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How To Improve Communication Skills in English Free PDF – Hidden Tricks

How To Improve Communication Skills in English

Communication skills are important in all aspects of business but it not only helps us in professional life but also in our personal life, where we get to know how to speak & learn English in both levels of life. So don’t get worried as we are here to tell you How to Improve Communication Skills in English on this page.

People may be technically professions in their work like accountant, software engineer, or a bank officer but still the question arises that How to Improve Communication Skills in English as You may be excellent in your working skills but nowadays English & Communication are having great importance in working skills.

How To Develop Good Communication Skills

So I would like to tell our viewers not to worry & be relaxed as it a very long journey in which you will face delays & frustration. You got to be strong & confidence to get into the field of improving your communication skills in English.

So here we are to tell you How to Improve Communication Skills in English:

Here Are Few Steps You Have To Follow:

Boost up your Speaking:

Be confident in your speaking don’t feel shy to make mistakes, speak to many people as much as you can. Speaking to a foreigner will not help you because his way of speaking will be a little different you may not understand his words clearly. So I will advise you to speak to person whose words are clear so that his words will be understood to you.

How to Prepare English

Learn sentences:

Choose a word from any book or dictionary & try to make as much sentences until you learn the word. Use the word regularly in your sentences.  Sentences will improve your speaking, if you even make small sentences & daily you repeat it then that will help you a lot in moving forward to long sentences.

How to Improve English 

Learn to listen:

Listen to news & songs in English; listen to their words clearly so that you may know what they are speaking. Sometimes we just concentrate on our way of speaking that if we are correct or not but this cause problem because we are not listening to other person speaking.

Watch Films:

Watch movies in English; listen clearly so that it will increase your pronunciation & vocabulary. Watching the movie again & again will help you in understanding & concentrate on things like the most important one is the slang.

Buy some English Books:

Books will face your problems in communication skill in English. I would like to tell you about some books in English.

  • Effective communication skills
  • Spoken English by R K Bansal
  • Advanced communication skills
  • I still can’t speak English by Jason West

Use of Dictionary:

 Look for words which will help you in pronouncing the word which is hard for you. Even try using those words in sentences. Dictionary even tells you about the grammar & some dictionaries have sentences, meaning & grammar to the words given. Learn at least 5-10 words & their meanings & then practice it by making sentences.

Memory Improvement Techniques

Record Your Voice:

 By recording your own voice you will come to know what mistakes you are making & correct them at the same time by using your English books. You will get to know the weak & strong points while recording & then you can work on your weak points.

Read Aloud:

 Read your newspaper or magazines aloud at least for 15-20 minutes daily. As newspaper is very beneficial for all so it is good reading newspaper, as you have to read every sentence clearly & loudly so that your vocabulary level increases.

Personality Improvement Tips

 Have a Debate:

 Debate some of the topics with your friends in English. Try using vocabulary. Take a topic try making small sentences in your debate. Use as much as words you want but make sure you are using the right words in your sentences.

Use of Questions:

Questions will keep the conversation going on & will give you some time to relax a little. Some questions may be tricky so practice as much as you can & spend time learning the correct way of questioning. Make small questions like what is your qualification? , which is your favorite food item?

English speaking is not that tough, practice makes a man perfect, so keep practicing new words. Take help from books. Get an experienced English teacher who will help you in speaking & learning. Read newspaper & magazines, listen to the news in English.

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