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Group Discussion: Do’s and Don’ts, Mistakes to Avoid during a GD Top Tricks

Group Discussion: Do’s and Don’ts

Group Discussion is one of the best tools to qualify the potential contenders for the suitable post. GD is a process used by an organization to measure whether the aspirant has definite personality strengths or skills that it desires in its members, so for this you should know about Group Discussion: Do’s and Don’ts. This method may be used by an interviewer at an organization or at different types of management competitions. Some candidates who haven’t attend any GD, for them we are given some top tricks that will help them to avoid mistakes at the time of Group Discussion.

Group Discussion

In Group Discussion, the group of contenders is given a topic or a situation and they have to think about the topic for few minutes. And then 15-20 minutes will be set to them for the discussion about the topic. Every candidate gets a chance to express his thoughts about the topic in front of the group members. With the help of this method, the interviewer comes to know about the Communication skills, Leadership skills, Creativity and Confidence level of the aspirant.

We the team of are providing some important things for the contenders who are going to be appear in GD, that they should do and don’t do at the time of group discussion.

Group Discussion: Do’s and Don’ts


Some essential things to do in the group discussion (GD) round, take a look below:

  • Be the initiator if you know the topic well
  • Keep Calm and be polite
  • Listen and understand the topic
  • Speak in clear terms
  • Give logical examples
  • Pen down your thoughts
  • Try to generate new ideas
  • Look at particular group member
  • Stick to the theme of discussion
  • Use body language and keep a smiling face
  • Motivate other members to speak
  • Provide full contribution to entire discussion

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Group Discussion


There are also some things that you not to do in group discussion round, read that points which are mentioned below:

  • Don’t hear and judge, first recognize the topic
  • Never interrupt others when they speak
  • Don’t try to dominate the discussion
  • Do not point your finger at any particular person
  • Don’t make fun of others
  • Don’t lose your temper
  • Don’t be rude or shout during GD
  • Don’t snatch other’s chance to speak
  • Don’t get emotional
  • Do not pass judgment on other members
  • Never use stinking language
  • Don’t be panic if you are not familiar with the topic

Interviewer judge these things during GD

The invigilator will judge your skills and traits during the group discussion round and on the basis of you personality strengths, interviewer will qualify you for the next step.

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivational Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Analytical /Logical Skills
  • Reasoning ability
  • Different Thinking
  • Initiative
  • Boldness
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Ability to think on ones feet

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Mistakes To Avoid During Group Discussion

Endless speaking: GD is all about your way of talking and your knowledge about the topic but speaking endlessly in a GD does not make a good impression. So speak around 30 seconds for 3-4 times only.

Bad Body Language: Always sit in good posture and avoid mistakes like thumping on the table, pointing fingers at others while speaking. Be attentive towards the topic and don’t make annoying facial expressions during Group discussion.

Interrupting: Interrupting others during their speech is the biggest mistake in GD because no one likes being interrupted and it is bad to interrupt someone midway through his/her speech. Keep calm and wait for the other person to finish then start speaking.

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Poor Communication Skills: Communication skills are very important to convey your message- clearly and effectively. If you have good speaking skills then only you can translate your thoughts into words. So try to make good command on communication skills before appearing in GD/interview.

Being loud: Don’t shout at anybody during Group discussion because by doing this you will be disqualified from the process. Speak in gentle way and try to pronounce the words correctly. Be polite and keep you tone familiar towards other members.

Silent Mode: Talking too much is bad for you but saying nothing in GD ruins everything. Speak on the topic when you are supposed to speak. Nervousness is the main reason for silence, so don’t get nervous and try to speak confidently.

If you want to leave your good impression on others then you must avoid these mistakes during group discussion.

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Top Tricks To Clear Group Discussion

Be Yourself: The first thing that you should keep in your mind is that Be what you are, do not try to copy others. Express your thoughts, what you think about the topic speak in front of others. Be confident and try to grab the opportunity to speak first because it leaves a good impression on evaluator.

Speak Accurate About The Topic: Think well before you speak so that you will not use unnecessary words in your speech. Use facts and figures, everyday life examples to express a clear chain of thoughts. Always speak point to point and make your focus on the topic.

Listen and Reply Carefully: First listen the instructions and topic carefully then speak up on that topic. Don’t make hurry while listening because by doing this you cannot understand the topic on which you have to speak.

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Try to Generate New Ideas: Transfer your thoughts into innovative and new ideas and then speak in front of evaluator. This makes you different from other members, use original and clear words so that everyone understands you.

Always Sit in a Good Posture: In group discussion, always sit in a good posture and control your emotions. Keep a smile on your face and use your body gestures to express your words. Try to look in everybody eyes while speaking. This will boost your confidence level.

Be Polite: The interviewer also judges your way of talking and your speaking tone during Group Discussion. Communicate with each other in a gentle and polite tone. Don’t shout at anybody and don’t be hyper in any situation. Be confident and speak flawlessly.

These top tricks will definitely help you to clear Group Discussion round and you will leave a good impression on others also.

Official Note

We hope that the above information about Group Discussion, the important things and tricks will be helpful for you. If you have any doubts then you may write to us in the comment box which is given below.

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