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AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers | AP EdCET Model, Sample Paper 2018

AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers

At the time of preparing for the AP EdCET Examination, taking a look over the AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers is not a bad choice. The AP EdCET Model papers helps candidates in getting an idea regarding the type of questions going to be raised in the examination. Furthermore after solving the AP EdCET Sample Paper 2018 and the AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers 2018 candidates can get assured about the level of their preparation and can also improve it. The AP EDCET Previous Papers contains all those questions that are asked in examination in previous years.

The authorities of AP EDECET make the AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers 2018 available on the official website so that candidates can easily get to know about the questions that are important from examination point of view and also can estimate about the type of questions to be asked in further examination. Candidates who are interested in availing the AP EdCET ModelPaper 2018 may visit the official website i.e. and can follow the instructions given in the below section of this page of

AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers

How to get AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers?

  • Log on to the official website i.e.
  • After reaching the homepage select and hit on AP EDCET link
  • A new page will come out along with a box as:
  • Select and hit on Exam papers link
  • A new page will come out along with various AP EDCET Previous Paperslinks
  • Select and hit on appropriateAP EDCET Previous Papers Courselink
  • Once you hit a new page will come out in the form of PDF along with the AP EDCET Previous Question Papers
  • Check out the AP EDCET exam paper and download it
  • At last take a print out of AP EDCET Previous Papers 2018 or download it for preparation usage

Get below>>AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers


AP EdCET Previous Year Question/Model, Sample Paper


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Just as tall men are often the most gentle so are big trees the most friendly. The banyan is possibly the biggest and friendliest of all our trees. We do not see many banyan trees in our cities now-a-days. These trees like to have plenty of space in which to spread themselves. But in our over crowded cities, where there is barely enough living space for people, banyan trees do not have much of a chance. After all, a full grown banyan tree takes up as much space as a three storeyed building. The banyan trees have what are called “aerial roots’ that is its branches drop to the ground, take roots again and send out more branches on their own. Therefore, after some years, the tree forms a forest of its own. No wonder the banyan tree was chosen to stand for the matted hair of Siva.

Question 1. According To The Passage, The Banyan Trees Are Compared To

  1. The Biggest Trees
  2. Gentle Tall Men
  3. Friendly Big Trees
  4. The Space They Occupy

Question 2.The Problem Of Over Crowded Cities Is

  1. No Enough Space For Trees
  2. No Space To Spread Trees
  3. No Enough Living Space For People
  4. Banyan Trees Have No Space To Grow

Question 3. A Full Grown Banyan Tree Spreads Similar To The Space Of

  1. Aerial Roots
  2. OverCrowded Cities
  3. Tall Men Who Are Gentle
  4. A Three Storeyed Building

Question 4. Aerial Roots Are

  1. Roots That Grow Upwards And Became Branches
  2. Trees That Become A Forest
  3. Roots Found On The Branches Of Trees
  4. Branches That Drop To The Ground And Become Roots

Question 5.   It Is Not Surprising To See The Banyan Tree Stands For

  1. Tall Men
  2. Overcrowded Cities
  3. Hair OfSiva
  4. A Forest

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Question 6. A Notice Of Dismissal From Employment Is

  1. Red Carpet
  2. Yellow Flag
  3. Purple Patch
  4. Pink Slip

Question 7. The Idiom ‘Cold Blood’ Means

  1. Indifferently Deliberately
  2. Deliberately
  3. Unintentionally
  4. InAnger

Question 8. Choose The Rightly Spelt Word:

  1. Arguement
  2. Indispinsable
  3. Hierarchy
  4. Guarentee

Question 9.  Fill In The Blank With Correct Conjunction

In Every Country People Imagine – They Are The Best

  1. That
  2. Which
  3. But
  4. Since

Question 10. The Antonym Of The Word ‘Profuse’ Is

  1. Abundant
  2. Lavish
  3. Scanty
  4. Generous

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Question 11. Few People Attended The Meeting’ The Correct Tag For The Statement Is

 1. Didn’t They?

2. Do They?

3. Weren’t They?

4. Did They?

Question 12. The Synonym Of The Word ‘Wane’ Is

  1. Revive
  2. Decline
  3. Dispense
  4. Wax

Question 13. Fill In The Blank With The Right Verb:

When The Villages Were Attacked, They Were      To Violent Acts.

  1. Raised
  2. Roused
  3. Rose
  4. Rise

Question 14. Fill In The Blank With Suitable Proposition

She Dropped The Coins_      The River

  1. Into
  2. At
  3. In
  4. After

Question 15. Fill Is The Blank With Correct Word:

I Had Hardly Finished My Dinner _ You Came

  1. So
  2. But
  3. When
  4. While

Start From Here:

Question 16. Find Out The Passive Voice Sentence From The Given Sentences.

  1. Please Do My Work
  2. Children Are Playing Is The Field
  3. Come To Meet Me On Sunday
  4. Let The Money Be Paid

Question 17. He Said, “Is Anyone There?”

The Correct Form Of The Reported Speech Is

  1. He Said That Was Anyone There
  2. He Wished To Know If Anyone Was There
  3. He Asked Whether Was Anyone There
  4. He Wished Is Anyone There

Question 18. Choose The Correct Sentence

  1. Put Out The Light
  2. Put In The Light
  3. Put For The Light
  4. Put With The Light

Question 19.The Rose Is Not The Most Beautiful Flower’. The Comparative Degree Of The Statement Is

  1. Very Few Flowers Are As Beautiful As The Rose
  2. No Other Flower Is As Beautiful As The Rose.
  3. The Rose Is More Beautiful Than Some Other Flowers.
  4. The Rose Is More Beautiful They Many Other Flowers

Question 20.The Sentence Is Divided Into Six Parts. The First And Last Parts Are Numbered 1 And

The Remaining Parts Are Named P,Q,R, And S. Rearrange The Parts P, Q, R And S To Form Meaningful Sentences.

1) Hobbies Can Fill Our Spare

P :Physical Fatigue, And

Q : Moments With Enjoyment

R : And Pleasure, They Also Relieve

S : Mental Tiredness And Do Not Hinder Our Regular Work.

  1. RQPS
  2. SQPR
  3. PQSR
  4. QRSP

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Question 21.The Antonym Of The Word ‘Vivacious’ Is

  1. Languid
  2. Vital
  3. Wild
  4. Energetic

Question 22.Pick Out The Word To Complete The Sentence: A Thing Kept In Memory Of An Event Is A/An

  1. Archieves
  2. Morgue
  3. Souvenir
  4. Hanger

Question 23. “To Slow The White Features” Means

  1. Show Fear And Cowardliness
  2. Show Love And Affection
  3. Show Eagerness
  4. Show Success And Happiness

Question 24. On Knowing Her Results, LathaIs On Cloud Nine. It Means That LathaIs

  1. In Great Sorrow
  2. In Extreme Happiness
  3. Moving To Ninths Floor
  4. In A Confusion

Question 25.   I Often Visit My Parents. The Underlined Word Is

  1. Noun
  2. Adjective
  3. Conjunction
  4. Adverb

Final Note:

Candidates willing to avail more details about AP EdCET Previous Year Question Papers may also go through this Official Link. Candidates having any query regarding the details given here on this page may bookmark it by using CTRL+D tab

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