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How to Balance Academics and your Social Life – Tips for School and Social Life

How to Balance Academics and your Social Life

Maintaining the balance between social life and academic life can be challenging for the time, well in this race many students get stuck in this that How to Balance Academics and your Social Life. We can say that it can be more challenging for the first year students as they have a pressure of studies like as to complete their syllabus, schools, tuitions’, and in between all this life seems like over whelming and this thing became a big task to get it done or to stay first in everything so in this case stress come in the picture to maintain the balance of the schedule.


And the time comes that we forget our friends and our family; indeed we forget that there is a real world also that you ought to discover which you had not. Some people or students do not think about grades in high school because that are more focused for their social life, but we would suggest you that if you want to stay balance in your both situations of  academics and your social life then you need to give time to both.. If you want to stay happy then balancing both is important and for that I will share some tips for School and Social Life

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How to Balance Academics and your Social Life

Tips for School and Social Life

Stay Active

Whenever you get time or a have free time don´t waste it! Don´t just lay around and do nothing! You might get used to it. You must live it to the fullest by playing or enjoy with the best hobby you love to do. You can just hang out with your new friends all night long, there’s nothing quite like the independence (you can do anything, and nobody will get you in trouble!) that comes with moving out of your parent’s house for the first time.

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Be Organized

Organizing everything whatever you do, study, play TV or everything. Also in this you will be able to spend the time with your friends or people around you. Try to listen them. Have an agenda, and write down what you will study one day, how much time you will study and at what time.

Give Your Interest To Social Activities

You should hang out with your friends for an evening party or should give time to the one like as kids, your pets or visiting to your relatives and should try your best to enjoy the moment and thus in this way you would be able make your body relax. Rather than just listing when an assignment is due, actually schedule time prior to work on the assignment. Take along breath and hang out with your friends. Meal times are another good time to develop meaningful friendships. It’s easy to get consumed in your work and never develop deep and meaningful relationships, so make yourself make the time. College isn’t just about the grades; it’s also about the network you create when you’re there. If you just have to study, study together!

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Get In Touch With Friends

How to Balance Academics and your Social Life

It is very difficult nowadays to interact with our friends as because of our hectic schedule but organizing everything to Balance Academics and your Social Life we have the advantage of online social networking technology, you should use it! Face book, Skype, Hi5, MySpace, Tagged, etc. are some of the friendful and social tools that you can use in order to keep in contact with your buddies. Your mobile phone is with you at all times, so whenever you feel you can give them buzz and can refresh your mind. They will appreciate your call!

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How to Balance Academics and your Social Life

Well, if I would talk about myself then I would say that I cannot stress on small things! Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, but it also keeps you feeling energetic… and organized. When you are tired and many of the things are going in your mind, take a time to do exercise, you give yourself your own time to reflect and organize your thoughts.

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How to Balance Academics and your Social Life

6-8 hours sleep is very important to look fresh and to think or to study. All-nighters are not healthy and your memory actually suffers when you do not get enough sleep.

We cannot neglect sleep as it is the part of our life; hence lack of sleep affects our immune system and the performance of us in our class so we should get as much sleep as we can but not that much.

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Plan It

There are so many reasons to use a list system for everything we’re talking to-do lists, grocery lists, assignment lists, etc. which you cannot do because of your busy schedule so give time to all that. Sometimes, it gets difficult for me to remember everything like as my assignments, so having a planner where I can put all of those things is so much easier than trying to remember dates. Even if you forget to all those things, the best way would be highlight them.  Highlighters would help you to decorate the different folders and you can use them for your different subjects. And in this manner , it would be easier for you to keep all the stuff in disciple manner and would be able to maintain your time for social networks.

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Eat Well

To Balance Academics and your Social Life, we need to eat well and in order to stay active positive effect on a person’s well-being , healthy eating is very important whether you prepare by yourself or you ask by your friend .to be socially , you can do is you can along with your friend.

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Join Club


The best way to get stay socially is to hang out with friends or good colleagues by outing in club or at the place you feel peace. Or either you can go out with your room mate at shopping or at movie.

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