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Group Discussion: Do’s and Don’ts, Avoid these Mistakes during GD, Tips

Group Discussion: Do’s and Don’ts

If you are getting an opportunity to be a part of GD, you should know that Group Discussion (GD) is an activity where an individual put their point of view on a particular topic among group. If you follow some Do’s and Don’ts and avoid mistakes during GD, it will become very easy for you.

It is based on several skills, like, communication skills, knowledge of the topic, ability to perform in a team and confidence level.Now let’s study some Do’s and don’ts of Group Discussion, common group discussion mistakes and group discussion tips. Here we have covered the same with some Tips for Group Discussion.

Do’s And Don’ts of Group Discussion

Do’s of Group Discussion

  • Make sure that your body language is good. Your body language tells more than you about yourself. Sit straight and Be Confident. Persons sitting to evaluate you are also a human does not get afraid of them.
  • Speak only that things what you know, be yourself and be as natural as possible. A wrong knowledge or repeating other’s content can take you towards negative marking.
  • Make sure you are having pen and paper with you during your group discussion (If Allowed).
  • Listen carefully and attentively to the subject. Note down your thoughts regarding the subject, it will make easy for you to speak if you get chance.
  • Commence the discussion only if you are aware of the topic very well. If you know the topic well then you must never miss the chance to begin the discussion, it will leave a good impression on evaluators.
  • If you don’t know about the topic then carefully listen to others, understand what others actually wants to say and pen down or prepare your own thoughts regarding the same.
  • If you are commencing the topic then keep some facts and figures with you to support what you are saying.
  • Choose Formal Attire, you must not wear any fancy dress. Take it as a serious matter; it will evaluate your dressing sense at different occasion.
  • Always give chance to others also to speak, even if you are not agree with his/her thoughts, do not interrupt in between, make your notes and speak up when your turn will come.
  • Speak politely and clearly. You must use easy and understandable words while speaking. You must never be aggressive to any of the person.

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Don’ts of Group Discussion

  • Never start speaking until you have perfectly understood the topic and you are very confident on what you are thinking.
  • Never start criticizing on religion and foreign policy of India.
  • Never take discussion personally, be objective while whole discussion. Do not do arguments aggressively. Be polite and calm.
  • Never talk to other participants during the discussion.
  • Never give chance to others to pay attention on you, by doing unnecessary actions and speaking anything wrong.
  • Don’t start sharing your personal experiences in every statement.

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Group Discussion Mistakes

Following are some of the common group discussion mistakes which may take you to the negative marking and may leave a bad impression on evaluators. You must go through all of them and try to avoid those during your GD.

  1. Endless Talking: Group discussion is namely a discussion. In this all the whole group gets chance to speak, not only one person is going to speak for whole GD. So, speak what so you want to but in fewer words and do not speak for a very long period.
  2. Nervous Silence If speaking more is not good, then speaking less is also not good in GD. When you get a chance to speak, never sit quite. Every one of us may get nervous while speaking in front of a group, but your nervousness should never stop you in keeping your point of view anywhere. Take a deep breath and calm down, but never remain quite.

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  1. Emotional Eruption This is true that we all must have some personal extension with any topic. But due to this attachment you can lose your focus from the topic, may get aggressive and may speak too much. Try to be calm and speak whatever you want to in an appropriate manner. Do not allow your emotions to erupt through your words.
  2. Less Confidence Lack of confidence can become hindrance to your success most of the time. Never think about other participants, try to attain good knowledge about different topics. Stop thinking that others will much better than you. Speak confidently and you will be at your success level.
  3. Body Language and Gestures Your body language and gestures may play an important role in providing you good score in Group Discussion. Pointing finger at others and your bad sitting posture may lead to the negative marking.

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Tips for Group Discussion

To prepare well for your group discussion you must go through some experienced tips. Following are some of the Tips for Group Discussion, read it and keep all these in your mind while your preparation.

  • Listen attentively and carefully what evaluators and others are speaking and make your own notes to speak well during your turn.
  • You must admit that every participant has something or the other good and knowledgeable to speak. Never think anybody less than you.
  • Your main objective while speaking in GroupDiscussion must be to keep your point of view in such a manner that it should be easy for others to understand.
  • You must practice writing essays on various topics and must know how to structure your thoughts and also have a proper knowledge of expressing them in words.
  • To prepare well for GD is to read more and more magazines, read about different topics and must start taking interest in current affairs.
  • You must always respect others and always remember that everybody thinks on different issues in different ways, so try to be open minded for every issue.
  • You must be aware of such topics which can be repeated with minor changes, such topics may include gender inequality, poverty, issues of terrorism, etc.

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Apart of all above things the most important things you must carry with you to your GroupDiscussion is your appropriate knowledge and a bit high confidence, but don’t be over confident.

We hope all the aboveDo’s and don’ts of Group Discussion, common group discussion mistakes which should be avoidedand group discussion tips will help you in coping up with the fear of GroupDiscussion. Be confident, Be Calm!!!

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