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NCERT Books for UPSC | 2021 (English Medium) Set For Prelims Preparation

NCERT Books for UPSC

Candidates appearing in the upcoming UPSC 2021 recruitment examinations can check out the best NCERT Books for UPSC in English as well as Hindi medium from here. UPSC NCERT Books List for Prelims and Mains exam preparation is available here, so that applied candidates can choose the correct NCERT Books Set for UPSC Exam and get the desired result.

For preparation of UPSC Exams, NCERT books are considered as the best study material as it helps in understanding the concepts in an easy way. Here, on this page we have provided you complete list of NCERT Books for UPSC exam preparation.

NCERT Books for UPSC

NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation are given here.

NCERT Books For UPSC: History

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class VIOur Past
NCERT Class VIIOur Past-I
NCERT Class VIIIOur Past II and III
NCERT Class IXIndia and the Contemporary World – I
NCERT Class XIndia and the Contemporary World – II
NCERT Class XIThemes in World History
NCERT Class XIIThemes in Indian History – I
Themes in World History – II
Themes in World History – III

NCERT Books For UPSC Exam: Indian Society

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class VISocial Science: Social and Political Life
NCERT Class VIISocial Science: Social and Political Life – II
NCERT Class VIIISocial Science: Social and Political Life – III
NCERT Class IXContemporary India – I
NCERT Class XContemporary India – II
NCERT Class XISociology: Understanding Society
NCERT Class XIIIndian Society
Social Change and Development in India

NCERT Books For UPSC: Indian Art & Culture

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class XIAn Introduction to Indian Art
NCERT Class XILiving Craft Traditions of India

NCERT Books For UPSC: Geography

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class VIThe Earth Our Habitat
NCERT Class VIIOur Environment
NCERT Class VIIIResource and Development
NCERT Class XIFundamentals of Physical Geography
India – Physical Environment
NCERT Class XIIFundamentals of Human Geography
India – People and Economy

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NCERT Books For UPSC: Polity

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class IXPolitical Science: Democratic Politics – I
NCERT Class XPolitical Science: Democratic Politics – II
NCERT Class XIPolitical Theory
Indian Constitution at Work
NCERT Class XIIPolitical Science-I: Contemporary World Politics
Political Science-II: Politics in India since Independence

NCERT Books For UPSC: Economics

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class IXEconomics
NCERT Class XUnderstanding Economic Development
NCERT Class XIIndian Economic Development
NCERT Class XIIIntroductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics

NCERT Books For UPSC: General Science

ClassBook Title
NCERT Class VIScience Class 6
NCERT Class VIIScience Class 7
NCERT Class VIIIScience Class 8
NCERT Class IXScience Class 9
NCERT Class XScience Class 10
NCERT Class XIChemistry: Unit 14
Biology: Unit 4 & 5
NCERT Class XIIChemistry: Unit 16
Biology: Unit 8, 9 & 10

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NCERT Books for UPSC Prelims

List of NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation is given here:


(i) Modern India

  • NCERT – Class 8th (New) – ‘Our Pasts – III’
  • NCERT-Class 12th ‘Modern India’ (OLD)
  • Tamil Nadu Edition- Class 12th


  • Spectrum Modern India – Rajiv Ahir

Reference Book: India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra; Plassey to Partition by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

(ii) Medieval India:

  • NCERT – Class 7th (New) –‘Our Pasts –II’
  • NCERT – Class 11th ‘Medieval India’ (OLD)- Satish Chandra
  • Tamil Nadu Edition-Class 11th
  • Ancient and Medieval India –  Poonam Dalal Dahiya

(ii) Ancient India:

  • NCERT– Class 11th ‘Ancient India’ (OLD)- R.S. Sharma
  • NCERT– Class 12th ‘Themes in Indian History- Part I’ (NEW)- Chapters 1 to 6
  • Tamil Nadu Edition – Class 11th
  • Ancient and Medieval India –  Poonam Dalal Dahiya


  • NCERT Social Science, Class 6th (New) ‘The Earth Our Habitat’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 7th (New) ‘Our Environment’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 8th (New) ‘ Resource and Development’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 9th (New) ‘Contemporary India’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 10th (New) ‘Contemporary India-Part II’
  • NCERT – Class 11th (New)
    • Fundamentals of Physical Geography
    • India physical environment
  • NCERT – Class 12th (New)
    • Fundamentals of Human Geography
    • India – People and Economy
  • Atlas: Orient BlackSwan School Atlas (or) Oxford School Atlas


  • NCERT – 6th to 8th (for basic understanding)
  • NCERT- Class 9th to 12th (for understanding more on democracy and federalism)
  • Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth

Reference Book: Introduction to Indian Constitution – D.D.Basu

Read Here: UPSC Prelims – Indian Polity Syllabus


  • Macroeconomics- Class 12th , NCERT
  • NCERT 11th – Indian Economic Development
  • NCERT- Class 9th and 10th (for basics)
  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh-Selective (Chapters on)


  • The Hindu-Monday Edition (not technical news, only application based science & Tech)
  • NCERT- Class 6th to 10th
  • NCERT – Biology – 11th (Unit IV & V only – read basic concepts not technical details)
  • NCERT Biology – 12th (Chapters 4, 5 and rest from 7 to 16 – all important – read line by line except technical details)
  • NCERT – Biology – 12th (OLD) – Chapter 9 onwards
  • NCERT – Physics – 11th (Chap 1,5 & 8) and 12th (Chap 15 only)
  • NCERT – Chemistry – 11th (Chap 1 & 14 only) and 12th (Chap 14 & 16 only)
  • Science reporter- Selectively


  • ICSE Board- Environmental studies- Class 10th and 11th
  • NCERT- Geography Books (in 6th to 12th there are lot of chapters on Environment)
  • Science NCERT books mentioned above
  • Shankar IAS Notes
  • Current affairs


  • in (lists all schemes Ministry and sector wise with details)
  • India yearbook
  • NCERT books mentioned above
  • Current affairs


  • The Hindu (Newspaper)
  • The Indian Express (Newspaper)
  • Press Information Bureau
  • PRS (only for recent Bills and articles related to them)
  • IDSA: Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis (keep checking every 2-3 days for in-depth IR articles)
  • Yojana and Kurukshetra (no need to read all articles – read selectively)
  • LokSabha and RajyaSabha Debates

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NCERT Books for UPSC in English

NCERT UPSC Books (Class-6 to 12) – English Medium

Class 6History-Our Past IDownload
Class 7Social and Political LifeDownload
Class 8Social and Political LifeDownload
Resource and Development (Geography)Download
Class 9EconomicsDownload
Democratic PoliticsDownload
Class 10Contemporary IndiaDownload
Class 11Fundamental of Physical GeographyDownload
Introducing SociologyDownload
Themes in World HistoryDownload
Political TheoryDownload
Class 12Themes in Indian History-IDownload
Fundamentals of Human GeographyDownload
Indian SocietyDownload
Contemporary World PoliticsDownload
Introductory MicroeconomicsDownload
Introductory MacroeconomicsDownload

NCERT Books for UPSC in Hindi

UPSC NCERT Books PDF (Class-6 to 12) – Hindi Medium

Class 6Samajik Evam Rajnitik JeevanDownload
Class 7Samkalin aur Rajniti Jeevan-2Download
Class 8Samajik Evam Rajnitik JeevanDownload
Class 9ArthashastraDownload
Loktantrik RajnitiDownload
Class 10Samkalin BharatDownload
Class 11Bhutiq Bhugol ke Mul SidhantDownload
Vishwa Itihas Ke Kuch VishayDownload
Raajneeti SidhantDownload
Class 12Bharatiya Itihas ke kuchh Vishay-IDownload
Manav Bhugol Ke Mool SidhantDownload
Bhartiya SamajDownload
Samkalin Vishwa RajnitiDownload
Vyashthi Arthashastra- Ek ParichayDownload
Samashty Arthshastra Ek ParichayDownload

We the team of hopes that the candidates applied for upcoming UPSC 2021 examinations, finds the given NCERT Books for UPSC exam useful and helpful during their preparation time. Candidates are suggested to remain in touch with us by bookmarking our web portal to get latest updates on UPSC exam preparation material.

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