English Language Quiz | Qualify The TOUGHEST English Practice Test Ever

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English Language Quiz

Want To improve your English Language skills, Then Qualify the TOUGHEST English Language Quiz Practice Test Ever! Students, who think that they lack in English language may examine yourself by participating in English language Quizzes. English is a global language and proficiency in it is a must to succeed in a globalized world so you may boost your skills in English Language by taking English Practice Test etc. In Online English Language Quiz, you may need to choose the correct answer or response to each question and each question has only one correct answer.

People learn English for many different reasons and they also have many different styles of Learning English. Take this quiz about certain English learning ideas and receive some helpful advice for you to think about while learning English. So dear aspirants simply answer all of the questions in the below stated quiz and press Show Result button to see your score and other statistics, all questions are provided by team of recruitmentresult.com for your better preparation.

English Language Quiz

Q.1. I saw some­­­­­­­­­ ­____________ swimming in the lake.

Q.2. He has many friends, but ________ are good ones.

Q.3. Don’t let the teacher catch you ______.

Q.4. We found the baseball game ­­­­­_________.

Q.5. We had our house _______ white.

Q.6. ________ Men like to watch baseball.

Q.7. I always keep those two ______ with me when I go out at night.

Q.8. Do you ­­­­­_____the bus to work

Q.9. The _____ instinct of a watch dog is to attack strangers who enter its home.

Q.10. I will give you ____

Q.11. The important key to success in this business is strong management because if you lose your ________ then you're in real trouble.

Q.12. You must _____ what I telling you to do.

Q.13. I am very ______ to meet you

Q.14. You can ­­­­­­_____ on me, have no fear about that

Q.15. The moment I got into the_______ office.

Q.16. She was annoyed that she ________ spoken to like that.

Q.17. Sometimes my grandmother would ________ all different types of thread so she could include more colors in the clothes she sewed.

Q.18. ________ I ride with you to work?

Q.19. What did you ______ last weekend?

Q.20. Protest meetings are held but invariably they end in a ________ because they are not organized properly.


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There are so many English Language Quizzes which you can attempt online according to your knowledge and interest and you will be also able to see questions with correct answers. There are two types of English we read/study literature part and grammar part. Both parts of English have different aspect. So, you may take participation in many quizzes to improve your skills and stay connected with us on our web portal to get latest updates regarding same.

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