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Amazon Interview Experience – Share Your Interview Stories With Others

Amazon Interview Experience

Hi friends! I am Deepak Garg and I want to share my Amazon Interview Experience for those who are applying against Amazon recruitment. This was a great Experience for me and I found this platform an ideal spot where you can Share Your Interview Stories With Others. Well, let’s discuss my interview experience…!!!

A Few people told me that Amazon was opening their branch in Yaletown. At that time, I am not interested but after some time I was decided to go for it and I applied for “web development engineer” and I thought that it was perfect match for me. After some time I met with an Amazon’s employee but I declined because I started my new job.

Finally, I go for Amazon interview in which there are 7 rounds from this first interview was on phone and other interview was on-site.

Phone Interview:

In morning, I made the call from the interviewer and he introduced as a Web Development Engineer from Seattle. Suddenly, I noticed Indian accent and became worried because I realized that I had trouble understanding him. After that, he said thanks to me for the interview, which was not expected. After that, we were proceeding for interview on collabedit. The interviewer tests my level of understanding of some key features:

  • java script,
  • understanding & application of CSS,
  • algorithmic implementation question and
  • About servers and HTTP.

Phone Interview Tips

I was given all answers to the interviewer, but on the other side, I felt that there this some misunderstanding between poor phone connection and the foreign accent. After that, my phone interview was ended and overall it was a good experience for me. After some time, another interviewer emails me that selected me to go on-site interviews.

First On-Site Interview:

At 10:15am, my first interview was started. In this interview, I was not that much nervous regarding that I got an offer or not and I was sitting with a stranger in a room and I need to write a code on the whiteboard. But after some time interviewer gave me an algorithmic problem related to an integral part of Amazon’s marketplace portal and I wrote my problem in JavaScript.

At last, I was selected for second on-site interview.

Second On-Site Interview:

In the second interview, the interviewer picks me and we both were going for lunch. This recruiter was a developer on the team, but he was temporarily acting as a manager. didn’t give a preference so he took me to a local sandwich store. The interviewer asked me that you seemed confused that you were applied for the position in Vancouver, but you are interviewing for a post in Seattle.

Why Should We Hire You?

He asked me many questions regarding my past technical challenges which I saw, technical experience and said to give details on some of the most architectural solutions which I have implemented and also discussed the trade-offs between other solutions and our overall discussion was good but there was a less time to answer the questions.

Third On-Site Interview

The third interview was not based on writing code. This interviewer was a manager of major team. In this interview I got algorithm question and I answer very quickly, but I was still in thought that the answer was wrong or right.

I told him that it was a best solution but I was still thinking if there could be a better way to do. We both discussed potential trade-offs in a different algorithms and he decided that my answer is efficient. At last, I also asked some questions on Amazon’s business and core values.

Fourth On-Site Interview:

In this interview there are 2 recruiters; from this one interviewer was new to Amazon. Both interviewers check my skills and understanding how browsers handle various things in CSS /HTML. After that, they gave me screenshot of a new release and said me to write HTML/CSS for whole page.

After fourth interview, I proceed for my fifth interview.

Common Interview Mistakes

Fifth On-Site Interview:

In my Fifth Amazon Interview, interviewer said me to give

  • Difference between 2 implementations in JavaScript and explain me the cases of each.
  • Wrote JS/HTML/CSS for a webpage and in this I have to give main focus on modular code.
  • After that, he checks the low level of understanding that how browsers handled DOM and I need to apply that from scratch.

Sixth Interview:

Finally, it was my last interview. This interview was with a lead interviewer from Vancouver who came to Seattle for interviewing me. He said that I received great feedback about you and they were excited to move forward. After that, recruiter spent 35-40 minutes writing on the whiteboard about the details of the position which include performance bonus, signing bonus, equity options etc.

Then, we came out and he told me that the squad in Vancouver was good employees. He said that when you accept the offer letter, we took you back around 3 weeks for training because the office of Vancouver was small.

At the end I said that my overall experience was great and I learn so many things from this interview. To crack Amazon interview you must have leadership qualities, good communication skills, knowledge on Algorithms and Data Structures.

So guys! This is Deepak garg who shared overall Amazon Interview Experience on our web portal which is And we hope that this Experience will definitely help you and you get some knowledge and ideas about Amazon interview. You can give your views about this Experience or you can also share your Experiences on this page.

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