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How Do Toppers Study – Qualities/Things Need To Become A Topper In Studies

How Do Toppers Study

Every student wants to be the topper of their school or class or college. Everybody wants to be a topper and desires to add with the name but some students may attain this. How Do Toppers Study this is the question which arise in every one’s mind. Here we are going to discuss the Qualities, things which need to become a Topper in Studies. Topper thinks just like a topper.

How Do Toppers Study

There talents, ability, capability, learning power are almost equal but the central difference lies between the thinking of a topper and an average student. Some students will study every time. The unfavorable result is for those who study all the time and these students have their only purpose to achieve more. So they never waste even a single minute.

How Do Toppers Study


Self Confidence is required in all the circumstances in our whole life. Some time we are able to find the proper solution. But sometime we need to circumvent the problems or difficulties. So, self confidence is the major boost to achieve something in your life. But if will fear you are reducing the opportunity of being a topper and you just have faith in your work and work in a strong-minded way.

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Dedication and Determination:

To become a topper in school or class or college commitment and firm strength of mind are two other most important qualities that student needs and you require to dedicate yourself to your studies and keep yourself away from interruptions. You must learn with such Dedication as nothing distracts your mind.

Reason: Why you want to study:

This is the most important thing which you have to search out in order to learn or study. Reason for why we desire to give pain to yourself to gain something. No one can do anything in this world without any reason. So go search out the reason why you want to top in your class. Have an objective in life and a reason why you want to gain it.

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Curiosity is the special quality that Toppers have. ” Why- when- where” they always try to find the answers of these questions. For example” The great scientists Newton” He was the only one from many people, who has noticed that why the things always fell down. And finally he got his answer. As a result we all are aware with the Gravitation law. So everybody should try to learn the new things happened around them. This will increase your knowledge as well as your ability.


Proper planning is highly recommended to complete the entire course with a short period. How much we have completed and how much is remaining. You have to make time table give reasonable for playing, sleeping, studying and other necessary things. You must keep a target for yourself. Give proper time for every subject.

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Always keep yourself away from disruptions and social networking sites:

As we all know that keep yourself determined towards your study. If you are obsessed to social networking sites such as facebook and twitter etc then it is a great obstruction in your path to be a topper. You need to keep yourself away from that thing which you can distract your mind.

Effective Communicator:

Every topper has the habit of being in regular interaction with his teacher, senior; particularly toppers who take interest in guiding him/ her and assist to reach the top. They share with him/ her top secrets of study books. Their techniques of qualifying the exams with a good percentage of marks become a perfect for those aspiring to top in future.

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Things Need To Become A Topper In Studies:

  • Assume about your career goals in the longer term, and also search  at your interests and hobbies, and discover how they may interconnect together to  assist you reach your dreams
  • Set long-range goals and objectives
  • Study and hold established effective study methods.
  • Make a rapid study the nature and arrangement of each of your academic topics so as to determine their consequences.
  • Planning goals; managing precedence and performing tasks, actively, assembling information, taking and making notes, memory management.
  • Also, ensure that you carefully understand the content of all class lectures.

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So the average student can also be a Topper if they can follow the instructions and qualities as we have described above.   Because “where there is a will, there is a way”.  Your hard work, desire and continuity in study will definitely help you to go ahead and one day you will find yourself in the list of Toppers. You are only the one who has to work hard and become a topper. So best of luck!!!

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