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Binary Number System – Questions and Answers | Decimal Conversion Practice

Binary Number Questions

Binary Number System Questions of computer awareness topic is given here. Along with Binary Number Questions, candidates can do practice of Binary to Decimal Conversion Questions and Answers, as these conversion type questions are generally asked in various competitive examination.

Answers of Binary Number Questions is well mentioned at the last section of this page. Candidates needs to choose the correct option from the given list of choices and after that they can match their selected choice from the answer table. Candidates are advised to do practice from these given important and selected Binary Number System Questions before appearing for the actual test.

Binary Number Questions

Binary Number System Questions and Answers

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Question 1) The value of radix in binary number system is _____________
a) 2
b) 8
c) 10
d) 1

Question 2) A computer language that is written in binary codes only is _____
a) machine language
b) C
c) C#
d) pascal

Question 3) The input hexadecimal representation of 1110 is _______________
a) 0111
b) E
c) 15
d) 14

Question 4) Convert the binary equivalent 10101 to its decimal equivalent.
a) 21
b) 12
c) 22
d) 31

Question 5) Which of the following is the correct representation of a binary number?
a) (124)2
b) 1110
c) (110)2
d) (000)2

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Question 6) Which of the following is not a positional number system?
a) Roman Number System
b) Octal Number System
c) Binary Number System
d) Hexadecimal Number System

Question 7) The binary equivalent of the decimal number 10 is __________
a) 0010
b) 10
c) 1010
d) 010

Question 8) The octal equivalent of 1100101.001010 is ______
a) 624.12
b) 145.12
c) 154.12
d) 145.21

Question 9) A bit in a computer terminology means either 0 or 1.
a) True
b) False

Question 10) Which of the following is not a binary number?
a) 1111
b) 101
c) 11E
d) 000

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Question 11) The octal number (651.124)8 is equivalent to ______
a) (1A9.2A)16
b) (1B0.10)16
c) (1A8.A3)16
d) (1B0.B0)16

Question 12) Convert the hexadecimal number (1E2)16 to decimal:
a) 480
b) 483
c) 482
d) 484

Question 13) Convert (214)8 into decimal:
a) (140)10
b) (141)10
c) (142)10
d) (130)10

Question 14) Convert the binary number (01011.1011)2 into decimal:
a) (11.6875)10
b) (11.5874)10
c) (10.9876)10
d) (10.7893)10

Question 15) Convert binary to octal: (110110001010)2 =?
a) (5512)8
b) (6612)8
c) (4532)8
d) (6745)8

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Question 16) The given hexadecimal number (1E.53)16 is equivalent to ____________
a) (35.684)8
b) (36.246)8
c) (34.340)8
d) (35.599)8

Question 17) The octal equivalent of the decimal number (417)10 is _____
a) (641)8
b) (619)8
c) (640)8
d) (598)8

Question 18) (170)10 is equivalent to
a) (FD)16
b) (DF)16
c) (AA)16
d) (AF)16

Question 19) Convert (0.345)10 into an octal number:
a) (0.16050)8
b) (0.26050)8
c) (0.19450)8
d) (0.24040)8

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Question 20) Octal to binary conversion: (24)8 =?
a) (111101)2
b) (010100)2
c) (111100)2
d) (101010)2


Ans1) a)Ans11) a)
Ans2) a)Ans12) c)
Ans3) b)Ans13) a)
Ans4) a)Ans14) a)
Ans5) d)Ans15) b)
Ans6) a)Ans16) b)
Ans7) c)Ans17) a)
Ans8) b)Ans18) c)
Ans9) a)Ans19) b)
Ans10) c)Ans20) b)

Binary Number Questions and Answers of computer fundamentals is available on this page of We hope that the Binary Decimal Conversion Questions provided here will be useful for candidates that are preparing for various entrance/competitive exams.

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