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HCL Interview Questions – Technical, HR Interview Questions And Answers

HCL Interview Questions

Applicants if you want to crack HCL Interview easily, then you need to take help from below provided HCL Interview Questions. At the time of interview it depends on the interviewer that what he is going to ask. We have prepared important HCL Interview Questions and Answers of Technical and HR Rounds which will help you to get success in Interview.

HCL Interview Questions

HCL Selection Process 2019:

Written Exam:

SectionsNo of Questions
Quantitative Ability15
Technical Ability15

Technical Ability:

  • In this Section, they asked the question on JAVA, Operating System, C++, Networking and DBMS.
  • In this round, they asked the technical questions from JAVA, OOPS, C Language, DBMS.

HR Interview:

  • The third round is HR interview.
  • Students who clear the technical round are eligible for this round.

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HCL Interview Questions with Answers:

HCL Technical Interview Questions:

Question: Does every class have a Constructor?


  • Yes, every class needs a Constructor. It may be Parameterized or Default.
  • If the user does not define a constructor within a class, the default constructor is always included in that code.
  • The objective of Constructor is to initialize an object called object initialization. Constructors are mainly created for initializing an object.

Question: How Java enable High Performance?


  • Java uses a Just-In-Time Compiler to enable high performance.
  • Just-In-Time Compiler is a program that turns Java bytecode, which is a program that contains an instruction that must be interpreted into instruction that can be sent directly to the processor.

Question: Can we have Private Constructor in Java?


  • Private Constructor is used if you do not want other class to instantiate the object.
  • Private Constructor is used in Singleton design Pattern, Factory Method Design Pattern.

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Question: Why is java considered as dynamic?


  • It is designed to change the evolving environment.
  • Java can carry an extensive amount of runtime information that can be used to verify and resolve access to the object at runtime.

Question: What is the purpose of finalize () method in Java?


  • Finalize () method in java is a special method much like the main method in java.
  • Finalize () method is called before garbage collector reclaims the object, its last chance for any object to perform clean up activity i.e. releasing any fixed order resources held, terminating connection if open etc.

Question: Can we override java main method?

Answer: No, because main is a Static Method.

Question: Why polymorphism is used in Java?


  • The good reason for why polymorphism is a need in Java because the concept is extensively used in implementing inheritance.
  • It plays an important role in allowing the object having a different internal structure to share the same external interface.

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Question: Can I have Private Constructor in Abstract Class?

Answer: Abstract Class can have Private Constructor But that class cannot be extended by another

Question: What is an Abstract class?


  • An Abstract class is one that is not used to create an object. It is only used as base class for the other class.
  • The Abstract class is always public or friendly.

Question: What is singleton Class?


Singleton Class limited the number to one but allowing the flexibility to create more object if the situation changes.

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HCL HR Interview Questions:

Question: Why should we hire you?


As a Fresher, It is a great opportunity for me to work in a good company which helps me for the better career.

Question: What is the difference between Confidence and Over-Confidence?


  • Confidence: – I can do it.
  • Overconfidence: – Only I can do it.

Question: How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

Answer: Yes, if the Company needs me then I am ready to work at any time.

Question: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Answer: I can see myself growing with this company and reaching a position where I become valuable assets for this organization.

Question: How much salary do you expect?

Answer: As a fresher, I would like to prefer Company norms.

Question: Why did you leave your previous job?

Answer: Sir/mam, it’s a career move. I have learned a lot from my past job. But now, I am focused on a new challenge.

Question: On the scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

Answer: Sir, you are more knowledgeable, more experienced than me I am not on a level to judge you.

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HCL Interview Questions (Updated 2019):

There are many IT companies in which youngsters is to build up their career. One of them is HCL. But answering HCL Interview question is not an easy task. At the time of interview it depends on the interviewer that what he is going to ask. To help aspirants in qualifying the interview with more ease here we are providing some HCL Interview Questions for Fresher’s & Experienced that are usually asked while PI.

Getting a job in private sector is not as much easier now, there are various rounds through which candidates have to go through like Technical or PI etc. we the team members of have created this page to help candidates in qualifying the rounds. Follow us on Facebook and Google+ for HCL Interview Questions for Experienced and HCL Interview Questions for Freshers.

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