!!!  Placement Papers considered as the idea of preparing for written test and also offer a clear idea of type of questions asked in test including the level of difficulty. Fresher as well as experienced candidates, who are interested to get engaged in this leading organization can prepare well with Previous Year Paper with Solution and crack the recruitment examination in first attempt.

Every year Amazon conducts employment exam to recruit young talented candidates for various vacancies as per the requirement. You can easily download Previous Year Paper with Solution in the form of PDF through this page. Team members of provides Latest regarding Amazon Placement Papers in the below section of this page. Candidates can download it easily through online process.

Amazon Placement Papers 

Ques 1. A student got twice as A student got twice as many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 48 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly? many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 48 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly?

  1. 12
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 24

Answer: 16

Ques 2. The smallest number which when diminished by 7, is divisible 12, 16, 18, 21 and 28 is:

  1. 1008
  2. 1015
  3. 1022
  4. 1032

Answer: 1015

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Ques 3. A man showed a boy next to him and said – “He is the son of my wifes sister-in-law, but I am the only child of my parents.” How is mans son related to him?

  1. Brother
  2. Uncle
  3. Nephew
  4. Cousin

Answer: Cousin

Ques 4. A man fixed an appointment to meet the manager, Manager asked him to come two days after the day before the day after tomorrow. Today is Friday. When will the manager expect him?

  1. Friday
  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Sunday

Answer: Monday

Ques 5. A man can row 4.5 km/hr in still water. It takes him twice as long to row upstream as to row downstream. What is the rate of the current?

  1. 5 km/hr
  2. 5 km/hr.
  3. 5 km/hr.
  4. 5 km/hr

Answer: 1.5 km/hr

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Ques 6. The length and breadth of a square are increased by 40% and 30% respectively. The area of the resulting rectangle exceeds the area of the square by

  1. 42%
  2. 62%
  3. 82%
  4. None

Answer: 82%

Ques 7. In one hour a boat goes 11 km long the stream and 5 km against the stream.The speed of the boat in still water is?

  1. 8 kmph
  2. 7 kmph
  3. 5 kmph
  4. 9 kmph

Answer: 8 kmph

Ques 8. The total age of A & B is 12 years more than the total age of B & C. C is how many year younger than A.

  1. C is 12 years younger than A
  2. C is 11 years younger than A
  3. C is 18 years younger than A
  4. C is 22 years younger than A

Answer: C is 12 years younger than A

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Ques 9. The average monthly salary of 12 workers and 3 managers in a factory was Rs. 600. When one of the manager whose salary was Rs. 720, was replaced with a new manager, then the average salary of the team went down to 580. What is the salary of the new manager?

  1. Rs 570
  2. Rs 420
  3. Rs 690
  4. Rs 640
  5. Rs 610

Answer: 420

Ques 10. The time in a clock is 20 minute past 2. Find the angle between the hands of the clock.

  1. 60 degrees
  2. 120 degrees
  3. 45 degrees
  4. 50 degrees

Answer: 50 degrees

Ques 11. David gets on the elevator at the 11th floor of a building and rides up at the rate of 57 floors per minute. At the same time, Albert gets on an elevator at the 51st floor of the same building and rides down at the rate of 63 floors per minute. If they continue travelling at these rates, then at which floor will their paths cross?

  1. 19
  2. 28
  3. 30
  4. 37

Answer: 30

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Ques 12. A sum of money amounts to Rs. 9800 after 5 years and Rs. 12005 after 8 years at the same rate of simple interest. The rate of interest per annum is

  1. 5%
  2. 8%
  3. 12%
  4. 18%

Answer: 12%

Ques 13. SECTION-1 If 9 men working 6 hours a day can do a work in 88 days. Then 6 men working 8 hours a day can do it in how many days?

  1. 89
  2. 99
  3. 86
  4. 76

Answer: 99

Ques 14. If 5 women or 8 girls can do a work in 84 days. In how many days can 10 women and 5 girls can do the same work?

  1. 31 days
  2. 30 days
  3. 33 days
  4. 32 days

Answer: 32 days

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Ques 15. The total of the ages of Amar, Akbar and Anthony is 80 years. What was the total of their ages three years ago?

  1. 71 years
  2. 72 years
  3. 74 years
  4. 77 years

Answer: 71 years

Ques 16. In C, if you pass an array as an argument to a function, what actually gets passed?

  1. Value of elements in array
  2. First element of the array
  3. Base address of the array
  4. Address of the last element of array

Answer: Base address of the array

Ques 17. In which stage the following code #include gets replaced by the contents of the file stdio.h

  1. During editing
  2. During linking
  3. During execution
  4. During preprocessing

Answer: During preprocessing

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Ques 18. 252 can be expressed as a product of primes as:

  1. 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 7
  2. 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 7
  3. 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 7
  4. 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 7

Answer: 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 7

Ques 19. The greatest number of four digits which is divisible by 15, 25, 40 and 75 is:

  1. 9000
  2. 9400
  3. 9600
  4. 9800

Answer: 9600

Ques 20. The average ages of three persons is 27 years. Their ages are in the proportion of 1:3:5. What is the age in years of the youngest one among them?

  1. 8
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 9

Answer: 9

Selection Process:

Company conducts employment process every year to choose new candidates. The selection process of the company consists of 3 rounds. These rounds are as follows:

  • Written Exam
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical cum HR Interview

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Pattern of Written Exam

The written test pattern is sub-divided in the following sections:

  • Aptitude
  • Technical
  • Verbal
  • Programming

You can download Amazon Sample Paper from here.

AMAZON Aptitude Questions

AMAZON Reasoning Ability

AMAZON Interview Questions

Every year Amazon conducts exam to recruit candidates for various vacancies off campus and on campus as per the requirement. In the exam, question related to Aptitude Technical Questions based on Language and Computer Programming are asked generally. You may join us on Facebook or Google plus to get latest updates on your timeline wall directly.

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