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How to Prepare For NEET 2018 in 2 months | NEET Preparation Strategy & Tips

How to Prepare For NEET

The time has come when the academic world is infatuated by ‘NEET 2018’. Most of the students have not started their preparation for the exam and now are looking for the ways of How to Prepare For NEET 2018 in 2 months?

“The person, who thinks he will change the world, is the only one who can change the world” once said by Steve jobs. Many people are afraid that how will we pass the exam in just 2 months. So here we have brought for themNEET Preparation Strategy & Tips.

How To Prepare For NEET

With just a few months left for the examination, your preparation might be in full swing, right? While there are students who have started their preparation, there are also those who don’t know how to plan their NEET 2018.

So for all those candidates who want to know that How to Prepare for NEET 2018 in 2 months? The team of has provided the best NEET Preparation Strategy & Tips. Have a look.

How to Prepare for NEET Exam 2018

Before starting your preparation from below stated tips and strategies, you must know what NEET is?

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is conducted for the students who wish to study any graduate medical course (MBBS/ dental course (BDS) or postgraduate course (MD / MS) in government or private Medical Colleges In India.

Important things to keep in mind to follow this plan:

  1. There are weekly targets to complete the entire Syllabus. We agree that some of you might not be able to cover the topics in the defined timeline, but it’s okay!! You can anytime resume this plan and cover the leftover portion and maintain the same Pace and attempt the quizzes as well.
  2. We have fixed three days for the subject as
  1. On these days, you have to cover the topics (Mentioned Below). This is done to ensure that you maintain the constant pace of your preparation and to assess your performance.
  2. In rest days you can test your preparation by giving NEET Online Mock Test or you can also solve previous year question paper
  3. If any topic is left behind then you can cover that topic in rest days.

How To Prepare For NEET Biology


Biology (Monday)

First Month of Preparation
Week 1
  • Unit – Diversity in Living World (Excluding Animal Kingdom)
  • Unit- Structural Organization in Animals and Plants
Week 2
  • Unit- Cell Structure and Function
  • Unit- Plant Physiology
Week 3
  • Unit- Reproduction
  • Unit- Genetics and Evolution
Week 4
  • Unit Biology in Human Welfare
  • Unit- Biotechnology and its Applications
Second Month of Preparation
Week 1

Digestion & Absorption Breathing and Exchange of Gases Body Fluids and Circulation

Week 2Excretory Products and Elimination Locomotion and Movement Neural Control and Coordination Chemical Coordination and Integration
Week 3

Unit Ecology

Week 4Animal Kingdom

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How To Prepare Chemistry For NEET

SectionChemistry (Wednesday)
First Month of Preparation
Week 1
  • Basics of Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons & Halides
  • Mole Concept & Stoichiometry, States of Matter: Gaseous State
Week 2
  • Organic Chemistry Containing Oxygen (Alcohols, Phenols, Ether, Aldehydes & Ketones)
  • Atomic Structure, Thermochemistry
Week 3
  • Organic Chemistry Containing Oxygen & Nitrogen (Carboxylic Acids & derivatives, Nitro, Cyano, Amines &Diazonium salts)
  • Equilibrium, Solutions & Solid State
Week 4
  • Biomolecules, Polymers, Environmental & Everyday-life Chemistry
  • Redox & Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics & Surface Chemistry
Second Month of Preparation
Week 1Chemical Bonding
Week 2Classification of Elements, Hydrogen & S Block
Week 3P Block Elements
Week 4D & F Block & Coordination compounds

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How to Prepare For NEET Physics

Section Physics (Friday)
First Month of Preparation
Week 1
  • Electrostatics (Electric Charges & Fields, Electric potential & capacitance
  • Mechanics (Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power)
Week 2
  • Magnetism (Moving charges & Magnetism, Magnetism & Matter)
  • Mechanics (Rotational Kinematics & Dynamics, System of Particles)
Week 3
  • Mechanics (Units & Measurements, 1D & 2D Kinematics)
  • Optics & Modern Physics (Ray and Wave Optics, Dual Nature of Radiations)
Week 4
  • Current Electricity (Electric Current, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current)
  • Mechanics (Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids & Fluids)
Second Month of Preparation
Week 1Atomic Nucleus & Semiconductors
Week 2Mechanics (Oscillations & Waves)
Week 3

Thermal Physics (Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases)

Week 4

Electromagnetic Waves & Communication Systems

Reference Books

  • HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Physics Part 1 and 2 of NCERT
  • Objective Physics by D.C Pandey
  • Trueman’s Biology (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Dinesh’s Objective Biology
  • P Tandon’s Physical Chemistry
  • Dinesh’s Objective Chemistry

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Miscellaneous Things To Keep In Mind In Between Your Time Table

  • Eat well even when you are too busy with your studies
  • Drink lots of fluid and keep your body hydrated
  • Get involved in Physical activities like jogging, brisk walking or Yoga
  • Meditate to gain more focus
  • Sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours. Lack of sleep will never let you study with full dedication

Significant Note:

Follow the above provided schedule to know How to Prepare For NEET 2018 in 2 months. You can type your comments in below comment box for having any query or doubts regarding this post. Our Experts will soon solve your queries.

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