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English Improvement Tips, Books, English Speaking Tips

English is one of the most used languages in the world. If you want to get success in any field and have a good command over English, you will be given preference. Here we will provide you some tips to improve your English.

Listen carefully:

  • Only a good listener can be a good learner and speaker. So try to listen, either its English news or movies or a lecture.
  • Try to notice how they pronounce words, and try to correct yourselves afterwards.

English Language Quiz

Read Loudly:

  • If you want to speak English fluently, then exercise your tongue. Just take an English magazine or newspaper and read the articles loudly and pronounce correctly.
  • If you are not sure about pronunciation then use Oxford Dictionary or find it on internet.

How to Improve Communication Skills in English

Don’t Hesitate:

  • If you perform the last step daily for half an hour for one month, you will get rid of hesitation in speaking English.
  • Try to speak to your teachers, lectures or professors in English. Don’t leave any opportunity of speaking in English.

How to Prepare English for Competitive Exams

Improve your vocabulary:

  • Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of any language. You can only express your thoughts into words if you know enough words.
  • So try to learn new words on daily basis. You can never learn all words, so keep this practice going on.

How to Improve English Speaking Fluency, Grammar, and Vocabulary

Improve Grammar:

  • Good grammar is very important in both, writing and speaking.
  • However it’s a basic thing that you learn in school, but never hesitate in correcting your error. Ask some expert if you feel that your sentence is not correct.

English Grammar Quiz

Remove MTI:

  • MTI is Mother Tongue Influence.
  • MTI means a Bangali will speak English in his own accent, and a Punjabi in his own, but none of them is correct. It’s due to the influence of their mother tongue. A better speaker always speaks a language in its original accent.
  • Original accent of English is the way the people of UK speak, as English originated from there. So either learn it yourself by being a good listener or join some coaching classes.

Top 10 English Speaking Institute

Write and Read loudly:

  • If you perform this step, it will correct your grammar and improve your speaking skill.
  • While writing you have to concentrate on grammar, and when you read your own passage you will find your own mistakes. So it’s a two in one process. So can choose any topic of your interest to do it

Common English Error in Essay Writing

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    This article is very helpful for all students which have will to learn english .

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  4. Mohakam

    This article is very impressive and a inspiration for those who wants to speak english fluently but due to hesitation they could not use the right step to express their feeling through english . After reading this article i have remove some hesitation of myself. The main way to speak english is that firstly learn how to pronunciation a word for that use english news paper and loudly read the passage then anyone speak english fluently. I was a medium student during school time and engliah was a big hurdle for me to learn and to speak but after that i read newspaper regularly and explore new worda on daily basis and after one year i was easily understant whats the persons wants to tell me .

  5. sujata

    all points are good and mostv useful.

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