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NCERT Books 2023

Students can download NCERT Books 2023 according to their classes as we have gathered Free NCERT Books For Class 1st To 12th in Hindi, and English in the below section of this page. So go and download CBSE Books PDF by pressing the links uttered below.

NCERT Books 2023
NCERT Books 2023



Check the below-tuned page which is well maintained by the experts of recruitmentresult.com for the easiness of the visitors by providing all NCERT Books From Class 1st To 12th on this single page.

Download NCERT Books from Class 1 to 12

NCERT Class 12th Books

Class 12 Maths Books in English

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Relations and Functions संबंध एवं फलन
Chapter 2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions प्रतिलोम त्रिकोणमितीय फलन
Chapter 3 Matrices आव्यूह
Chapter 4 Determinants सारणिक
Chapter 5 Continuity and Differentiability सांतत्य तथा अवकलनीयता
Chapter 6 Application of Derivatives अवकलज के अनुप्रयोग
Chapter 7 Integrals समाकलन
Chapter 8 Application of Integrals समाकलनों के अनुप्रयोग
Chapter 9 Differential Equations अवकल समीकरण
Chapter 10 Vector Algebra सदिश बीजगणित
Chapter 11 Three Dimensional Geometry त्रि-विमीय ज्यामिति
Chapter 12 Linear Programming रैखिक प्रोग्रामन
Chapter 13 Probability प्रायिकता

Maths Answers Part

Maths Part English PDF Hindi PDF
Part 1 Press Here Press Here
Part 2 Press Here Press Here

Class 12 Physics Book in English

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Electric Charges and Fields वैधुत आवेश तथा क्षेत्र
Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance स्थिर वैधुत विभव तथा धारिता
Chapter 3 Current Electricity विधुत धारा
Chapter 4 Moving Charges and Magnetism गतिमान आवेश और चुंबकत्व
Chapter 5 Magnetism and Matter चुंबकत्व एवं द्रव्य
Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction वैधुतचुंबकीय प्रेरण
Chapter 7 Alternating Current प्रत्यावर्ती धारा
Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Waves वैधुतचुंबकीय तरंगे
Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments किरण प्रकाशिकी एवं प्रकाशिक यंत्र
Chapter 10 Wave Optics तरंग – प्रकाशिकी
Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter विकिरण तथा द्रव्य की द्वैत प्रकृति
Chapter 12 Atoms परमाणु
Chapter 13 Nuclei नाभिक
Chapter 14 Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devises and Simple Circuits अर्धचालक – पदार्थ, युक्तियाँ तथा सरल परिपथ
Chapter 15 Communication System संचार व्यवस्था

Physics Answers Part

Physics Part English PDF Hindi PDF
Part 1 Press Here Press Here
Part 2 Press Here Press Here

Class 12 Chemistry Books

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Unit 1 Solid State ठोस अवस्था
Unit 2 Solutions विलयन
Unit 3 Electrochemistry वैधुतरसायन
Unit 4 Chemical Kinetics रासायनिक बलगतिकी
Unit 5 Surface Chemistry पृष्ठ रसायन
Unit 6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements तत्वों के निष्कर्षण के सिद्धांत एवं प्रक्रम
Unit 7 The p-Block Elements p- ब्लॉक के तत्व
Unit 8 The d- and f- Block Elements d- एवं f- ब्लॉक के तत्व
Unit 9 Coordination Compounds उपसहसंयोजन यौगिक
Unit 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes हैलोएल्केन तथा हैलोएरीन
Unit 11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers एल्कोहल, फिनॉल एवं ईथर
Unit 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids एल्डिहाइड, कीटोन एवं कार्बोक्सिलिक अम्ल
Unit 13 Amines एमीन
Unit 14 Biomolecules जैव-अणु
Unit 15 Polymers बहुलक
Unit 16 Chemistry in Everyday Life दैनिक जीवन में रसायन

Chemistry Answers Part

Chemistry Part English PDF Hindi PDF
Part 1 Press Here Press Here
Part 2 Press Here Press Here

Class 12 Biology Books

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Reproduction in Organisms जीवों में जनन
Chapter 2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants पुष्पी पादपों में लैंगिक जनन
Chapter 3 Human Reproduction मानव जनन
Chapter 4 Reproductive Health जनन स्वास्थ्य
Chapter 5 Principle of Inheritance and Variation वंशागति तथा विविधता के सिद्धांत
Chapter 6 Molecular Basis of Inheritance वंशागति के आणविक आधार
Chapter 7 Evolution विकास
Chapter 8 Human Health and Diseases मानव स्वास्थ्य तथा रोग
Chapter 9 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production खाद्य उत्पादन में वृद्धि की कार्यनीति
Chapter 10 Microbes in Human Welfare मानव कल्याण में सूक्ष्म जीव
Chapter 11 Biotechnology: Principles and Processes जैव प्रौद्योगिकी – सिद्धांत व प्रक्रम
Chapter 12 Biotechnology and its Applications जैव प्रौद्योगिकी एवं उसके उपयोग
Chapter 13 Organisms and Populations जीव और समष्टियाँ
Chapter 14 Ecosystem पारितंत्र
Chapter 15 Biodiversity and Conservation जीव विविधतता एवं संरक्षण
Chapter 16 Environmental Issues पर्यावरण के मुद्दे

Class 12 English Books Flamingo

Chapters NCERT Flamingo Books
Lesson 1 The Last Lesson (Alphonse Daudet)
Lesson 2 Lost Spring (Anees Jung)
Lesson 3 Deep Water (William Douglas)
Lesson 4 The Rattrap (Selma Lagerlof)
Lesson 5 Indigo (Louis Fischer)
Lesson 6 Poets and Pancakes (Asokamitran)
Lesson 7 The Interview
Lesson 8 Going Places (A. R. Barton)
Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty – Six (Kamala Das)
Poem 2 An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum (Stephen Spender)
Poem 3 Keeping Quiet (Pablo Neruda)
Poem 4 A Thing of Beauty (John Keats)
Poem 5 A Roadside Stand (Robert Frost)
Poem 6 Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers (Adrienne Rich)

Class 12 English Books Vistas

Chapters NCERT Vistas Books
Chapter 1 The Third Level (Jack Finney)
Chapter 2 The Tiger King (Kalki)
Chapter 3 Journey to the end of the Earth (Tishani Doshi)
Chapter 4 The Enemy Pearl (S. Buck)
Chapter 5 Should Wizard hit Mommy (John Updike)
Chapter 6 On the face of It (Susan Hill)
Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O-level (Colin Dexter)
Chapter 8 Memories of Childhood (Zitkala-Sa & Bama)

Class 12 Elective English Book

Short Stories

I Sell my Dreams (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) Eveline (James Joyce)
A Wedding in Brownsville (Isaac Bashevis Singer) Tomorrow (Joseph Conrad)
One Centimetre (Bi Shu-Min)


A Lecture Upon the Shadow (John Donne) Poems by Milton (John Milton)
Poems by Blake (William Blake) Kubla Khan (S.T. Coleridge)
Trees (Emily Dickinson) The Wild Swans of Coole (W.B.Yeats)
Time and Time Again (A.K.Ramanujan) Blood (Kamala Das)


Freedom (G.B. Shaw) The Mark on the Wall (Virginia Woolf)
Film-making (Ingmar Bergman) Why the Novel Matters (D.H. Lawrence)
The Argumentative Indian (Amartya Sen) On Science Fiction (Isaac Asimov)


Chandalika (Rabindranath Tagore) Broken Images (Girish Karnad)

Class 12 Accountancy Book Part I

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organisation अलाभकारी संस्थाओं के लिए लेखांकन
Chapter 2 Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concepts साझेदारी लेखांकन – आधारभूत अवधारणाएँ
Chapter 3 Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm – Admission of a Partner साझेदारी फर्म का पुनर्गठन – साझेदार का प्रवेश
Chapter 4 Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm – Retirement/Death of a Partner साझेदारी फर्म का पुनर्गठन – साझेदार की सेवानिवृति/मृत्यु
Chapter 5 Dissolution of Partnership Firm साझेदारी फर्म का विघटन

Class 12 Accountancy Book Part 2

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Accounting for Share Capital अंशपूँजी के लिए लेखांकन
Chapter 2 Issue and Redemption of Debentures ऋणपत्रों का निर्गम एवं मोचन
Chapter 3 Financial Statements of a Company कंपनी के वित्तीय विवरण
Chapter 4 Analysis of Financial Statements वित्तीय विवरणों का विश्लेषण
Chapter 5 Accounting Ratios लेखांकन अनुपात
Chapter 6 Cash Flow Statements रोकड़ प्रवाह विवरण

Class 12 Computerised Accounting System Book

Chapters NCERT Computerised Accounting System Books
Chapter 1 Overview of Computerised Accounting System
Chapter 2 Spreadsheet
Chapter 3 Use of Spreadsheet in Business Applications
Chapter 4 Graphs and Charts for Business Data
Chapter 5 Database Management System for Accounting

Class 12 Business Studies Books

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Nature and Significance of Management प्रबंध की प्रकृति एवं महत्व
Chapter 2 Principles of Management प्रबंध के सिद्धांत
Chapter 3 Business Environment व्यावसायिक पर्यावरण
Chapter 4 Planning नियोजन
Chapter 5 Organising संगठन
Chapter 6 Staffing नियुक्तिकरण
Chapter 7 Directing निर्देशन
Chapter 8 Controlling नियंत्रण
Chapter 9 Financial Management व्यावसायिक वित्त
Chapter 10 Financial Markets वित्तीय बाजार
Chapter 11 Marketing विपणन
Chapter 12 Consumer Protection उपभोक्ता संरक्षण

Class 12 Economics Book Indian Economic Development

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence स्वतंत्रता की पूर्व संध्या पर भारतीय अर्थव्यसथा
Chapter 2 Indian Economy 1950 – 1990 भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था (1950 – 1990)
Chapter 3 Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation: An Appraisal उदारीकरण, निजीकरण और वैश्वीकरण: एक समीक्षा
Chapter 4 Poverty निर्धनता
Chapter 5 Human Capital Formation in India भारत में मानव पूँजी का निर्माण
Chapter 6 Rural Development ग्रामीण विकास
Chapter 7 Employment: Growth, Informalisation and other Issues रोजगार – संवृद्धि, अनौपचारीकरण एवं अन्य मुद्दे
Chapter 8 Infrastructure आधारिक संरचना
Chapter 9 Environment and Sustainable Development पर्यावरण और धारणीय विकास
Chapter 10 Comparative Development Experiences of India and its Neighbours भारत और उसके पड़ोसी देशों के तुलनात्मक विकास अनुभव

Class 12 Economics Books Macroeconomics

Chapters NCERT Books in English NCERT Books in Hindi
Chapter 1 Introduction परिचय
Chapter 2 National Income Accounting राष्ट्रीय आय का लेखांकन
Chapter 3 Money and Banking मुद्रा और बैंकिंग
Chapter 4 Determination of Income and Employment आय और रोजगार के निर्धारण
Chapter 5 Government Budget and the Economy सरकारी बजट एवं अर्थव्यवस्था
Chapter 6 Open Economy Macroeconomics खुली अर्थव्यवस्था – समष्टि अर्थशास्त्र

How to Download NCERT Books?

  • First of all you should go through the official website of the organization which is www.ncert.nic.in
  • After that press the “Textbook” from below part of home page.
  • Then press on “eBooks” from new page.
  • After that you need to press on “PDF (I-XII)” link.
  • Choose class, subjects and book title and press on “Go” link.
  • Download NCERT Books and start studying/preparation accordingly.

About CBSE Board:

Central Board of Secondary Education is basically a Board of Education for public and private schools and board follows only NCERT curriculum it its schools affiliated by them. So, all CBSE Students must download NCERT Books according to your particular subjects.

How NCERT Books are Helpful?

  • Simple Language
  • Extensive Research
  • Basics and Fundamental
  • Easy and quick access to chapter-wise questions and answers

CBSE Mandates NCERT Books

Well, it is mandatory for CBSE Students to study from NCERT books after the conclusion made by the Central Board of Secondary Education, in spite of many reasons that are shown by the private Schools as they considered NCERT books do not have quality parameters.

NCERT Books Are Less Expensive

There is no doubt that NCERT Books Are Less Expensive as compared to other books and Central Board of Secondary Education also made convenient for students by offering NCERT Books in very reasonable prices.

NCERT Important Links:

NCERT Official Link




Check More Links

NCERT Syllabus


NCERT Books For Class 11


NCERT Books for Class 10


As currently, the average cost of books which is recommended by the schools is Rs 100 – 150 and the average cost of NCERT books is Rs 50 -80.

Vital Note:

On the above section of this page recruitmentresult.com, we have shared the important information about the NCERT Books For Class 1st To 12th Free PDF, stay tuned with us as we will update this page.

Applicants may bookmark this page for more information related to NCERT Books Free Download. If you have any query in concern NCERT Books Online comment in the below-tuned comment box. Our experts will solve it as soon as possible



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