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Do you forget answers during Exam?

Most of the students have exam phobia due to the fear of failure. The reason for this is the improper preparation during the time of examination. Exams become stressful for students whether it is board exam or other competitive examination for admission or recruitment. So only proper preparations can make sure the students to perform well in exams. To be successful in examination one has to pay full attention toward it. Exams should not be fearful for students because exams are being taken to test the student ability or attention for their studies.

Every student knows that memory is important in learning and many students also blame their memory if they have problem in learning or forget answers while examination. Every student dream of a bright future ahead and having a healthy memory is helpful in fulfilling our dream.

Students should concentrate on their study material first and while studying the TV should be switch off. Do your study in silent room facing towards wall so that you can concentrate on our study more precisely and our mind does not get divert for other things.

Useful Memory tips

Tips for preparing Exam
  • Firstly we should prepare our time table set time for every subject. By preparing time table we will get aware how much time to set aside for each subject.
  • Through time table you will be able to do regular studies and it will able you to complete in time.
  • When you are studying try to use abbreviations to remember a lot of information and facts.
  • While reading we should speak loudly and after reading we should write our topic at least 2 times.
  • After studying for 2 hours we should take rest for half an hour, in the test time we can listen music or do anything we want.
  • We should take first revision within 24 hours and second revision within a week. This process of revision will be helpful in increasing the learning power and an ability to remember what we learn.
  • When we get tired we should take a deep breath or we can do exercise and pranayam to refresh our mind.
  • Always ask your problems from your teacher. Do not hesitate to get help from them.

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