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Kashmir University Syllabus 2023 All UG, PG Courses Syllabus PDF Available!

Kashmir University Syllabus

All UG, PG Courses Syllabus PDF Available Here!!! The University of Jammu and Kashmir has provided Kashmir University Syllabus 2023 for candidates looking for study material for the preparation of their semester examinations. They can download their syllabus in the form of PDF through this page.


Kashmir University Syllabus

Kashmir University Syllabus 2023
University Kashmir University
Category Kashmir University Syllabus
Exam Type Semester Exam
Courses All UG, PG Courses
Official Website www.kashmiruniversity.net

Kashmir University Syllabus of various courses such as B.Com, B.Ed, BBA, BCA, B.Sc, BA, B.P.ED, B.Pharm, B.Arch, BIT courses is available on this page as per semester wise and year-wise. Students can download syllabus PDF, so that they can know about the course and subjects included in a detailed way.

Kashmir University Syllabus
For Batch 2023

B.ED (1st Semester) Download
B.ED (2nd Semester) Download
B.ED (3rd Semester) Download
B.ED (4th Semester) Download

BBA (1st Semester) Download
BBA (2nd Semester) Download
BBA (3rd Semester) Download
BBA (4th Semester) Download
BBA (5th Semester) Download
BBA (6th Semester) Download

BCA (1st Semester) Download
BCA (2nd Semester) Download
BCA (3rd Semester) Download
BCA (4th Semester) Download
BCA (5th Semester) Download
BCA (6th Semester) Download

BA (1st Year)
Applied Mathematics Download
Arabic Download
Computer Application Download
Economics Download
Education Download
English Literature Download
Functional English Download
General English Download
Geography Download
BA (2nd Year)
Applied Mathematics Download
Arabic Download
Computer Application Download
Economics Download
Education Download
English Literature Download
Environmental Sciences (2010) Download
Environmental Science (2013) Download
Functional English (2012) Download
Functional English (2014) Download
BA (3rd Year)
ARABIC Download
GENERAL ENGLISH (2015) Download
GENERAL ENGLISH(2010) Download
GEOGRAPHY (2015) Download

B.COM (HONORS)- 1st Year Download
B.COM(HONORS) -2nd Year Download
B.COM(HONORS)-3rd Year Download

Botany (1st Semester) Download
Botany (2nd Semester) Download

Geology (1st Semester) Download
Geology (2nd Semester) Download

B.P.ED 1st & 2nd Semester (Choice Based Credit System) Download
All Papers Of B.P.Ed Course Download

B.Pharm (1st Year) Download
B.Pharm (2nd Year) Download
B.Pharm (3rd Year) Download
B.Pharm (4th Year) Download

B.Arch (1st Semester) Download
B.Arch (2nd Semester) Download
B.Arch (3rd Semester) Download
B.Arch (4th Semester) Download
B.Arch (5th Semester) Download
B.Arch (6th Semester) Download
B.Arch (7th Semester) Download
B.Arch (8th Semester) Download
B.Arch (9th Semester) Download
B.Arch (10th Semester) Download

BIT (1st Semester)
Communication Skills Download
Mathematics Download
Programming In C Download
Fundamentals Of IT Download
BIT (2nd Semester)
Digital Electronics Download
Mathematics-II Download
Data Structures Through C Download
Data Base Management System (DBMS) Download
BIT (3rd Semester)
Microprocessor Systems Download
Mathematics-III Download
Programming In C++ Download
System Analysis & Design Download
BIT (4th Semester)
Computer Organization And Architecture Download
Computer Oriented Numerical Methods Download
Internet Technologies And E-Commerce Download
Principles Of Management Download
BIT (5th Semester)
Operating System Unix And Shell Programming Download
Data Communication Download
Core Java Programming Download
Management Information System Download
BIT (6th Semester)
Computer Networks Download
Wireless And Mobile Communication Download
Visual Basic Programming Download
Software Engineering Download

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Download Kashmir University Syllabus 2023 PDFs

Music Course (B. Mus.) Syllabus Download
B.TECH/B.E In Electrical Engineering Syllabus Download
BBA syllabus Download
B.sc Syllabus Download
BA 1st semester Syllabus PDF Download
BA 2nd Semester Syllabus PDF Download
BA 3rd Semester Syllabus PDF Download
BA 4th semester Syllabus PDF Download
BA 5th semester Syllabus PDF Download
BA 6th semester Syllabus PDF Download

Kashmir University Syllabus

Kashmir University BA 1st year Syllabus:

Paper I: Poetry I
  • Age of Chaucer: Historical and
  • Social Context
  • Geoffrey chaucer: “The wife of
    Bath’s prologue and Tale”
  • William Shakespeare: Sonnets:
  • John Donne: “The Sun Rising”,
    The Canonization”, Death Be Not
    Proud” “Batter Mv Heart”
Paper II: Drama I
  • Renaissance Age and the Developments in Drama
  • Christopher Marlowe: Tamburlaine
  • William Shakespeare: Othello
  • William Shakespeare: As You Like It
Paper III: Language Course I (optional)
  • Urdu
  • Kashmiri
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • English Communication Skills

Kashmir University Bed Syllabus 2023:

Foundations of Education

Unit I: Education & Philosophy
  • Nature & Meaning of Education
  • Aims of Education – individual and social.
  • Nature and Meaning of Philosophy
  • Relation between Philosophy & Education
Unit II: Major Educational Philosophies and Educational
Thinkers Philosophies
  • Naturalism
  • Idealism
  • Pragmatism These Educational Philosophies
    shall be discussed with special reference to
    Aims, Curriculum, Methods, Role of Teacher
    & Concept of Discipline
  • Mahatama Ghandhi: Basic Education
  • Swami Vivekananda : Man making Education
  • Froebel: The play way methodiv) Montessori:
    The Didactic Apparatus
Unit III: Education & the Social Frame of reference
  • Education & Democracy – Basic Principles of
    Democracy – Education for Democracy
  • Education & Socialism Meaning, Importance
    & Role of Education in achieving the goals of Socialism.
  • Education & Secularism – Meaning of Secularism
    Role of Education in multi religious society like India.
Unit IV: Culture & Social Change
  • Concept & Characteristics of Culture
  • Relationship between Culture & Education with
    special reference to conservative and creativity roles
  • Concept of social change
  • Factors of social change
  • Roles of Education Vis-à-vis social change

Learning and Development:

Unit I: Psychology & Educational Psychology
  • Nature, Meaning and Scope of Psychology
  • Nature & Meaning of Educational Psychology
  • Functions Educational Psychology
Unit II: Understanding Learner Stages of Human development
  • Physical, Social, Emotional & Cognitive
  • development patterns.
  • Stage – specific Characteristics of Infancy &
  • Characteristics & Problems of Adolescents.
  • Guidance & Counseling for adolescents.
Unit III: Learning & Motivation
  • Concept of learning & its nature
  • Factors of influencing learning – Personal &
  • Motivation – Nature, Types: – Techniques of
    enhancing learner’s motivation
  • S-R Theory of Learning (Thorndike)
  • Operant Conditioning theory of learning (Skinner)
  • Constructivism- Vygotsky
Unit IV: Intelligence and Personality
  • Nature & Meaning
  • Measurement of Intelligence – Concept of I.Q,
    Verbal and Non-verbal (One test from each category
    to be discussed)
  • Theory of Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner)
  • Structure of intellect (Guilford)
  • Nature & Meaning
  • Determinants of Personality – biological & socio-
    culture determinants
  • Trait-theory of Personality (Allport)
  • Psycho analytic theory of Personality (Freud)
    Educational Implications of the above mentioned theories.

Population and Gender Education:

Unit I: Population Education and Population Dynamics
  • Concept, meaning and objectives.
  • Need and Importance
  • Distribution & density
  • Population composition – Age, Sex, Rural/Urban.
  • Factors affecting Population growth – fertility,
    mortality & migration
Unit II: Population Education in Schools
  • Scope of population education in school
  • Methods & approaches: Inquiry approaches,
    observation, self study, discussions assignments.
  • Use of Mass Media – Newspapers, Radio,
    TV, & A-V aids.
Unit III: Gender Studies
  • Concept, need and scope of gender studies
  • Gender studies as an academic discipline
  • Gender, economy and work participation
  • Gender, globalization and education
Unit IV: Issues of Indian Women
  • Women education: need, importance and problems
  • Co-education- its educational implications
  • Education of girl child in India: present
    status and challenges ahead
  • Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyaliya
  • Girls education in SSA and RMSA

Inclusive Education:

Unit I: Exceptionality
  • Meaning, significance and scope.
  • Levels of intervention: Preventive, remedial
    and compensating.
  • Special education: Meaning, significance and
Unit II: Categories of Special Children
  • Physically challenged: Visually and Hearing
  • Mentally Retarded
  • Gifted (With special reference to causes,
    characteristics and educational measures)
Unit III: Inclusive Education
  • Historical background of inclusive education.
  • Principles of inclusion and necessary resources.
  • Inclusion, integration and mainstreaming.
Unit IV: National initiatives
  • Integrated education for disabled children
    (IEDC, 1974)
  • Rehabilitation Council of India (1992)
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA 2000)
  • National Curriculum Framework (NCF, 2005)

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Environmental Education:

Unit I: Environmental Education
  • Meaning, scope and importance of
    environmental education.
  • Objectives of Environmental Education
  • Approaches of Environmental Education,
    Role of Environmental and Natural resources
    in sustainable development.
Unit II: Environmental Concerns
  • Causes and consequences of environmental
  • Air pollution: causes consequences and remedies
  • Water pollution: causes, consequences and remedies
  • Deforestation and its implications suggest
    some remedial measures
Unit III: Environmental Awareness
  • Salient features of environmental awareness
    through education: programmes of environmental
    education for secondary school children.
  • Programmes of environmental education for
    attitude changes among the children with
    special reference to Save Dal, Save Hangul,
    Save Tiger Project.
  • Chipko movement.
Unit IV: Man and Environment
  • Man as a creator and destroyer, effect of
    human activities on environment, values
    and ethics related to environment.
  • Concept of hazard, disaster and vulnerability.
  • Natural Disasters: Floods, Flash floods, Drought,
    Earthquakes, Cloudbursts and Landslides

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Kashmir University UG, PG Courses Syllabus PDF

Kashmir University Syllabus 2023 is one of the essential study materials for preparation while you are going to appear in any examination. With the help of Kashmir University Syllabus, you can grab knowledge of the topics from which questions will be asked in the examination according to the subjects included in it.

Candidates can download Kashmir University Syllabus, Kashmir University B Tech Syllabus, Kashmir University M.Com Syllabus, Kashmir University Chemistry Syllabus and other Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses by pressing the direct links provided here on this page for the ease and comfort of the students.

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