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CMAT Sample Paper | Mock Test| Model Question Paper| Download PDF

CMAT Sample Paper

  • Candidates who are going to appear for Common Management Aptitude test can download CMAT Sample Paper from here. Candidates can get the Model Question Paper in the pdf form.
  • The entire questions are selected for the Mock Test by the experts of the Candidates who want to crack this exam with the good score should prepare for their exam with the help of these questions.

How To Apply For CMAT

CMAT Sample Paper

1) A person invested Rs 1,00,000 at 8% simple interest for 5 years and reinvested the amount received at 10% simple interest for 2 years. What was the final amount received by him?

2) A 100 liters spirit water solution contains 75% spirit. Find the amount of water to be added to convert it into 60% spirit solution.

3) Ajay started a firm with a capital of Rs 28,000. After 5 months, Boman joined him and invested Rs 40,000 in the firm. Chirag was also added as a new partner with an individual investment of Rs 56,000 after 7 months of commencement. If at the end of the year, the profit of the firm is Rs 32,000, what is the share of Boman?

4) The price of a machine increases by 20% in a year and decreases by 15% in the following year. What is net percentage increase/decrease in the price of the machine?

5) When two students of a class with strength of 40 students were expelled, the average age of the class which was 18 years did not change. If one of the students was 14 years old, what was the age (in years) of the second student?

6) If the natural numbers starting from 1 are written one after the other to form a 121-digit number, then what will be the last digit of the resultant number?

7) Four tables and 3 chairs cost  Rs 3,200 whereas  5 tables and 7 chairs cost  Rs5,300. What is the price of a table?

8) The average of 5 numbers is 150. The largest number exceeds the smallest number by 100. If the five numbers are in arithmetic progression, find the smallest number.

09) Find the volume of water (in litres) that is flowing through a cylindrical pipe of diameter 14 meters in a minute, if water is flowing at the rate of 30 km per hour.

10) Find the number of ways in which 14 persons can sit on 14 chairs such that 3 particular persons always sit together.

11) The numbers P and Q when divided by a certain divisor leave remainders 32 and 19 respectively. When P + Q is divided by the same divisor, the remainder is 13. What is the divisor?

12) A jar contains 36 liters solution of milk and water in the ratio of 5 : 7 respectively. Out of this, 24 liters solution is taken out and replaced with water. What is the quantity of water (in liters) present in the final solution?

13) The difference between the third and the first term of a geometric progression is 3. If the first term and the common ratio are positive integers, then find the sum of the first three terms of the progression?

14) When the digits of a two-digit number are reversed, the number increases by 27. How many values the number can assume?

15) Out of 460 employees in an organization, 240 employees are MBA, 160 are B.Tech. and 45 are both MBA and B.Tech. How many employees are neither MBA nor B.Tech.?

16) In a family of 7 members – A, B, C, D, E, F and G – there are two married couples. A is the granddaughter of B, who is the father of C. D is the brother-in-law of F. E is the mother of G, who is the mother of A. C and F are siblings. How will A address C?

17)1,200 at 5% per annum compound interest amounts to `1,323 in

18) Five students Abhay, Baruni, Chirag, Disha and Erman have completed their MBA from five differentinstitutes IIMB, IIML, MDI, JBIMS and SIES, not necessarily in the same order. Each of them is now working with a different company A, B, C, D and E. Chirag is working with company D but he has done MBA neither from MDI nor from IIML. Erman has done MBA from JBIMS and is working with company B. Baruni has done MBA from IIMB and Abhay is working with company C. Who is MBA from SIES?

19) In a marriage, Ram saw a girl and told his father that the girl was the granddaughter of the father of the only child of the lady whom he addressed as grandmother. How is the girl related to Ram?

20) A is to the South of B who is to the East of C. E is to the East of D who is to the North of C. What is the direction of D with respect to A?

21) Find the next term in the series: B6D, C9F, E15J, H24P, ____

22) In a marriage, Ram saw a girl and told his father that the girl is the granddaughter of the father of the only child of the lady whom I address as grandmother. How is the girl related to Ram?

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