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IBPS Clerk Salary 2023 After 7th CPC, Pay Scale, Promotion, Allowance

IBPS Clerk Salary

It’s a dream of enormous number of candidates to crack IBPS Recruitment Exam and get selected for clerical profile. So, if you are searching for new stated IBPS Clerk Salary 2023, pay package, incentives, bonus schemes and details of job, then you are absolutely at the right page.

Job seekers who are applying for IBPS clerk recruitment must know about IBPS clerk salary structure after 7th CPC.

IBPS Clerk Salary 2023 After 7th CPC, Pay Scale, Promotion, Allowance


The variation of IBPS Salary and Allowances as per the location :

IBPS Clerk Salary Structure – Divisions Amount paid to IBPS Clerk
Basic Pay Rs 19,900
Dearness Allowance Rs 5209.82
Travel Allowance Rs 757.08
Special Allowance Rs 4118
House Rent Allowance Rs 2039.75
Gross Pay Rs 32,024.65
Deduction allowed Rs 2570.98
Total IBPS Clerk Salary Rs 29,453.67/-

IBPS Clerk Promotions

Normal/Seniority based Process

Candidates should clear a written exam which is conducted internally to be promoted based on experience and seniority

Candidates in this process doesn’t require JAIIB and CAIIB Diploma

Merit/Fast track based Process

Candidates mandatorily require JAIIB and CAAIB Diploma from IIBF to become eligible to be promoted under this process.

IBPS Clerk Salary 2023

IBPS Clerk Salary 2023 In Hand:

Subsequent to appointment for IBPS Clerk, you will undergo training period. Here, you will learn all basic clerk job profile work. IBPS Clerk Salary in Hand: Rs 19,461.

Basic Pay Amount
Initial Basic IBPS Clerk Pay Scale Rs 19,900 with a yearly increment of Rs1000 for three years
Basic Pay after 3 years Rs 20,900, with a yearly increment of Rs 1230 for the next three years
Basic Pay after the next 3 years Rs 24,590, with a yearly increment of Rs 1490 for the next four years
Basic Pay after the next 4 years Rs 30,550, with a yearly increment of Rs 1730 for the next 7 years
Basic Pay after the next 7 years Rs 42,600, with a yearly increment of Rs 3270 for the next year
Basic Pay after the next 1 year Rs 45,930, with a yearly increment of Rs 1990 for the next year
Basic Pay after next year 1 year Rs 47,920 (maximum Basic Pay)

IBPS Clerk Salary Package

Component Places With Population
Above 45 lakhs Below 45 Lakhs
Basic Pay Rs. 11765/- Rs. 11765/-
Special Allowance Rs. 911.79/- Rs. 911.79/-
DA Rs. 5311.58/- Rs. 5311.58/-
CCA Rs. 0/- Rs. 0/-
Transport Allowance Rs. 425/- Rs. 425/-
Total (without HRA) Rs. 18413.37/- Rs. 18413.37/-
HRA Rs. 1176.5/- Rs. 1058.85/-
Gross with HRA Rs. 19589.87/- Rs. 19472.22/-

Banking sectors will offers a Basic Pay of 11765/-, Dearness Allowance 5311.58/-, and House Rent Allowance 1176.5/- for the entry level bank clerk. The total salary for a clerk is approximately Rs. 19589.87/- per month.

IBPS Clerk Salary After 7th Pay Commission:

Increment Initial Pay Scale Total Salary
15% Rs. 14,733/- Rs. 20,450/-.
20% Rs. 15,374/- Rs. 21,339/-
25% Rs. 16,015/- Rs. 22,228/
30% Rs. 16,655/- Rs. 23,117/-

IBPS Clerk Current Salary Structure

Criteria Metro Cities State Capital District Level and Rural
Basic Pay 7200.00 7200.00 7200.00
DA 6922.80 6922.80 6922.80
HRA 720 648 540
Gross with HRA 14842.80 14770.80 14662.80

IBPS Clerk New Salary Scale

Salary Of IBPS Clerk includes all these things.

Assets Starting Closing
Existing Basic Pay Rs. 11765 Rs. 31540
Revised Basic Pay Rs. 30000 Rs. 68900
Annual Increment – New 1500/3 – 1900/8 – 2400/8

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IBPS Clerk Salary After 11th Bipartite Settlement

  • We are expecting least 20% to 30% increment to this basic pay and at most we get 25% increment and its full-fledged details are as shown below:
  • If IBA agree for 20% increment, Final IBPS Clerk Basic Salary will be Rs.15,374. So, you acquire total 38.80% of DA & HRA on Basic Pay. So, total IBPS Bank Clerk Salary of fresher will be Rs.21,339/- (Worst Possible Scenario).
  • If IBA agree for 25% increment, Final Basic Pay will be Rs.16,015. So, total Gross Salary of Bank fresher Clerk will be Rs.22,228/- (Somewhat Good).
  • If IBA agree for 30% increment, Final IBPS Clerk Salary Per Month will be Rs.16,655. So, total Gross Salary of Bank fresher Clerk will be Rs.23,117/- (Good Settlement).

IBPS Clerk Salary and Promotion

On the basis of performance in bank, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) offers IBPS Clerk Salary Promotion from clerical cadre to officer level. Every year around 60,000 -70000 clerks appoint in PSBs. IBPS Clerk Salary Growth is basically effected on overall presentation in job. There are various stages of promotion which you may know.

IBPS Clerk Salary After 7th Pay:

  • Scale 1 – Officer / Assistant Manager
  • Scale 2 – Manager
  • Scale 3 – Senior Manager
  • Scale 4 – Chief Manager
  • Scale 5 – Asst. General Manager
  • Scale 6 – Deputy General Manager
  • Scale 7 – General Manager

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IBPS Clerk Salary and Allowance

Clerk in banksare entitled to receive allowances such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, and Transport Allowance in addition to IBPS Clerk VIII Salary. Starting Salary Of IBPS Clerk in most of the public and private sector banks is almost same.

Contenders will selected for the post of Clerk/PO/SO on the basis of their Marks record and personal conference. Here we are listing IBPS CWE Clerk Salary, allowances, perks Available to Bank Clerk. In addition to IBPS Clerk Salary Range / IBPS Clerk Salary after 5 years / IBPS Clerk Salary after 10 years, receives other allowances too.

IBPS Clerk Salary Allowances

Special Allowance Rs 4118/-
Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • DA is 4 per cent of the IBPS Clerk Basic Pay.
  • DA depends on the CPI and is revised quarterly, i.e. after every three months.
House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • The HRA depends on the location of the posting.
  • The HRA remains between s6.5% to 8.5% depending upon the location of the posting.
Travel Allowance (TA) Expenses on official tours and travels will be reimbursed by the bank.
Medical Allowance (MA)

This is paid once a year. For IBPS Clerks, the amount is fixed at Rs 2000/- annually.

#1.Basic Pay:

After completion of 1 year tune-up, BS will get 1 increment of Rs. 400/- As you get total 3 increment by the end of one year service, 2nd year increment will be 500 for next 3 years.

#2.Dearness Allowance (DA):

In banking sector, DA is revised on quarterly basis as per CPI declared. Dearness Allowance can go up with higher CPI and vice versa.

#3.Transport Allowance (TA):

It is also an added amount on IBPS Clerk take home salary.

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#4.House Rent Allowance (HRA):

Amount of House Rent Allowance varies as per Clerk’s place of posting. If you are running in metro cities HRA is 8.50%, some cities with population more than 5 lakh, it is 7.50% of Basic Pay.

#5.Medical Allowance:

This amount is paid once a year and for a clerk, it is fixed at Rs 2000 apart from IBPS Clerk Job Salary.

IBPS Clerk Work Profile – Scope & Promotions

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection ensures the growth of their human resources from clerical cadre post to officer’s post within a year on the basis of their performance. Through departmental exam/ JAIIB/ CAIIB, candidates can climb the IBPS Clerk Salary Promotion ladder. For the easiness of candidates, we have provided stages of promotion.

  • Bank Clerk
  • Officer/ Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Chief Manager
  • General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager

IBPS Clerk Career Growth:

  • JAIIB stands for – Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
  • CAIIB stands for – Certified Association of the Indian Institute of Bankers

IBPS Clerk Responsibilities

Clerk acts as a first point of contact for inquiries & guidance for customers. It is recognized as ‘Single Window Operator’. It is highly responsible for managing valuable task in bank. Have a look on clerk duties as well as responsibilities listed here.

  1. Highly responsible for handling deposits and cash withdrawals
  2. Manage charge of the drafts, receipt of cheques and pay orders etc
  3. Marketing financial products of Bank such as loans, mutual funds etc
  4. Maintain daily record of balance and ledger
  5. Ensure payment clearances, Issuing cheque books etc.

Which Exams Are Conducted By IBPS for Clerk Job Profile?

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection organizes CWE (Common Written Exam) for clerical recruitment. The IBPS Clerk exam will be conducted in two phases that are IBPS Preliminary Exam & IBPS Main Exam.

The CWE Clerk exam is organized to recruit qualified and dedicated contenders for IBPS Clerk Recruitment. So, applying contenders for IBPS CWE Clerk exam must know about IBPS Clerk Salary 2023 because it helps in knowing amount paid to clerk in banks.

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IBPS Clerk Salary 2023 FAQs

Question 1: What is the in-hand salary for an IBPS Clerk?

Answer: The In-Hand Salary for an IBPS Clerk at entry-level varies from Rs.28,000/- to Rs.30,000/- per month. However, the salary increases with the years in service.

Question 2: How can an IBPS Clerk get promoted to a higher level?

Answer: An IBPS Clerk gets promoted through two methods: Normal/Seniority process OR Merit-based/Fast track process.

Question 3: What are the benefits that an IBPS Clerk receives apart from the salary?

Answer: An IBPS Clerk gets the facility of DA, HRA, Medical, Travel, Transport Allowances to name a few.

Question 4: What is the basic pay for an IBPS clerk?

Answer: An IBPS Clerk has a basic pay of Rs 19,900/- while the maximum is Rs 47,920/-.

Important Note:

Aspirants who are willing to grab jobs in the banking sector may check IBPS Clerk Salary In Hand. Hope, you get all details about IBPS CWE Clerk Salary, BPS Clerk Pay Scale 2023

Stay connected with us to know more about IBPS Clerk Salary 2023. For any sort of query, ask in comment box placed below. Our expert team will sort out all your queries as early as possible.

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