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Tips for Faster Writing in Exam – How to Write On Paper Faster/Better

Tips for Faster Writing in Exam

It’s common that you have to be in hurry but this speed up thing, makes things wrong. Isn’t? Obvious yes, for same check here Tips for Faster Writing in Exam. It’s many times difficult to have a good speed while attempting exam. Read more on below about How to Write On Paper Faster/Better and make out the easiest ways to write on your answer sheet very fast even within given time. Guys, many of us had faced this problem and who are not able to write fast in exam, they just need to read the following step and the result will be ‘you’ll definitely improve your writing speed.

Tips for Faster Writing in Exam

Every student wants to complete exam on time, attempt all questions along with and good writing at a good speed. But in many cases, student are unable to crack all the question in given time and because of feeling pain while writing  makes shortage of adequate time for completing examinations.-

Practice handwriting is very helpful and improves your typing Speed while attempting an examination. So, without talking something else let’s discuss How to Write On Paper Faster/Better and explore few Tips for Faster Writing in Exam;

Tips for Faster Writing in Exam

How to Write On Paper Faster/Better?

There are several ways of practicing to write faster but the basic one is to attempt those first, you know. Well, a good speed plays a necessary role in examinations but is equivalent to your familiarity with your answers. Didn’t get??

Ok, listen if you know answer then automatically you type in a speed and attempt almost questions within less time, but when you don’t know then you’ve to follow these below listed tricks. Some more important tricks to improve your writing speed that will help you understand how to answer exam questions are mentioned below:

Use a Fast Pen

Tips for Faster Writing in Exam

Things are easy when you’re using a ballpoint pen or gel pen; but considering the pen with below qualities is a good option in your case of writing fast in exam… (Tip Friction & Pressure  of nib/point on paper, Line Thickness of a particular pen) you must check these qualities in pen you are using till or will be using as this trick of change in writing tool is the easiest way to improve your writing speed.

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Study well & Practice Past Papers

This one is a really better way to get ready and effort of solving previous question papers. As, this process is not actually only about preparing but making you ready for many other aspects of answering for a specific question. Yes! It’s about understanding the effective way to approach a question within the given timings.

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Read Exam Paper Carefully

We know that in an examination hall, when holding a paper it’s a perfect situation of stress. But that does not clarify that do not read your question paper and start simply. Your simple ignorance or misread a question and just plan your answer out can cause a big distraction to give wrong answers. Reading properly and understanding every question o will ensure you top make the right choices.

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Manage Your Time

Tips for Faster Writing in Exam

Time is what never, will never wait for you whether you are in trouble or simply a lazy. And this is where you need to be strict on yourself. being a student’s specially you need to remember that once you have assigned a time limit for each question, it will be very easy for you to attempt and complete your exam easily.

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Try to Optimize Your Technique

As we have discussed that using good quality pens with a great speed is a good option and adopt this principle in your life to Write Smaller letter as this increases your speed. Listen, e don’t mean write too small and we would recommend this for most of the people. Well instead of writing paragraphs / text, why not

  • Use bullet points, Underline important and
  • Depicting data using diagrams, etc.

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This article is extremely helpful for all, just follow the steps provided above and tell us what has helped you? Leave a comment below!

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