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How To Develop Good Communication Skills | Effective Communication Strategies

How To Develop Good Communication Skills

Communication is our basic need! We are not able to do any of our work concern to others without communication. So, continuously we have to know how to develop our communication skills but the question is that How To Develop Good Communication Skills & how we can make Effective Communication Strategies. Communication is the way or an activity of exchanging our words, messages, emotions, thoughts, feelings etc with others and makes them understand properly through our conversation.Communication takes place between two or more than two peoples.

Communication must contain its three major contents i.e. a sender, a receiver and a medium. For a proper communication it is important to have a sender who is conveying message, a receiver who is listening or reading message and a medium through which the message is traveling from sender to receiver. It can be oral or written or in any other form like through sign language, gestures etc. The team of will tell you the tips to improve your communication skills.

How To Develop Good Communication Skills

How To Develop Good Communication Skills

Many people complain that they are not a good communicator so they want to improve their communication but the question awakes that How To Develop Good Communication Skills. So today we are going to discuss Effective Communication Strategies which we can follow in our daily life.

Basics of  Communication Skills for For Speakers

Clear Pronunciation:

A communicator or speaker should have to pronounce the words clearly. There should be no blurring, stammering or vague in your words otherwise the listeners are not able to understand properly & remains unsatisfied.

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Tone is the most powerful part of a speaker so it is most important to make your tone soft & kind your voice should be sweet and in a respecting way. You should not show any pride or rudeness in your tone to anyone.

One Question at a Time:

Sometimes people start asking questions together so you have to pay attention on one question at a time which develops your speaking skills and try to satisfy everyone with your answer. Don’t neglect or ignore anyone’s question it will be rude.

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A speaker should know how much loud he has to be at different places like at conference, lectures he should be louder than the time of answering questions & at communicating in a small group or with a person or in office  he should be less loud.

Avoid Interruptions & Distractions:

A communicator has to avoid the people who distract them during communication or interrupt between their communications. A communicator must possess the ability to avoid otherwise the connection with the people become weak during communication or he lost the momentum.

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Basics of  Communication Skills For Listeners

Listen Properly:

A listener should listen the talk properly means a listener should be mentally present in the conversation. Listeners just don’t hear the words but he has to understand them with proper listening.

Pay Attention:

A listener must pay his attention to speaker while communication listen every word rather than just hearing because if you don’t pay attention you miss or misunderstood an important part of the speech.

Don’t Interrupt:

Listeners don’t interrupt the speaker between his talk through his activities like adjusting tables, making noises, through phones. Sometimes, you disturb the speaker by asking question in middle of his talk so if you have any query you should ask at the end of the talk.

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Body Language:

A listener must maintain a proper body language while communicating. He does not have to do silly things like scratching, using phones etc. Maintain proper body gesture and keep your arms closed during conference communication or during lecture.

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Effective Communication Strategies

You can make your communication effective by making Effective Communication Strategies in advance. See how we can make the Effective Communication Strategies.


A communicator & listener both have to focus on the conversation not to the person. They have to interact with each other in a very balanced way sometimes it happens that if you got distracted you can move out of the topic which confuses everyone.

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A person must express or convey the message properly to the listeners in a very expressive way like by using gestures or hand movement it will surely help in improving expression.


A person should give response to the speaker by saying Yes & No but only when asked to do so. Sometimes a person wants your response in his conversation which shows that you are interested in his talk and you are listening him properly.

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Tell a Story:

Story telling is the best way to connect the people during communication because people really get bored in listening lectures & they are not able to pay attention so story take them in another dimension connects them with each other  properly but you have to choose the story according to the audience & according to the topic.

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Maintain Eye Contact:

There is an eye contact has to be maintained between communicators & listeners. When listeners looks at the speaker means they are interested in his talk and if there is no eye contact that means the person is not interested in your conversation.

It is so hard to develop Effective Communication Strategies over night but slowly & gradually you develop good communication skills and your communication will become effective.

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