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GMAT Mock Test – Online Practice Test Questions For Exam Preparation

GMAT Mock Test

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer based test and without practicing it online before the examination, you will face several issues at exam time like speed, time management etc. Here, we have provided GMAT Mock Test and by practicing online from the given free test series, you just feel like the real test is going on.

Solve full length GMAT practice test series with explanation from this page. We have given free GMAT Mock Test Papers Analytical Writing Section, Quantitative Section, Verbal Skills and Integrated Reasoning section. Must practice online or by downloading GMAT Mock Test PDF to analyze whether you are improving or not.

GMAT Mock Test

Types of Free GMAT Mock Test Series

MICRO TEST:- This test time duration is 20 minutes and consists of 5 Quantitative (Math) and 5 Verbal (English) questions. But in Micro Test, score predictions are not given.

MINI TEST:- In this test, you will get half questions related to GMAT and candidate need to complete it in half of the time. You will get score estimation at the end of the test.

FULL TEST:-  You will get real GMAT’s Quantitative and Verbal sections. In this test, each section contains 40 questions and 75 minutes is provided to complete the full test. From this test, get best score estimation.

Get Here: GMAT Mock Test Official Link

GMAT Exam 8-Week Study Plan

To score good marks in the exam, prepare from this given 8-week study plan as getting prepared for any exam, you need time and hard work. Mostly, toppers follow the study plan and have a positive can-do attitude. Know about the topics that you had to cover in specific days.

WEEK 1: Don’t focus on your score but become familiar with the exam.

WEEK 2: Do practice and improve, as questions levels are ordered from easy to hard.

WEEK 3: While practicing, just experience that you are giving real test and maintain your concentration.

WEEK 4: Keeping time management, check in which question you need to make an educated guess and move on to the next question.

WEEK 5: Do practice from online GMAT® Official Guide as it contains some questions that are not available in the book.

WEEK 6: Just as you are answering the questions, also focus on reviewing the questions type.

WEEK 7: GMAT exam is a computer-adaptive test, so sometimes it feels difficult as when you gave correct response for each question. If in first question, answer is correct, then at next time, your question level will be harder and it continues until the section completes.

WEEK 8: At last minutes, focus on confidence and make your mind fresh. Don’t cram so many things simultaneously.

Download Here PDF: GMAT Exam 8-Week Study Plan

What is the meaning that GMAT Exam is Computer Adaptive ?

Computer adaptive test means you need to complete your Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning section in real time according to your ability. In the test, first question is generally of medium difficulty and it will be either from Quantitative or Verbal section. After answering the question, score of that question will be given and you will move to select the next question. Online GMAT Mock Test will helps you in preparation of Computer Based Test.

How it Works?

If your first question answer is correct, then usually you will get a harder question in next time and if it is incorrect, your next question will be easier. So based on previously answered questions, this process will takes place until the complete test.  But in this GMAT Online Test, you will not be able to return or change your previously answered questions because on the basis of previous responses, computer is selecting the next question to be displayed.

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Guide to GMAT Exam

GMAT Official Practice Kit will help you in practicing as it contains two full-length practice tests. Along with this, 90 free questions with answers are also provided. (30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, 15 Integrated Reasoning).  You will get an opportunity to understand each and every question and evaluate your weakness.

Get Here: Guide to GMAT Exam Prep Materials

Do, prepare well for the exam and start your preparation at least six months before the test is going to be held.  Always do preparation with best study material and do smart study, as it is not necessary that you need to spend more and more time in your studies. Read this complete page of GMAT Mock Test, prepared by for candidates preparing for Graduate Management Admission Test.

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