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5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams | Tips to Avoid Them

5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams

Here below we have listed 5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams and Tips to Avoid Them. As exams put us in an uncomfortable amount of pressure, making us feeling as the entire sum of our education is leading up to this one chance to prove ourselves.

5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams

Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

Careless Mistakes are a huge problem for many students. It might happen through overconfidence, or a tricky question which you did not fully understand. Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce your careless mistakes.

The stress and pressure of the exam situation can lead the student to make some silly mistakes that will reduce their marks. By remaining calm and planning carefully you can avoid losing your marks.

Students who are preparing for any competitive exam or going to appear in any exam can check the5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams and Tips to Avoid Them which is provided below by the team of

5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams

1) Not Reading The Question Properly

Mistake: In the high-pressure environment of the exam room students usually don’t read the question carefully.If you don’t read a question carefully then your mind set that the question is asking you something that it’s not – leading you to write a completely different essay that doesn’t answer the actual question you’ve been set

Tip: Read the question very carefully, and then read it again. To help you thoroughly absorb exactly what the question is asking, you can circle or underline important words to keep you on track – instructional words such as “compare and contrast”, for example.

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2) Leaving The Easiest Questions Until Last

Mistake: Usually students solve difficult questions first, leaving the easy questions for the last. But it’s not a good idea. Students start with the difficult questions as they have to gain more marks but they fails to answer them well as well as the easier ones, therefore gaining fewer marks.

Tip: If you’ve identified questions you think you can answer relatively easily, do them first.So, work through the exam paper and get as many marks as you can from the questions you find more straightforward, and tackle the trickier ones later.

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3) Leaving Multiple Choice Questions Blank

Mistake: Multiple Choice Questions are the easiest to solve as you only have to tick the right answer among the options. If you don’t know the answer, you can deduce it by working out which answers are less likely to be the right one. Some students lose out on easy marks by not putting any answer at all for the questions they don’t know the answer.

Tip: As you are not going to lose any marks for an incorrect answerand the chances are one in fourso you may as well make a guess at the questions for which you don’t know the answers. There’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll get an extra mark, which is definitely a chance worth taking!

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4) Leaving The Exam Room Early

Mistake: Sometimes you’ve worked very efficiently, or found the exam easymay steam through it with time to spare. Some students at this point make a mistake of leaving the exam room early. Once you leave it, it’s too late – you can’t go back in for something you thought of including in hindsight.

Tip: Even if you finish early, use that extra time at the end to read through your answers and make sure that you’ve answered them to the best of your abilities. As you read through what you’ve written, you may find that additional points occur to you that would be worth including.

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5) Running Out Of Time

Mistake: Most of the students spend too long on the first few questions and not leaving enough time to finish, meaning an incomplete final essay.Timing is crucial in an exam, and must be carefully rationed, as you’ll have a lot to get through in a very short space of time.

Tip: From past paper you can calculate how long you have to answer each question, including factoring in a couple of minutes at the start and end for planning and checking. There should be a clock in the exam room, so play close attention to it and stick rigidly to the time you have available for each question.

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Significant Words:

If you want to get better marks in exam then you have to improve your careless mistakes. For this you may check out this page efficiently to know 5 Common Mistakes which Reduces Marks in Competitive Exams.

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