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PSC Question Papers 2018 Previous Years PSC Model Paper with Solutions

PSC Question Papers

Individuals, who want to Qualify PSC Exam, must check changes in PSC Question Papers. In India, PSC Entrance Exam is considered as one of the toughest examinations. So, it is not an easy task to crack PSC Exam.

Regarding this, we have given Previous Years PSC Model Paper with Solutions by which you can get idea of Question asking in Public Service Commission Exam. Along with PSC Question Papers 2018, some Previous Years PSC Question and Answers are also indicated on this page, so, go through it.

There are so many top Public Service Commissions in India which conducts recruitment examination time to time to recruit the talented ones. Now here on this page you will get the complete links about the PSC’s previous year question papers like, TNPSC, UPPSC, MPPSC, APPSC, MPSC etc.

So if you are preparing for any of the examination and searching for PSC Exam Model Question paper to prepare then you can get All State PSC Model Question Papers through the below provided table which are given by the experts of

PSC Question Papers

Aspirants who are searching for PSC Previous Years papers to prepare well for the Examination they need to press below given links. If you’re willing to know what new changes in PSC Question Papers 2018, you may go through this page and download PSC Model Paper with Solutions in PDF format.

PSC Model Question Paper free Download
TNPSC Group 2 Question PapersTNPSC Group (1/2/4)
TNPSC VAO Previous Question PapersKerala PSC Question Papers
BPSC Question PapersAPPSC Question Papers
JPSC Question PapersMPPSC Question Papers
UPSC NDARPSC Question Papers
UPSC IASUPSC Question Papers
UPPSC Solved PaperUPPSC Sample Papers

PSC Model Paper With Solutions

Many well known organizations, conduct different PSC examinations every year to hire the capable aspirants for various vacancies in different departments. Aspirants who are preparing for any of the PSC exam they need to check PSC Question Papers to prepare accordingly.

The PSC’s examination is measured the one of the toughest exam, there is a very tough competition also make this examination a tough to crack. So, to get success in such exam you must need a good strategy and its exact implementation along with PSC exam model question paper.

The Previous year model papers show the type of the questions being asked by the UPSC in prelim and main examination that is very useful for the applicants. Candidates can get an idea about which type of question would be asked in exam and changing trends, if any, of the syllabus.

Previous years question papers are also important from the practice point of view.  By help and solving these papers the students can check their self assessment about their speed and time management.

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Public Service Commission in India

Dear visitors, did you know that? Articles 315 to 323 in Part 14 of the foundation of India provide for the constitution of Public Service Commission for the merger and a Commission for all State. The similar set of Articles of the foundation also contract with the work, engagement and elimination of associate, power and functions and self-government of a Public Service Commission.

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Union Public Service Commission organizes exams for employment to all India services and superior Central services and to counsel the President on corrective matters, state PSC in each state to organizes exams for enrollment to state services and to recommend the governor on counteractive matters.

So, to prepare for PSC Examination, you must need model PSC question paper which is available on this page only. So, download PSC model question paper and answers, PSC LD clerk model question paper etc from here.

PSC Model Question Papers

Applicants, we’re informing that, selection in any commission will be based on their appearance in Public Service Commission exam and those who declared qualified in exams will only eligible to appear in further selection round that is Medical Test, Interview etc. So you may start your preparation through below listed model question paper PSC which is helpful to prepare for exam.

You can also get post wise PSC question paper model such as PSC university assistant model question paper, kerala PSC model question paper, PSC divisional accountant model question paper, PSC police constable model question paper and answer, PSC LDC model question paper etc by going through the links given here.

Basically the PSC Question paper assist in knowing the pattern of questions that could be asked in the examination and it is most useful for those who are preparing for any exams. Please have a look on some question and answers.

PSC Question and Answers

Ques 1. The Jain text which contains the biographies of the Tirthankaras is known as—

  1. Bhagwatisutra
  2. Uvasagadasao
  3. Adi Purana
  4. Kalpasutra

Ans: D

Ques 2. The propounder of the Madhyamika Philosophy was—

  1. Bhadrabahu
  2. Parshwanath
  3. Sheelbhadra
  4. Nagarjuna

Ans: D

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Ques 3. The battle between Alexander and Porus took place on the bank of river—

  1. Sutlej
  2. Ravi
  3. Jhelum
  4. Ganga

Ans: C

Ques 4. Alexander remained in India for—

  1. 29 months
  2. 39 months
  3. 19 months
  4. 10 months

Ans: C

Ques 5. Which of the following statements is not true ?

  1. Formal accession of Asoka was very probably delayed
  2. The fifth rock edict proves the existence of Harems of Asoka’s brothers
  3. Asoka held the viceroyalty of Taxila and Ujjain in the reign of Bindusara
  4. Asoka was the younger brother of Bindusara

Ans: D

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Ques 6. The first translator of Mahabharata into Tamil was—

  1. Perundevanar
  2. Kamban
  3. Sundaramurthi
  4. Bharavi

Ans: A

Ques 7. Who was the ambassador in the Court of Bindusara ?

  1. Machiavelli
  2. Megasthenes
  3. Deimachus
  4. Antiochus I

Ans: C

Ques 8. Which word does NOT belong with the others?

  1. inch
  2. ounce
  3. centimeter
  4. yard

Ans: B

Ques 9. Yen-Kao-Chen is generally known as—

  1. Kadphises I
  2. Kadphises II
  3. Kanishka
  4. Vasishka

Ans: B

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Ques 10. The writer of the ‘Brihatkatha’ was—

  1. Dattamitra
  2. Gudadhya
  3. Bhadrabahu
  4. Sarvavarman

Ans: B

Ques 11. A sum fetched a total simple interest of Rs. 4016.25 at the rate of 9 p.c.p.a. in 5 years. What is the sum?

  1. Rs. 4462.50
  2. Rs. 8032.50
  3. Rs. 8900
  4. Rs. 8925

Ans: D

Ques 12. If a person walks at 14 km/hr instead of 10 km/hr, he would have walked 20 km more. The actual distance travelled by him is:

  1. 50 km
  2. 56 km
  3. 70 km
  4. 80 km

Ans: A

Ques 13. The sum of ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?

  1. 4 years
  2. 8 years
  3. 10 years
  4. None of these

Ans: A

Ques 14. The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20% is:

  1. 40%
  2. 42%
  3. 44%
  4. 46%

Ans: C

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Ques 15. Who out of the following ousted Jainism from Mysore ?

  1. Naynars
  2. Lingayats
  3. Alwars
  4. Shankaracharya

Ans: D

Ques 16. If A is the brother of B; B is the sister of C; and C is the father of D, how D is related to A?

  1. Brother
  2. Sister
  3. Nephew
  4. Cannot be determined

Ans: D

Ques 17. The following works were written by Ziauddin Barani—

  1. Tarikh-i-Firozshahi and Qiranussadain
  2. Fatwa-i-Jahandari and Ashiqa
  3. Tarikh-i-Firozshahi and Fatwa-i-Jahandari
  4. Futuhus-salatin and Tarikhi-Firozshahi

Ans: C

Ques 18. Who wrote ‘Qanun-i-Humayuni’ ?

  1. Gulbadan Begum
  2. Yahya
  3. Khwandmir
  4. Nizamuddin

Ans: C

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Ques 19. With whom of the following Muhammad Ghori aligned against Khusrau Shah ?

  1. King of Gujarat
  2. King of Multan
  3. King of Peshawar
  4. King of Jammu

Ans: D

Ques 20. Who were the Nav Musalmans of the following ?

  1. Descendants of Mongols who settled near Delhi and embraced Islam
  2. Hindu converts to Islam
  3. Khalji Sultans
  4. Ilbari Sultans

Ans: A

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