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What is BIOS Full Form in Hindi/English BIOS क्या और यह कैसे काम करता है?

Bios Full Form

BIOS Full Form stands for “Basic Input Output System”. Other terms commonly used for BIOS are system BIOS, ROM (Read Only Memory) BIOS, and PC or Personal Computer BIOS, etc. BIOS is a built-in software as we switch on the computer the first program that is operated by the computer system is Basic Input Output System (BIOS). Typically this program is housed in Read-Only Memory (ROM), and is placed on the motherboard.

Bios Full Form

Bios Full Form

Bios Full Form in Hindi

बायोस का फुल फॉर्म – BIOS का मतलब क्या हैं?

BIOS का full form Basic Input Output System है। हिंदी में बायोस का फुल फॉर्म बेसिक इनपुट आउटपुट सिस्टम है। BIOS कंप्‍यूटर सिस्टिम का एक अभिन्‍न हिस्‍सा है| BIOS पीसी के फर्मवेयर का एक प्रकार है और यह पीसी के बूटींग प्रोसेस (स्‍टार्ट-अप) प्रक्रिया के दौरान इस्‍तेमाल होता है|

पीसी के ऑन होनेपर शुरू होनेवाला यह पहला सॉफ्टवेयर है। ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम लोड करते समय, BIOS कंप्‍यूटर के सभी हार्डवेयर जैसे रॅम, प्रोसेसर, किबोर्ड, माउस, हार्ड ड्राइव आदि की पहचान करता है और इन्‍हे कन्फिग्यर करता है और इसके बाद ही कंप्‍यूटर मेमरी में ऑपरेटींग सिस्टिम लोड होती है|

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What is Bios Full Form ?

History of Basic Input Output System (BIOS)

BIOS was first appeared in 1975 in the CP/M operating system and the term was invented by Gary Kildall. The main function of BIOS is to start the computer system and to test all hardware components attach to the computer and load the operating system part. BIOS facilitates the operating system and application programs to interact with the display, keyboard and other Input/Output devices. BIOS initialize registers and handles the power management. BIOS initializes the sequence of Bootstrap and specifies the Bootable devices.

Bios Full Form Meaning in English

How to Access Bios in Computer?

To open Bios in your computer, you first have to see which computer you have because different keys are used to open Bios in every computer or laptop like :-

Company Keys
Acer F2
HP F10
Dell F2
Lenovo F1, F2
Sony F1, F2, F3
Samsung F2

Whichever company’s computer or laptop you have, you have to press the keys given above for it. Keep in mind, when you turn on the computer, before the logo appears in the computer, you have to keep pressing this key until the Bios does not open. Apart from this, the Bios of many computers are also opened with Esc and Del. If this key does not work then you can try that.

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Advantages of BIOS

  • Updating the BIOS will enhance overall performance & processing of computers.
  • The update handles compatibility problems.
  • For the user, it gives more command over his computer device.

Disadvantages of BIOS

  • BIOS often boots not in 32-bit or 64-bit safe mode but also in a 16-bit real way, and it isn’t always the fastest because of the type of chip used.
  • BIOS routines are typically unorganized, so OSs have their hardware schedules and drivers managed in the latest period.

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We hope with the help of this page you get all the answers regarding BIOS Full form (बायोस). Along with BIOS ka full form , here we have also tried to provide some additional information.

Here we have provided you complete information about BIOS Meaning Hindi and English. As the name speaks, BIOS (stands for Basic Input Output System) is one of the most important parts of a computer, and loading the operating system without BIOS is not feasible. If you have any kind of question or idea related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then we can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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