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HSBC Bank Salary in India | Starting Pay Scale 2023, Average Salaries Structure

HSBC Bank Salary in India

Here, you can get the updated details on HSBC Bank Salary in India. We have discussed Starting HSBC Pay Scale with average salaries structure in accordance with year 2023. HSBC acronym to The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) offers a wide range of retail banking and wealth management services etc. HSBC Employee Salary of different job profiles and of various locations is given on this page.


HSBC Bank Salary in India | Starting Pay Scale 2023, Average Salaries Structure

HSBC Bank Salary in India

HSBC Bank Post Wise Salary Structure

HSBC Software Engineer Salary (Rs. 1,94,261 – Rs. 76,03,122/-):

Software Engineers writes codes in various languages that defines the functionality of the system. They follows the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). They needs to develop high quality software’s that meets the standard of coding. They must have knowledge of databases such as SQL and ORM.

The average HSBC Bank Software Engineer Salary is Rs.6,84,292/-.

HSBC Securities Services Salary:

They performs the operations of Securities Services departments such as they delivers services to customers, provides clearing and settlement services to clients, meets all the internal requirements. They gave support to the sale and services of bank.

Average annual salary for HSBC Securities Services is Rs. 18.4 lakhs.

HSBC Manager Salary India:

The duty of manager is to hire and train the employees of the company. They have to make sure that the employees of the company is following all the policies and procedures. They supervises business operations and ensures the success of the business.

The average salary of Manager at HSBC in India is Rs. 1,400,000/-.

HSBC Assistant Manager Salary India (Rs. 3,05,487 – Rs. 19,38,670/-):

They helps the manger by taking some of its managerial responsibilities. They provides customer services and keep a check on the working of employees. Their main work is to take up the responsibilities of Manager in its absence.

The average Assistant Manager HSBC Salary India is Rs. 9,91,752/-.

HSBC Software Development Salary (Rs. 345,907 to Rs. 2,210,400/- a year):

They research, implement and manages software programs. They needs to maintain and upgrade the existing systems. They have to work with the team of developers and systems analysts.

The average Software Development Salary at HSBC is Rs. 828,588/- a year.

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HSBC Customer Service Salary:

They have the capability of handling various tasks at same time. They takes the incoming telephone calls and gave information about the products and services to the customers. They also resolves the complaints and issues of the customers and sometimes seen as working as a role of Sales.

Customer Service Average Salary of HSBC Employees in India HSBC Salaries
Customer Service Representative Rs. 2,79,968 per year Rs. 97,000 Rs. 7,45,000
Customer Care Specialist Rs. 2,86,017 per year Rs. 97,000 Rs. 7,45,000
Customer Support Representative 3 salaries reported Rs. 2,86,186 per year Min and max salaries are hidden when we have fewer than 5 salaries

HSBC Software Developer Salary (Rs. 1,94,261 – Rs. 76,03,122/-):

Software Developer develops applications that runs on computers, cell phones and other devices. They needs to do testing and validation procedures. Apart from design and developing the softwares, they do installations and modifications in the existing systems.

The average HSBC Software Engineer salary/ Developer Salary is Rs. 6,84,292/-.

Associate Project Manager HSBC Salary Structure:

They works as a medium between project manager and rest of the team. If there is any error in the project, then project manager is the person with whom the first consultation is taken. Their duties is to identify the errors and offer best possible solutions.

Average salary for HSBC Associate Project Manager is Rs. 21,78963/-.

HSBC Senior Software Engineer Salary (Rs. 3,14,640 – Rs. 73,73,833/-):

They works with the upper level management team and takes up the leading role to define various software requirements. They must have problem solving skills and their goal needs to develop high quality software’s.

The average HSBC Senior Software Engineer salary is Rs. 10,54,659/-.

Consultant Specialist HSBC Salary (Rs. 1,24,894 – Rs. 21,59,912/-):

They develops new procedures and implements it. They needs to compile the information and then have to present it orally or in written. They look over at the issues and try to resolve them. They conduct research and surveys to understand the business.

The average HSBC Consultant Specialist salary is Rs. 16,70,000/-.

HSBC Commercial Banking Salary:

Their works is to provide credit products to clients such as term loans, cash management services etc They delivers financial advice and solutions to the customers that helps in growing their business.

Average salaries for HSBC Commercial Banking is Rs.14,09475/-.

HSBC Starting Salary:

The average salary for HSBC employees in India is Rs. 808228/- per year.

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HSBC City Wise Salary

HSBC Pune Salary:

Software Engineer Rs. 6,85,819/yr
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 10,52,386/yr
Consultant Specialist Rs. 16,72,299/yr
Software Engineer – Monthly Rs. 41,107/mo
Business Analyst Rs. 12,88,384/yr
Team Leader Rs. 17,61,987/yr
Software Developer Rs. 4,84,667/yr
Senior Business Analyst Rs. 19,06,126/yr
Project Manager Rs. 31,90,216/yr
Senior Consultant Specialist Rs. 25,87,235/yr
Trainee Software Engineer Rs. 4,71,880/yr
Associate Project Manager Rs. 26,98,100/yr
Lead Business Analyst Rs. 27,05,751/yr
Consultant Specialist – Monthly Rs. 62,850/mo
Senior Software Engineer – Monthly Rs. 57,738/mo
Systems Administrator Rs. 7,20,077/yr
Software Engineer Trainee Rs. 7,49,125/yr
Consultant Rs. 17,02,515/yr

HSBC Bangalore Salary:

HSBC Salary in Bangalore is given here.

Analyst Rs. 10,28,217/yr
Assistant Manager Rs. 10,89,935/yr
Business Analyst Rs. 10,16,337/yr
Associate Rs. 4,63,383/yr
Assistant Manager – Analytics Rs. 12,95,184/yr
Assistant Vice President Rs. 28,00,300/yr
Manager Rs. 18,59,007/yr
Financial Analyst Rs. 11,58,306/yr
Senior Associate Rs. 13,31,587/yr
Investment Banking Analyst Rs. 16,27,856/yr
Senior Analyst Rs. 6,38,168/yr
Assistant Manager Operations Rs. 7,99,044/yr
Vice President Rs. 33,90,215/yr
Lead Manager Rs. 24,18,103/yr
Senior Credit Analyst Rs. 10,78,788/yr
KYC Analyst Rs. 4,36,410/yr
Data Analyst Rs. 8,63,354/yr
Intern – Monthly Rs. 35,372/mo
Credit Risk Analyst Rs. 9,13,142/yr
Credit Analyst Rs. 9,09,767/yr
HSBC KYC Analyst Salary Bangalore Rs. 431,181/yr

HSBC Kolkata Salary:

Analyst Rs. 9,87,087/yr
Assistant Manager Rs. 12,39,728/yr
Fund Administrator Rs. 3,77,304/yr
Fund Accountant Rs. 4,51,980/yr
Manager Rs. 17,86,237/yr
Business Analyst Rs. 9,80,996/yr
Assistant Manager Operations Rs. 6,69,839/yr
Assistant Manager – Analytics Rs. 12,93,377/yr
Associate Rs. 4,31,822/yr
Subject Matter Expert Rs. 6,23,167/yr
Assistant Vice President Rs. 18,63,898/yr
Senior Associate Rs. 4,12,401/yr
HSBC Business Analyst Rs. 7,97,205/yr
Customer Service Executive Rs. 4,38,085/yr
Project Manager Rs. 14,25,153/yr
Lead Manager Rs. 1,888K – Rs. 2,217K
Executive Rs. 473K – Rs. 583K
Management Trainee – Monthly Rs. 24K – Rs. 27K
HSBC HDPI Kolkata Salary Rs. 15.8 Lakhs

HSBC Hyderabad Salary:

Software Engineer Rs. 6,77,536/yr
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 10,87,887/yr
Assistant Manager Rs. 7,59,151/yr
Vice President Rs. 37,18,976/yr
Business Analyst Rs. 11,58,745/yr
Consultant Specialist Rs. 17,23,829/yr
Software Engineer – Monthly Rs. 41,695/mo
Assistant Manager Operations Rs. 8,53,425/yr
Manager Operations Rs. 11,16,398/yr
Assistant Vice President Rs. 25,05,182/yr
Operations Manager Rs. 11,42,827/yr
Associate Project Manager Rs. 21,78,963/yr
KYC Analyst Rs. 3,16,021/yr
Project Manager Rs. 35,85,751/yr
Assistant Vice-President Rs. 24,77,607/yr
CDD Analyst Rs. 3,55,867/yr
Manager Rs. 13,42,183/yr
Customer Service Executive – Monthly Rs. 30,328/mo
Customer Support Executive Rs. 4,17,996/yr

HSBC Management Salary:

Management AVERAGE SALARY HSBC India Salary
Assistant Manager Rs. 6,97,758 per year Rs. 1,68,000Rs. 18,95,000
Operations Manager Rs. 8,39,222 per year Rs. 1,68,000Rs. 18,95,000
Consultant Rs. 14,26,103 per year Rs. 1,68,000Rs. 18,95,000
Associate Manager Rs. 5,53,975 per year Min and max salaries are hidden when we have fewer than 5 salaries
Manager Rs. 6,50,653 per year Min and max salaries are hidden when we have fewer than 5 salaries

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HSBC Information Design & Documentation Salary:

Information Design & Documentation AVERAGE SALARY HSBC Bank Salary
Business Analyst Rs. 9,21,637 per year Rs. 1,73,000 Rs. 17,48,000
Information Security Analyst Rs. 5,49,527 per year Min and max salaries are hidden when we have fewer than 5 salaries

HSBC Other Popular Jobs:

Analyst Rs. 3,19,732 per year Rs. 97,000 Rs. 6,87,000
Executive Rs. 2,90,650 per year Rs. 1,05,000 Rs. 6,27,000
Associate Rs. 3,04,527 per year Rs. 1,05,000 Rs. 6,27,000
Subject Matter Expert Rs. 4,42,903 per year Min and max salaries are
hidden when we have fewer
than 5 salaries
Senior Sales Executive Rs. 3,83,725 per year Min and max salaries are
hidden when we have fewer
than 5 salaries

Pay Scale By Cities:

City Name Pay Scale
Pune, Maharashtra Rs 5,94,808
Mumbai, Maharashtra Rs 8,94,284
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Rs 4,61,993
Bangalore, Karnataka Rs 5,40,808
Kolkata, West Bengal Rs 4,31,983

Some of the benefits prooffered to the employees are –

  • Life Insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Health Club membership
  • Paid holiday

Pay Scale By States:

Posts Name HSBC PayScale India
Maharashtra Rs 6,37,240
Andhra Pradesh Rs 4,53,643
Karnataka Rs 5,36,777
West Bengal Rs 3,27,365
Delhi Rs 9,38,189
Tamil Nadu Rs 4,46,554
Haryana Rs 4,79,800

Pay Scale By Job Experience:

Experience Details Median Salary
1 year or less Rs 2,92,774
1 to 4 years Rs 3,42,115
5 to 9 years Rs 6,37,655
10 to 19 years Rs 14,43,296

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HSBC mainly proffers service in three major areas – Banking, Software Development, and Global Resourcing and it’s consist the following as shown below

  • Retail Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Cash Management
  • Commercial Banking
  • Pension and Investment Fund Management
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking and Markets
  • Consumer and Business Finance
  • Trustee Services
  • Private Banking
  • Securities And Custody Services
  • Trade Services
  • Insurance

Software Development for the HSBC group is completed by the (HSDI) HSBC Software Development India Pvt. Ltd which is situated in Pune.

Global Resourcing of HSBC is one of the leading economic and banking services offshore organizations on earth. The job tasks contain deliverance of investor value, integrating and helping the HSBC Group to retain its principal position in the world of banking and finance.

Global Resourcing in India is known as the HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd. and have seven offices positioned across Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Vishakhapatnam.

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The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited offer equivalent opportunity to all the employees. Being a global bank, employees get an intercontinental level exposure. HSBC GCB4 Salary Band India and other HSBC Bank Salary For Freshers details are mentioned here on this page of recruitmentresult.com

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