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Logical Puzzle Questions | Logical Reasoning, Tricks – with Solution

Logical Puzzle Questions

Logical Reasoning Puzzles are almost asked in all competitive exams such as SSC, Bank exam or many other exams. So, from here you can practice out Logical Puzzle Questions and improve your performance to score good marks. While finding out the solution, you can easily know about the tricks that are used in solving these Logical Puzzles.


Steps to Solve Logical Reasoning Puzzles

  • Read the entire puzzle to know about the main parameters.
  • Make a decision on how the structure of the given data or information is to be made out. Mostly, tabular representation is done.
  • Read the given statement one by one.
  • For direct conditions, fill up the information directly in the table/structure.
  • For indirect conditions, start using the clues and relate to the data that is already given.
  • Check all the conditions once again and combine it with the relevant clues.
  • Repeat the previous step till all the combination of the clues has been found out.

Logical Puzzle Questions with Answers are provided on this page. It will be easy for you if you solve these puzzles using reasoning puzzle tricks at the examination time. To become perfect in this topic, you need to do regular practice. So, start solving out the given below Logical Puzzle Questions.

Logical Puzzle Questions

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Direction (1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given question.

A , B , C, D & E are friend & they have different cars- Zen, Opal Astra, Centro, Indica & Maruti gypsy. Colours of these cars are – blue, white, black, red & green, but not necessarily in the same order.

(i) A has a gypsy, but it is not green.

(ii) B has red Indica.

(iii) C has blue car, but not zen.

(iv) E has black car, which is neither Opal Astra nor Centro?

Question 1) Who has opal Astra?

(A) E

(B) C

(C) F

(D) Cannot be determined

Question 2) Which car does E have?

(A) Astra

(B) Centro

(C) Gypsy

(D) Zen

Question 3) Which car does A have?

(A) Gypsy

(B) Zen

(C) Indica

(D) Centro

Question 4) What is the colour of Gypsy?

(A) Green

(B) Red

(C) Blue

(D) White

Question 5) What is the colour of Indica?

(A) White

(B) Red

(C) Green

(D) Black

Direction (6-10): Study the following information carefully to answer the given question.

(i) Six people – K, L, M, N, O & P are working in different offices named U, V, W, X, Y, & Z but not necessarily in the same order:

(ii) L is a wife of O & is working in office X. None of a woman is working in office V & Z.

(iii) M is a sister of N. She is working in office U. P is working in office W & N is working in office V.

Question 6) In which office is K working?

(A) Y

(B) Z

(C) V

(D) Cannot be determined

(E) None of these

Question 7) Who is working in office Y?

(A) K

(B) L

(C) M

(D) Cannot be determined

(E) None of these

Question 8) How N is related to M?

(A) Brother

(B) Sister

(C) Sister or Brother

(D) Insufficient data

(E) None of these

Question 9) Which of the following is a definite pair of males?

(A) NP

(B) NK

(C) KP

(D) NO

(E) None of these

Question 10) At least how many males are among them?

(A) Two

(B) One

(C) Three

(D) Four

(E) None of these

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Direction (11-15): Answer the following question based on the given information.

(I) P, Q, R, S, T & U are travelling in a bus.

(II) Two of them are journalists, two are engineers, one is an editor & one is a writer.

(III) The editor P is married to a writer S.

(iv) A writer is a married to Q. Q is in the same profession as U.

(v) P, R, Q, S are two married couples & none of them has the same profession.

(VI) U is a brother of R.

Question 11) Which of the following pairs shows the engineers?

(A) R S

(B) P Q

(C) T U

(D) Q U

Question 12) What is the relation of R with U?

(A) Uncle

(B) Sister

(C) Brother

(D) Cannot say

Question 13) Which of the following pair show journalists?

(A) P Q

(B) S T

(C) R S

(D) T U

Question 14) Which of the following is the married couple?

(A) Q U

(B) P Q

(C) Q R

(D) R U

Question 15) Which of the following pairs shows the husband?

(A) R Q

(B) R S

(C) T U

(D) Not sure

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Direction (16-20): Study the following information carefully to answer the given question.

(i) A, B, C, D & Y are five plays, which are to be staged from Monday to Friday. Per day one play will be staged. One day will be provided for the rest.

(ii) The day for rest is between A & Y.

(iii) C will be staged immediately after D.

(iv) Y is organised 2 days ago the staging of C.

Question 16) Which is the correct sequence for staging the plays?

(A) C, D, B, Y (Rest) A

(B) A (Rest) Y, B, D, C

(C) Cannot be determined

(D) None of these

Question 17) Which was the Rest day?

(A) Tuesday

(B) Friday

(C) Wednesday

(D) None of these

Question 18) Which play was staged on Monday?

(A) B

(B) C

(C) D

(D) A

Question 19) How many day’s interval is between A & D?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

Question 20) On which day was C staged?

(A) Friday

(B) Wednesday

(C) Thursday

(D) Saturday

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Direction (21-25): Study the following information carefully to answer these questions:

Seven friends A, B, C , D, E, F and G perform in stage shows on a different day from Monday to Sunday, not necessarily in the same order. Each one performs a different item, viz. Music, Dance, Mimicry, Play, Debate, Speech and Monologue, not necessarily in the same order.

B performs ‘Play’ on Thursday and E performs ‘Music’ on Sunday. G performs ‘Mimicry’ but not on Tuesday or Saturday. C’s performance is on the next day of G’s performance. D performs on Monday but not ‘Dance’ or ‘Debate’. A performs ‘Monologue’ which is on the next day of ‘Speech’. ‘Dance’ is not performed on Saturday.

Question 21) Which item is performed by D and on what day?

(A) Mimicry -Monday

(B) Music-Today

(C) Play-Wednesday

(D) Speech-Monday

(E) None of these

Question 22) G performs on which day of the week?

(A) Wednesday

(B) Saturday

(C) Tuesday

(D) Cannot determined

(E) None of these

Question 23) Who performs Dance?

(A) C

(B) F

(C) D

(D) C or D

(E) None of these

Question 24) A performs on which day of the week?

(A) Tuesday

(B) Wednesday

(C) Friday

(D) Saturday

(E) None of these

Question 25) Who performs in Debate?

(A) B

(B) D

(C) F

(D) C

(E) None of these

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Direction (26-30): Study the following information carefully to answer these questions:

Eight persons A, B , C , D, E , F , G and H work for three different companies namely X, Y and Z. Not more than three persons work for a company. There are only two ladies in the group who have different specialization in each HR, Finance and Marketing. One member is an engineer and one is a doctor. H is an HR Specialist and works with a marketing specialist B who does not work for company Y. C is an engineer and his sister work in company Z. D is a specialist in HR working in company X while her friend G is a finance specialist and works for company Z. No Two persons having the same specialization work together. Marketing specialist F works for company Y and his friend A who is a finance expert works for company X in which only two specialists work. No lady is a marketing specialist or a doctor.

Question 26) Which of the following represents the pair working in the same company?

(A) D and C

(B) A and B

(C) A and E

(D) H and F

(E) None of these

Question 27) Who amongst friends is a doctor?

(A) H

(B) E

(C) C

(D) Either E or C

(E) None of these

Question 28) For which of the following companies does C work?

(A) Y

(B) X

(C) Z

(D) Data inadequate

(E) None of these

Question 29) Which of the following combinations is correct?

(A) C-Z-Engineer

(B) E-X-Engineer

(C) H-X-HR

(D) C-Y-Engineer

(E) None of these

Question 30) Which of the following pairs represents the two ladies in the group?

(A) A and D

(B) B and D

(C) D and G

(D) Data inadequate

(E) None of these

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Logical Puzzle Answers

Ans1) (D) Ans11) (D) Ans21) (D)
Ans2) (D) Ans12) (D) Ans22) (E)
Ans3) (A) Ans13) (B) Ans23) (B)
Ans4) (D) Ans14) (C) Ans24) (A)
Ans5) (B) Ans15) (D) Ans25) (D)
Ans6) (A) Ans16) (B) Ans26) (E)
Ans7) (A) Ans17) (A) Ans27) (B)
Ans8) (A) Ans18) (D) Ans28) (A)
Ans9) (D) Ans19) (C) Ans29) (D)
Ans10) (A) Ans20) (D) Ans30) (D)

Logical Puzzle Questions and Answers of Logical Reasoning section are provided here on this page of recruitmentresult.com If any individual needs more preparation material of competitive exams, then they can bookmark our web portal and get latest updates from here.

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