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APJ Abdul Kalam Contribution Towards Science, Education & Society

APJ Abdul Kalam Contribution

A great scientist, teacher, and India’s President APJ Abdul Kalam was a charming personality of our nation. He has done many things to improve the living standard of India. It is not easy to write few lines on such a great person, but on this page I am going to show a light over APJ Abdul Kalam Contribution towards Science, Education & Society.

APJ Abdul Kalam Contribution

APJ Abdul Kalam Contribution towards Science

He has huge part of his hand in the improvement of science technologies as a great scientist. Here are some of his launches, inventions and searches done by him in the world of science and technology. Let’s have a look:

India’s first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle

India, once dreamt of its own satellite and Kalam made it possible for us with his efforts, dedication and hard work. This mission of making India’s first satellite was named as SLV Programme. SLV III injected Rohini satellite in the near earth orbit in July 1980 which made India an exclusive Space Club member.

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Project Director for Two Missile Projects

Soon after the successfully completion of SLV Programme, he became the Project Director for two missile projects named as Project Devil and Project Valiant, which was started with the aim to develop ballistic missiles from the technology of the successful SLV programme. Well, in 1980 the projects were unsuccessfully discontinued, but it later gave development to Prithvi missile.


Dr. Kalam and Soma Raju, a well-known cardiologist, they brought up a rugged tablet computer in 2012 which was made with the specializations to take care of the health of underprivileged people in rural India. This project helps the government of India fight with many health issues.

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Kalam Contribution Towards Education

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam also put his efforts in the world of education. He dreamt of India becoming the city of most educated people. He wants that each and every citizen of India must be educated and improve the standard of living and thinking of whole world.

Here are some aims of Kalam which were all related to education of upcoming youth of India.

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Kalam’s Aims of Education:

  • To build confidence among children to face the future
  • To  enlighten and empower citizens to contribute towards healthy nation building
  • To build character and to cultivate human values in students
  • To encourage creativity and to develop scientific attitude with spiritual foundation
  • To develop capacity for research and enquiry among students.
  • To unfold innovating powers and entrepreneurship
  • To develop moral leadership
  • To make the country energy independent
  • To develop the sense of dignity, self-respect and self-reliance among students

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Important Factors of Education for APJ Abdul Kalam:

Below mentioned are some of the factors which, Kalam suggested as the most important mantras to attain better education.

  • Capacities to be built among students
  • Planning for good education for children in villages
  • Mission of education
  • Inequality of access to educational resources
  • Mobilising resources for the mission of education
  • Reducing Dropouts
  • Technology Enhanced Education

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Dr. Kalam Contribution Towards Society

APH Abdul Kalam research and educational leadership took him towards the massive success and admiration in 1980s, which motivated the government to begin a cultured missile program under his presidency. Being the president of India he gave his huge part of time towards the welfare of the societies in India.

He used to visit the schools and colleges to give speech and motivate students to get education and use it in improving their societies itself. He not only provides his ideas to them but also give time to listen the ideas students have to get rid of pathetic society. Also, he has given all his savings, salaries and other incomes to one of the trust he founded named PURA that is Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas.

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APJ Abdul Kalam

After spending decades in welfare of India, he became India’s most inspiring personality. He spend whole of his life towards our nation and society. He was also known as the Missile Man of India. He too played a crucial managerial, technical and political role in India’s Pokhran-II nuclear tests in the year 1998, the initial as the unique nuclear test by India in the year 1974.

In addition to APJ Abdul Kalam Contribution towards Science, Education & Society, he was also awarded with numberless awards including The Bharat Ratna, India’s leading civilian honour. He played a very important role in our social and political lives of our country. We greet and admire the contribution and all the efforts done by the great personality of our nation.

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