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Health Hazards Due To Over Studying | How To Overcome Exam Fear

Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Examinations are mostly stressful and to reduce burden of exam we study whole day and night. There are so many Health Hazards Due To Over Studying. By over studying we can reduce our stress even we suffer more from exam fear or exam anxiety. Little anxiety is good to prepare for exam but some students got so much stress during exam. To reduce this anxiety we should know How To Overcome Exam Fear.

Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Dear, I was also a kid once and due to study till late night. I got sleep in morning while exam. How ridiculous it was? Perhaps that time, I used to think “why I didn’t asleep at night”. But now nothing can be done. Likewise Opportunities never comes back, similarly Exam cannot be held again.

Today, I feel for all those students who are getting stress of study over just due to exam phobia. I would like to concern all those studious students who get-up till late night and are causing following health hazards:

  • Headache
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Feeling Sick
  • Feeling Tired all the time
  • Bad-Tempered
  • Sleeping Badly all day & night

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These hazards due to over studying may cause difficulty to you concentrate in exams and may occur physical sensations such as chest pain, muscle cramps, pins & needles, fainting & even some stomach problems too. As all of your veins are related to brain and if you will start thinking over, it may cause trouble in your body. Thus too much stress can lay to panic-attacks, depression, and drug-abuse, eating distress or self-harming behavior. You should reduce Exam Fear so you can also reduce Over Studying. You may read this article of to know How To Overcome Exam Fear.

Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Take Time For Studying:

Most of us prepare for the test till last night which is good but not all the time. By studying till late night you can’t focus on your subject. If you want to Overcome Exam Fear, prepare for it as soon as a test is scheduled. You should take Time for Preparation like some days or even a week.

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Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Breaks in Study:  

It’s good to study continuously but also takes breaks while studying. If you will spend each minute of the day in studding, it will increase your nervousness. Take a break after each hour or two at least for 5 to 10 minutes. You may watch TV or go for a walk or take a nap or Ride your bike or Do housework as per your wish.

Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Manage Your Thoughts:

Your thoughts can motivate you or demotivate you, so it’s up to you how you analyze your thought patterns. If you think “I’ll certainly fail in this test,” or “If I will not be able to crack this exam my life is over”, it will demotivate you. If you are having this kind of thoughts, you need to motivate you by analyzing your thoughts.

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Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Keep Negative Thoughts In Perspective:

When you are having so many negative through then you can have a perspective on your past to encourage yourself. Like if you haven’t prepared for the English test, which will be held tomorrow. You have made your mind that you will be fail tomorrow definitely. Then you should think that you got good marks in the all past tests of English. You are having past experience so you will definitely crack this test. In this way you can overcome exam fear.

Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

Relax Yourself At The Time Of Exam:

Because of lack of preparation, sometime we get worried. On account of this anxiety you can’t appear your exam properly. Just relax your mind and Read all instructions and questions carefully. Before starting exam give positive statement to yourself like “you can do it”. By this you can focus on the exam. If you don’t know some answer, skip it and solve other question.

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Health Hazards Due To Over Studying

From this article it is clear what are the Health Hazards Due To over Studying and How to Overcome Exam Fear. You should follow these instructions and it will helpful for you to control your anxiety. You may follow us on Facebook and Google Plus to get more information on your timeline.

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