IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus 2022 Chemistry/Maths/Physics PDF-Weightage

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus

Qualified candidates in JEE Main are shortlisted for JEE Advanced. Complexity level of the entrance is high. So, you need to do preparation accordingly. IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus is available here that can help you to be aware of each and every topic, going to be used to design question paper. Go ahead and check Section Wise i.e. Chemistry/ Maths/ Physics Syllabus For JEE Advanced 2022 with Weightage from this page.


IIT JEE Advanced Exam Details:

Name of the ExaminationJoint Entrance Examination Advanced
Commonly Known AsJEE Advanced
Conducting AuthorityIIT Roorkee
Level of ExaminationNational
Category of ExaminationUndergraduate
Purpose of ExamAdmissions into IITs
Mode of ExaminationComputer Based Test (CBT)

JEE Advanced 2022 Exam Pattern

JEE Advanced Paper 1 Exam Pattern:

SubjectNo. of
Maximum marks
(Per question)

JEE Advanced Paper 2 Exam Pattern:

SubjectNo. of
Maximum marks
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IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus

JEE Advanced Syllabus PDF Download

JEE Advanced Physics Syllabus  Download
JEE Advanced Chemistry Syllabus Download
IIT JEE Advanced Maths Syllabus Download
JEE Advanced Architecture SyllabusDownload
Syllabus For JEE Advanced – OfficialLink
JEE Advanced OfficialLink

JEE Advanced Exam Syllabus

JEE Advanced Syllabus Of Physics

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus of General

  • Units and dimensions
  • dimensional analysis
  • least count
  • significant figures

IIT JEE Advanced 2022 Syllabus of Mechanics

  • Kinematics in one and two dimensions (Cartesian coordinates only), projectiles
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Relative velocity
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Inertial and uniformly accelerated frames of reference
  • Static and dynamic friction
  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • Work and power
  • Conservation of linear momentum and mechanical energy
  • Systems of particles
  • Centre of mass and its motion
  • Impulse
  • Elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Law of gravitation
  • Gravitational potential and field
  • Acceleration due to gravity
  • Motion of planets and satellites in circular orbits
  • Escape velocity.
  • Angular momentum
  • Torque
  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies with fixed axis of rotation
  • Rolling without slipping of rings, cylinders and spheres
  • Equilibrium of rigid bodies
  • Collision of point masses with rigid bodies.
  • Linear and angular simple harmonic motions.
  • Hooke’s law, Young’s modulus.
  • Pressure in a fluid
  • Pascal’s law
  • Buoyancy
  • Progressive and stationary waves
  • Vibration of strings and air columns
  • Resonance; Beats; Speed of sound in gases; Doppler effect (in sound).

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IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus for Thermal physics

  • Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases
  • Calorimetry, latent heat
  • Heat conduction in one dimension
  • Elementary concepts of convection and radiation
  • Newton’s law of cooling
  • Ideal gas laws
  • Equivalence of heat and work
  • Blackbody radiation: absorptive and emissive powers
  • Kirchhoff’s law; Wien’s displacement law, Stefan’s law.

Syllabus Of JEE Advanced for Electricity and magnetism

  • Coulomb’s law; Electric field and potential
  • Capacitance; Parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectrics
  • Capacitors in series and parallel; Energy stored in a capacitor.
  • Biot–Savart’s law and Ampere’s law
  • Magnetic field near a current-carrying straight wire, along the axis of a circular coil and inside a long straight solenoid
  • Force on a moving charge and on a current-carrying wire in a uniform magnetic field.
  • Magnetic moment of a current loop
  • Effect of a uniform magnetic field on a current loop
  • Moving coil galvanometer, voltmeter, ammeter and their conversions.
  • Electromagnetic induction: Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law; Self and mutual inductance; RC, LR and LC circuits with d.c. and a.c. sources.

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IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus PDF for Optics

  • Rectilinear propagation of light
  • Reflection and refraction at plane and spherical surfaces
  • Total internal reflection
  • Deviation and dispersion of light by a prism
  • Thin lenses; Combinations of mirrors and thin lenses, Magnification.
  • Wave nature of light: Huygen’s principle, interference limited to Young’s double-slit experiment.

JEE Advanced 2022 Syllabus PDF for Modern physics

  • Atomic nucleus; α, β and γ radiations
  • Law of radioactive decay
  • Decay constant; Halflife and mean life
  • Binding energy and its calculation
  • Fission and fusion processes
  • Energy calculation in these processes.
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Bohr’s theory of hydrogen-like atoms
  • Characteristic and continuous X-rays, Moseley’s law
  • de Broglie wavelength of matter waves.

JEE Advanced Chemistry Syllabus

IIT JEE Advanced 2022 Chemistry Syllabus for Physical

  • General topics
  • Gaseous and liquid states
  • Atomic structure and chemical bonding
  • Energetics
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Solid state
  • Solutions
  • Surface chemistry
  • Nuclear chemistry

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus for Inorganic Chemistry

  • Isolation/preparation and properties of the following non-metals
  • Preparation and properties of the following compounds
  • Transition elements (3d series)
  • Preparation and properties of the following compounds
  • Ores and minerals
  • Extractive metallurgy
  • Principles of qualitative analysis

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IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus of Organic chemistry

  • Concepts
  • Preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes
  • Preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes
  • Reactions of benzene
  • Phenols
  • Characteristic reactions of the following (including those mentioned above)
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino acids and peptides
  • Properties and uses of some important polymers
  • Practical organic chemistry

IIT JEE Advanced Maths Syllabus

IIT JEE Advanced 2022 Maths Syllabus

  • Algebra
  • Matrices
  • Probability
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical geometry
  • Differential calculus
  • Integral calculus
  • Vectors

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IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus For Architecture Aptitude Test

IIT JEE Advanced New Syllabus for Freehand drawing

This would comprise of simple drawing depicting the total object in its right form and proportion, surface texture, relative location and details of its component parts in appropriate scale. Common domestic or day-to-day life usable objects like furniture, equipment, etc., from memory.

JEE Advanced Paper Syllabus for Geometrical drawing

Exercises in geometrical drawing containing lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, etc. Study of plan (top view), elevation (front or side views) of simple solid objects like prisms, cones, cylinders, cubes, splayed surface holders, etc.

JEE Advanced Syllabus for Three-dimensional perception

  • Understanding and appreciation of three-dimensional forms with building elements, colour, volume and orientation.
  • Visualization through structuring objects in memory.

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus for Imagination and aesthetic sensitivity

  • Composition exercise with given elements.
  • Context mapping.
  • Creativity check through innovative uncommon test with familiar objects.
  • Sense of colour grouping or application.

JEE Advanced Exam Syllabus for Architectural awareness

General interest and awareness of famous architectural creations – both national and international, places and personalities (architects, designers, etc.) in the related domain.

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JEE Advanced Syllabus And Weightage

JEE Advanced Detailed Syllabus 2022 Weightage for Physics

Syllabus of JEE Advanced 2022 Physics Paper-1

Electromagnetic Induction21-22%
Modern Physics9-10%
Fluid Mechanics11-12%
Sound Waves4-5%
Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision6-7%
Alternating Current6-7%
Wave Motion and String Waves6-7%
Heat Transfer6-7%

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus For Paper-2 Physics

Alternating Current6-7%
Current Electricity6-7%
Measurement and Errors4-5%
Modern Physics4-5%
Rotational Dynamics29-30%
Wave Optics5-6%

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Weightage JEE Advanced Syllabus For Chemistry

IIT JEE Advanced Chapter Wise Weightage of Chemistry Paper-1

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids14-15%
Atomic Structure14-15%
Chemical Bonding4-5%
Organic Chemistry11-12%
Solid State4-5%
Coordination Compounds4-5%
Electrochemistry included in
JEE Advanced Syllabus Chemistry
P-Block Elements13-14%

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus For Paper-2 Chemistry

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers9-10%
Chemical Kinetics6-7%
Equilibrium in Physical and Chemical Processes6-7%
Haloalkenes and Haloarenes6-7%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen9-10%
P-Block Elements22-23%
Some P-Block Elements6-7%
Study of First Element: Hydrogen4-5%
Surface Chemistry6-7%

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IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus with Weightage: Mathematics

IIT JEE Advanced Paper 1 Syllabus With Weightage

Application of Derivatives14-15%
Definite Integral11-12%
Permutations and Combinations4-5%
Sequence and Series4-5%
Matrices included in
JEE Advanced Syllabus For Mathematics
Limits and Continuity6-7%
Complex Numbers6-7%

IIT JEE Advanced Paper 2 Syllabus of Maths & Weightage

TopicPaper-2 Weightage
3D Geometry20-21%
Application of Derivatives19-20%
Area of Bounded Regions6-7%
Definite Integrals13-14%
Differential Equations4-5%
Limits and Continuity6-7%
Matrices included in JEE Advanced
Mathematics Syllabus
Sets, Relations and Functions4-5%
Theory of Equations9-10%

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Final Words

Students may grab more details related to IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus 2022 by following the above mentioned link. For more updates related to the same or others, you are suggested to be in touch with us.

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