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How To Write A Cover Letter – 10 Tips For Writing A Good Cover Letter

How To Write A Cover Letter

Cover letter is essential as resume to explain your skills for the desired positions. One must know How to Write a Cover Letter. Here are 10 tips For Writing a Good Cover Letter so that it may explain your skills in more attractive way to the employer.

Candidates applying for a job frequently send a cover letter along with their resume or CV. It is a way of introduction to the evaluators of the organization which you have applied for. Employers usually look for the cover letters which are well designed and are written in easy and understandable language.

This Is Why You Need a Cover Letter

Cover letter is a short summary which explains about you and on which an employer goes before your resume. It is necessary to write cover letter because it is the thing which tells about you, highlights your skills, Strengths and abilities.

The most important thing they understand through your cover letter is that why should they hire you. Resume can never stand alone to explain them that how much you are serious for the opportunity that the employers have provided you.

How to Write a Cover Letter

10 Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

Tip: 1 Best Cover Letter:

As cover letter clearly reflects what you want, so it is important to select correct cover letter to apply for specific openings. There are many types of cover letters which are perfect to send to the organization for a job. But you should always select that type of cover letter which is Suitable For The Job You Are Applying.

Tip: 2 Don’t Revise Your Resume:

Your cover letter must not be as same as your resume. It must contain less and most important things about you. You should select two to three skills which you want to highlight in front of the employers. You may demonstrate some incidents you have used those skills in your work.  Do not copy anything from the resume, it will be less effective and employer will not be interested in your application.

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Tip:3 Be At the Point:

You must never start with your name as it is already mentioned in your resume. Just mention your skills and what you can bring to an organization. Yes you can start with the name of hiring manager if you know it. Never use dear, sir or madam; it will not be genuine to address the hiring person.

Don’t Start With:
“My name is _____”. Your name is already in the contact details!
“To whom it may concern”
Do start with:
“Mr. (name of the hiring person) or getting straight to the point”!!
Some More Examples Are:
I’m thrilled to be applying for the open ____ position at (name of the organization)
I’m writing to apply for the new and exciting role at (name of the organization)

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Tip: 4 Focus On First and Last Line:

Never write stories in the first paragraph. Try to make a reason of writing it clearly. Write your abilities and skills which make you better. End with the lines of call or inform regarding the meeting or interview and also inform them that you will be in touch whenever required.

You can also end by saying
“You will reach back out to the team for updates on your application over an email”

Tip: 5 Talk About Organization:

Before writing a cover letter you must do a little research about the organization in which you are applying for a job. Genuinely tell them about the things you are impressed of and what attracts you towards them. You need to have a research of at least last 5 years of the company records to make their organization more established.

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Tip: 6 Provide Evidence Of Your Qualities:

You must know the qualities what that organization is searching for. These qualities should be already mentioned in your resume. You should not briefly explain your qualities; instead use some examples and suitable numbers to demonstrate them easily.

You should briefly explain that why should they choose what will be benefits for their organization if they choose you. You can tell them about your working experience and more other thing if you have ever worked as a team leader.

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Tip: 7 Reveal Your Personality:

You must try to explain your personality and tell them that how motivated and enthusiastic you are. Never use negative words like no never or not. Try to use acting verbs to explain your skills like analyzed, clarified, collaborated etc.

Don’t write
I’m a quick starter with bundles of enthusiasm and real team player. I’m also really hard working, have excellent interpersonal skills, and am also highly motivated. At my past job I provide lectures in the college andwas considered highly successful.
  • Blue: Cliched sentences
  • Orange: Generic
  • Pink: Boring
You Can Use: Analyzed, Clarified, Collaborated, qualified and more genuine words.

Tip: 8 Applicable and Brief:

Your cover letter must attract the hiring person on your applicable experience mentioned in your resume. Without any doubt, you must know that your cover letter is a thing through which you can draw a positive pen picture of yourself in the mind of hiring person. Make sure that your cover letter never consist more than a page to explain yourself. You should write all the points in the proper way but in short, which will be more effective.

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Tip: 9 Contact Details:

Your cover letter is the only medium through which that company can get a source to contact you. So you are advised to give your contact details correctly and carefully. If you want that the organization should contact you as soon as possible then give all the information which can be necessary at the time of interview call like your contact number, email address etc.

Tip: 10 Good Presented and Signed Cover Letter:

Check your cover letter once before finalizing it. See that there should be not typing or spelling errors in it. It must be written in good and perfect format. And at last it should be signed by you, as this is the only thing in which you can provide your sign. Cover letter with good presentation and no mistakes will definitely attract the hiring person.

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Your Format Should Be Equivalent To Below:


  • Left and Right – Should always be equal. Never below 0.7″, and never above 1.15″
  • Top – Never below 0.5″, and never above 0.65″
  • Bottom – Never above 1.0″, never below 0.6″

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Sample Cover Letter Image

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A good cover letter compels the employer to read your application thoroughly with interest.  So all the above tips are making you understand the tricks to write a perfect cover letter. You can include your own attractive methods and make it more interesting and accurate for the specific job you are applying.

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