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How to Crack an IT Interview – 11 Points Must Keep in Mind during Interview

How To Crack An IT Interview

How to crack an IT Interview: Providing employment almost 10 million Indians, the IT industry has made India contributing on the global platform. With development in Higher Education Sector especially in engineering and computer science, the economic growth of India has also fuelled up. We’re here with 11 Points Must Keep in Mind during Interview for an IT job.

There are many reputed IT companies with which most of the people want to get joined and work. But this is not so easy to get joined with it. To crack an IT interview one has to prepare at his best level of hard work and dedication.Here we’ve discussed here, some tips which you have to keep in mind during your IT interview.

There must be some things your interviewer must be noticing in you during the interview. There are some IT Interview Tips and answers for fresher which are definitely going to help you in cracking an IT Interview. Here we are providing you 11 Points Must Keep in Mind during Interview.

How To Crack An IT Interview



Your resume is the most important thing which tells an interviewer about your qualification, your skills and your work experience. These are the things which you cannot miss during preparing for an interview. Presentation of all the documents including your resume should be attractive.

It should be easily readable and should carry enough information about you. Try that your resume should provide an interviewer all of your information he is looking for otherwise he will spend a lot of time on asking about you rather asking some other questions.

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“What do you know about the organization?”, “do you know about the work?” are some questions mostly asked in the interview. First of all you should have a perfect knowledge about the company where you are going for an IT Interview.

Study on its work, go through their official website, their social networking sites to know their strategies of working and how they are increasing or spreading their work worldwide. Get proper knowledge of its all affairs whether current or past.

All this information will help you answering these questions. Through this you can give them an unexpected answer which would definitely leave a very good impression of yours on them.

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You should know about the post you are applying for. Its working, responsibilities, eligibility and qualification required. This will also help you understanding the post which is good match for you and which is not.

Current workers of the company can tell you about the organization and job profile you are applying for more clearly and honestly. Try to get connected with them. Nowadays you can easily find them on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Looking professional by your attire can make a good impression on them. At first you should prefer only plain white shirt which perfectly gives you a professional look. But you can also choose any light colored shirt, which should not have bold patterns or any other attractive thing. Suits and ties are the things of options mostly but not every time.

Some IT companies were strictly following the rule of wearing suits and ties at working as well as at every professional occasion also. When you will go through our first point you will come to know about the company and you can easily choose your attire for interview.

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An interviewer is never looking for a correct answer, he is only going to see that how you are going to attempt the asked questions whether you know the right answer or not. So, be honest at what you are saying.

If you do not know the answer simply just say that u don’t know rather of making bad guesses. Making guesses can irritate the interviewer. And if you know the correct answer but you are not sure about that then both the sides can have a good discussion and you should try to go till the right end.


Be confident and come with a good personality, it will make your interviewer more comfortable in having conversation with you. Interviewer must want to make sure that whether you will be happy or not if they hire you for this job.

Feel free to ask anything about your training period etc. for showing interest towards the job. They also want to make sure that they have come for the right candidate. And your personality and confidence can make them think positive.

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You can tell your interests according to the company’s topic. Interviewers are of same state of mind, they will also take interest in listening to your interest and a good discussing environment will be created and interviewers will also get to know about you more.

Then they will be more satisfied with you and your knowledge. If you will be uncomfortable and will show low confidence then interviewer can never feel free to ask about you and will not be able to have a perfect knowledge about how you can work for their company.


Make sure that the whole conversation should go on smoothly only on your strengths. Don’t forget to tell about your multi talents.  You do not know about which type of talent interviewer is finding in you and cannot say which of your talent can take you to any other high level of your career.

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If you are a soft hearted person then only your boss can trust that you will handle a client softly and will communicate very calmly and nicely with your colleagues and other employees. If you are a short tempered person, your boss will be forced to think negative about you. Make yourself a friendly natured person and let everyone say that you are a good hearted person.


There are some general questions which have been asked mostly many times. If you are currently doing any job and want to leave that job and join an IT company then they will definitely put up a question that why do you want to leave your current job. After some most important questions of clearance this will another important question which can either give you the job or not.

Your answer should leave a good image of yours on an interviewer. As you are currently working then be loyal to your present company. Answer should be like which should not make you disloyal to your current company and also which can satisfy your interviewer.

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Interviewer must have a lot of experience but he will always like to begin an interview with some basic IT questions. So, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of Information Technology. Do not try to answer his question in a long way just answer that in a short and straight way otherwise you will be trapped in your answer and he will get another question from your answer only and it can make you uncomfortable and can make your confidence low.

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Some Last Minute Tips to Take Care Of

Make sure that you are not feeling sleepy during your interview. Rest properly before interview, you will remain fresh and active in front of an interviewer. If you will be sleepy in front of him he will not take any interest in taking your interview.

You also must not be hungry at the time of interview otherwise you will not be able to concentrate on the questions you will be asked by your interviewer. Your confidence level should not be at the peak. You should be confident but interviewer should not think even for once that your confidence is an over-confidence.

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