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Ericsson Interview Experience – Share Your Interview Story With Freshers

Ericsson Interview Experience

Hey guys,

I am Ravi Kumar and I am sharing my Ericsson Interview Experience as well as all the phases involved in Ericsson selection process. There are lots of corporations came in my college campus for accomplishment purpose and by blessing of God, I got placed in one among the highest corporations i.e. Ericsson.

A very interesting experience in Ericsson Interview and that I can’t forget that day in my whole life. Cracking Ericsson Interview process is kind of difficult because it desires lots of preparations. Here I’m going to share my Interview Story with Freshers that happened to me and the way I got placed during this company, in order that you can get some facilitate concerning their interview.

My Ericsson Interview Experience

I appeared for the ERICSSON placement Exam. The procedure consisted of 4 Elimination rounds.

4 rounds were there:

  • Online Test.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Technical Interview.
  • HR interview.

1st Round: Online Test

First of all the aptitude test was bit of easy. You have to answer 45 questions in 45 mins, no negative marking. There were 3 sections:

a. Logical (15) b. Numerical (15) c. English (15).

All queries area terribly straightforward anybody can answer them simply, try to answer all the queries because the cut off will be very high.

2nd Round: GD Round

After that I got elect for GD round. Here I would like to inform you one thing guys, I’m not excellent in English, however in gd you have got to simply tell the valid points & try to make others speak, they will simply elect you.

2 batches of ten students were formed and that we got a subject to debate.

Our topic was “Technological implementation increasing Jobless percentage”.”.

5 individuals were asked to be in favour of it and that I was one of them.

First hour gave everybody probability to present their views then everybody started golf shot their points.

Note: try and speak after every 2 min otherwise you’ll be asked to conclude.

Around fifteen were shortlisted during this round. 2 final individuals from each the batches were eliminated. I also

3rd round: Technical Interview.

Next, the technical round, Here one factor let me tell you Ericsson is providing you a post for telecommunication business therefore if you’re a ECE student then be ready concerning your project, wireless communication topologies, microwave, digital physics.

I am an ECE student & I was in 2nd panel at no 5. I entered the room, sir asked me to sit down. Then he checked out my CV.

Interviewer: Ok Ravi, tell me your subject of interest.

Me: I Said (Digital, Data structure & C).

Interviewer: Ok tell me what is the difference b\w structure & array

Me: I said clearly that Array elements are homogeneous. Structure elements are of different data type.

Interviewer: Do you know linux

Me: Said no.

Interviewer: Ok fine. Tell me what are the universal logic gates?

Me: I Said NAND and NOR.

Interviewer: implement OR gate using NAND Gate.

Me: I was showed by making diagram.

Interviewer: Derive De Morgan’s Law.

Me: I Said that De Morgan’s laws are a pair of transformation rules that are both valid rules of inference.

Interviewer: Ok, what is CMOS? Why we are using it so frequently?

Me: I Said clearly that a technology for making low power integrated circuits or a chip built using CMOS technology.

Interviewer: What is GSM? Which modulation Technique has been used in GSM?

Me: I replied that GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a digital mobile telephony system that is widely used in Europe and other parts of the world. GSM uses a variation of time division multiple access (TDMA) and is the most widely used of the three digital wireless telephony technologies (TDMA, GSM, and CDMA).

Interviewer: asked me a question about qpsk.

Me: I said sorry I don’t know

Interviewer: ok, tell me in a brief regarding your project.

Me: I told him in brief.

Interviewer: gave a sensible state of affairs from my project & told me to solve this.

Me: I explained, I saw his expression he was happy when taking my interview.

Subsequently I cask my hand with him & said thanks, he told me he gave the feed back to HR.

After half an hour they called me for HR Round.

4th Round: HR Interview

I entered the room. One mam was sited over there. She said please have a sit. She then took my CV & takes a brief look & said express yourself.

Me: Told him with a confident smile

Interviewer: asked me about my home town and said you have scored very well in your academic career.

Me: I said I have tried my best.

Interviewer: asked me what is success?

Me: I explained with proper example.

Interviewer: gave me a smile after hearing it.

Interviewer: have you heard about the bonds & job location?

I said yes. She said are you ok with it? Have you informed your parents?

Me: I said yes ma’am, I have no problem at all.

Interviewer: fine, do you have any questions?

Me: I asked when I can reallocate.

Interviewer: after 2 or 3 years.

Me: I said ok mam Thank you.

Interviewer: asked me to wait outside.

After one hour they declared the result. Out of 150, twenty six got selected finally &  I was  one amongst them.

I believe currently is: “Follow your dreams and at some point of time in life will surely achieve success”.

One necessary factor I need to inform you guys have faith in yourself, be yourself. Be assured, they solely wish to precise your level of thinking.

Good luck for your future. !

Thank you.

Dear aspirants if you’re willing to try for this company then take seriously each thing what I had shared and be assured and answer every question together with your full confidence.

Candidates who are going to face interview at Ericsson and have full passion and dedication as Ravi Kumar had at its interview time, then you ought to additionally prepare like her and obtain success in interview. If anyone needs to share their interview expertise us then you’re welcome on our web portal i.e.

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