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Dibrugarh University Syllabus 2023 BA, BSC, BCA, BBA, BCOM, MBA, MSC Exam

Dibrugarh University Syllabus

Dibrugarh University Syllabus: Start you preparation for upcoming BA, BSC, BCA, BBA, BCOM, MBA, MSC and other exams with the updated Dibrugarh University Syllabus 2023. Students can download Dibrugarh University CBCS Syllabus PDF online for better preparation of exam.


Dibrugarh University Syllabus

Dibrugarh University Syllabus Overview:

Organisation name Dibrugarh University
Programme BA, BSC, BCA, BBA, BCOM, MBA, MSC and others
Category Name Dibrugarh University Syllabus
Exam date Update later
Exam Mode Offline
Official Portal dibru.ac.in

Dibrugarh University Syllabus

Undergraduate Academic Programmes Syllabus

Download the revised Dibrugarh University Syllabus PDF for undergraduate programme through below provided links-

Dibrugarh University BA Syllabus
Dibrugarh University B.A Assamese Syllabus (Honours) Dibrugarh University BA Education Syllabus PDF
Assamese (Non-honours) Dibrugarh University BA English Syllabus PDF
Anthropology English 2nd Semester (Honours and Non-honours)English 2nd Semester (Non-honours) (Poetry)
Bengali (Revised) Geography
Bodo (Revised) Hindi
Computer Applications History 1st and 2nd SemesterHistory 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Semester
Dibrugarh University BA Economics Syllabus Home Science
Information Technology (Non-honours and Generic Elective) Sanskrit
Philosophy Revised Sociology
Mathematics Statistics
Nepali (MIL) Multi-Disciplinary Course
Political Science Generic Elective Syllabus
Rural Development
Dibrugarh University Bsc Syllabus
Assamese Dibrugarh University Bsc Mathematics Syllabus PDF Download
Anthropology Physics (Honours) Revised
Dibrugarh University Bsc Botany Syllabus PDF Physics (Non-honours) Revised
Dibrugarh University Bsc Chemistry Syllabus Statistics
Computer Science Zoology
Electronics (Honours) Revised Biotechnology (Non-Honours) Revised
Electronics (Non-honours) Revised Biotechnology (Generic Elective)
English Generic Elective Syllabus for B.Sc. Program with Computer Applications
Geography Multi-Disciplinary Course
Geology Home Science
Information Technology (Non-honours and Generic Elective)
Dibrugarh University B.Com Syllabus
English 2nd Semester
English 2nd Semester (Honours and Non-honours)
English 2nd Semester (Non-honours) (Poetry)
Bengali (Revised) (Latest)
Non-Honours Programmes
Download Course Structure and Syllabi of the B.Com. Programme
Course Structure and Syllabi of other Undergraduate Programmes
Syllabus of the 2 Credit Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course on Environmental Studies
Skill Enhancement Course on Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Social Work (Revised)
Skill Enhancement Course for the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Programme

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Dibrugarh University PG Syllabus

LL.M. M. A. in Assamese
M.Lib.I.Sc. M. A. in English
Home Science (Revised) M. A. in Economics
M. A. in Philosophy M. A. in Education
M. A. in Bodo M. Tech. in Exploration Geophysics
M. A. in Performing Arts M. A. /M. Sc. in Geography
M. A. in Sociology M. A. in History
M. Tech. (Petroleum Exploration & Production) M. Sc. in Life Sciences
M. A./M. Sc. in Anthropology MSW (Revised)
M. Sc. in Applied Geology Masters Programme in Communication for Sanitation, Hygiene and Health
M. A. in Applied Psychology Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology
M. Sc. in Chemistry M. A. in Political Science
M. Com (Finance and Marketing) M. A. in Mass Communication
M. Com (Finance and Marketing) 2nd Semester (Revised) M. Sc. in Physics
M. Sc. in Mathematics M. A./M. Sc. in Statistics

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Dibrugarh University Syllabus

CBCS Syllabus Dibrugarh University 2023 for different programme is provided here.

Dibrugarh University B.Com Syllabus For Business Communication-I:

Unit Topic
  • Introducing Business Communication
  • Basic forms of communication
  • Communication models and processes
  • Effective communication
  • Theories of communication
  • Audience analysis
  • Corporate Communication
  • Formal and informal communication networks
  • Grapevine, Miscommunication (Barriers)
  • Improving communication
  • Practice in business communication
  • Group discussions, Mock interviews
  • Seminars, Effective listening exercises
  • Individual and group presentations
  • Business letters and memo formats
  • Appearance request letters
  • Good news and bad news letters
  • persuasive letters
  • Sales letters
  • Collection letters
  • Office memorandum

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Dibrugarh University Syllabus PDF for Business Laws:

  • Unit I: Law of Contract (1872) Definition, Nature, Essential Elements of Contract, Void and Voidable Contract, Consideration, Contingent contract, Quasi Contract, Discharge of Contract
  • Unit II: Sale of Goods Act 1930; Definition of Contract of Sale, Essentials of a Contract of Sale, Condition and Warranties, Unpaid Seller and his Right. Consumer Protection Act 1986; Salient Feature, Definition of Consumer, Grievance Redressal Machinery, Definition of Compliant, Procedure for Filing Complaints
  • Unit III: Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 Definition, Characteristics, Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange and Cheque, Crossing of Cheque, Type of Crossing
  • Unit IV: Industrial Disputes Act,1948: Industry and Industrial dispute-workmen, employer, wages, bonus, gratuity, Lockout, strike, Public Utility Services, Prohibition of strike and lockouts, layoffs and closure

Dibrugarh University Syllabus For Financial Accounting:

Unit I Preparation of Financial Statements by Sole Trading and Partnership Firms-use of Accounting Standards (AS), vis-à-vis. IFR standards, Accounting Policiesdisclosure and change
Unit II Hire purchase and Installment Purchase System/ Rights of Hire purchaser and Hire vendor/ Methods of calculation of interest and cash price of an asset/ Accounting treatment under Hire Purchase, Repossession of Assets/ Meaning, difference between hire purchase and installment purchase system/ Accounting entries under installment purchase system
Unit III Branch Accounting Meaning, objectives, need of Branch Accounting/ Classification; Accounting treatment– synthetic or Debtors System/ Analytical or stock and debtor for system/ Departmental accounting/ Inter departmental transfer, preparation of departmental Trading/ Profit and Loss account and balance sheet
Unit IV

Meaning of royalty, minimum rent, short working/ Recoupment of short working, sub-lease/ Accounting for royalty including sub-lease

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Dibrugarh University Syllabus For Business Environment:

Unit I Theoretical framework —

  • Concept, significance and nature of business environment;
  • Environmental scanning, elements of business
  • SWOT analysis – concept, significance and technique, Changing dimensions of business environment in India
Unit II Economic Environment —

  • Significance and elements of economic environment.
  • Business cycle – concept, phases and features.
  • Economic growth—concept and hindrances.
  • Industrial sickness – definition, causes and effects (to be studied with special reference to NE India)
Unit III Government policy and Legal Environment —

  • Industrial policy of India since 1991 – salient features – licensing, privatization , foreign collaboration in the light of recent changes, Competition Act, 2002;
  • Meaning, objectives, definitions and applicability of the Act.
  • Export Import Policy (EXIM Policy), Special Economic Zones (SEZ).
  • Salient features of the Govt. India’s Industrial Policy for the North East (Latest Policy)
Unit IV International Business Environment —

  • International economic grouping and institutions – GATT, WTO, World Bank, IMF, SAFTA — their importance to India.
  • The policy of globalization and its impact on Indian trade and industry

Dibrugarh University MCA Syllabus (1st Semester) for Formal Language and Automata:

Unit I Introductory Concept Topic
Alphabets, Languages, Grammars.
Unit II Finite Automata (Deterministic and Nondeterministic)
Equivalence of DFA’s and NDFA’s, conversion, automata with e – transition, Moore and Mealy machines, properties of regular sets, minimization of finite automata
Unit III Regular Grammar
Regular expressions, regular languages, regular expression and equivalence to FA, Algebraic laws for regular expressions Pumping Lemma and applications push down automata and context free languages, properties of context free languages
Unit IV Context Free Language
context-free grammars and languages , parsing (or derivation) and parse trees, ambiguity of grammar and language, pushdown automaton (PDA), equivalence between CFG and PDA , normal form of CFG
Unit V Context Sensitive Language
Context sensitive languages, linear bound automata
Unit VI Turing Machines
Turing hypothesis, Turning compatibility, Turing machines as a transducer, recognizer and acceptors, Variations of tuning machines – non-deterministic, multiple tape, two-way infinite tape, multidimensional, multihead. Universal turning machines, recursively enumerable languages, Undecidable problems.

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How To Download Dibrugarh University Syllabus 2023?

  • Candidates need to open official website that is www.dibru.ac.in.
  • Now you have to go “Academics” section appearing at Menu bar.
  • Then select “Syllabus” option and select appropriate link as per your course.
  • A PDF file of Dibrugarh University CBCS Syllabus will display on the screen.
  • Save Dibrugarh University Semester Syllabus or take the print out of dibru.ac.in syllabus for future use.

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Dibrugarh University Syllabus 2023

Let’s start preparation with Dibrugarh University latest Syllabus for upcoming BA, BSC, BCA, BBA, BCOM, MBA, MSC and other Examination. Candidates, who’ve enrolled for any courses in university, can check updated Dibrugarh University Exam Syllabus PDF from here.

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Dibrugarh University Syllabi 2023 PDF

Dibrugarh University, the easternmost University conducts Under Graduate / Post Graduate Degree courses exams two times in year to test the knowledge of applicants and promote candidates for further level of studies. With the help of New Dibrugarh University 2023 Syllabus, you can prepare very well for exams to score better marks

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