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10 Most Common Interview Mistakes | How to Avoid Them during Interview

Common Interview Mistakes

An interview is a conversation where questions are asked by interviewer and answers are given by interview. Usually peoples do some mistakes at the time of Interview. Here are the 10 Most Common Interview Mistakes, blunders, and errors that a candidate can make for employment. So, here we have given Common Interview Mistakes along with How to Avoid Them during Interview.

Common Interview Mistakes

Make your First Impression

As, it has been said by someone, that the first impression is the last impression.  All the individuals who are going to attend interview are suggested that they should be polite and well dressed in a formal dress as this mistake is mainly done by the candidates. If your first impression is bad then it is not good for your next process.

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Not Researched about Company:

In general way, all the appliers are advised that they have to do home work about the company. Here home work means that they must have investigate about the organization, their working, its market position and other important key points, its features, etc.

This shows that the applicants are serious about the job. If interviewer will ask you any question about the company and you will not answer then is the bad impression. So, must search about company before appearing in Interview.

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Arriving late

At the time of Interview, several interviews arriving late and this is the bad impression on interviewer. Since job candidates often have various interviews with different managers/ HODs who have planned back to back, two things could happen when you show up late: either your first interview gets reduced, or you have many interviewers’ programs Interrupted.

Arriving too early

On the flip side, arriving too early for interview can also irritate a hiring manager. Yes, it is important to arrive at least 10 minutes early. But if you come for interview more than 15 minutes early then it is also a Common Interview Mistake. So, arrive on time for Interview.

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Avoid Being Rude

At the time of Interview, individuals show their politeness in their conversation with the interviewer and candidates are advised that they do not act so relaxed and unworried that you have not much requirement of job.

You should make the interviewer feel that you are eager to get a job and out of the many applicants you are the one who want the job most. Excitement or showing rude behavior in presenting your view at the time of Interview it makes a negative impact on the employer.

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Talking Too Much

Do not talk too much at the time of Interview because there is nothing much worse than interviewing someone who goes on and on and on. Don’t be emotional and do not tell your life story at the time of Interview because the interviewer really doesn’t need to know your whole life story. You answer should be succinct, to-the-point and focused. If you will able to avoid this Common Interview Mistakes then interviewer will really impress with you.

Avoid saying too little/too much

Communication gap which takes place between the interviewer and candidate is that when the question is asked from the candidate, he/she should not hesitate while answering. One should feel confident while answering the question. Candidates must give the answer in the proper, logical and short way.

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Ignoring signal from the interviewer

Candidates must listen and understand to the interviewers very carefully that what they want to tell. Throughout the conversation, interviewers may provide valuable clues/ signals as to what they are appearing for in candidates, allowing you to adapt your answers to their requirements.

Lack of Confidence:

Many candidates lack the confidence level. Employers want their employees who can stand up with their own feet and can represent the name of the company. This is the reason why most employers look for applicants who have what it takes.

Being Confident does not mean that you neglect the interviewer talks. Listen to the interviewer carefully and present your points or answers in a logical way.

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Using Your Phone during the Interview

One of the most Common Interview Mistakes is Using Phone during the Interview. Before you get to your interview, silence your phone. Don’t answering the calls (and certainly don’t make calls!) during the interview.

Failing to take the opportunity to ask questions

Usually after the interview starts to wind down interviewer asks the candidate if he or she has any questions. It is in your best interest to ask questions and clear you doubts about the job —not asking any can make you appear as though you are not too interested in the position.

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How to Avoid Them during Interview?

It is easy to make a mistake as sometime we don’t know that we are doing mistake but in the some way we make Common Interview Mistakes that leads us in great problem. The mistakes we do at the time of interview greatly affect our career planning.

Some people wonder what mistakes they did and why they failed to get a particular job. Fact is that most of the time the reasons are simple that most people think. Here we are going to tell you the some common Interview mistakes which are made by the candidates during Interview.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare for your next interview but it takes a lot of time to get an interview in first place. So while going for interview candidate should keep all these points in mind regarding Common Interview Mistakes only than we will be able to clear the interview.

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