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7 Easy Ways to Increase Typing Speed | Shortcuts for Typing Test in Exam

7 Easy Ways to Increase Typing Speed

Want to increase your typing speed? And have you need to look the keys on your keyboard for typing? Then, 7 Easy Ways to Increase Typing Speed will help you in several ways. So have look below….As we all know that typing speed matters when anyone applying for a job as paralegal, steno, typewriter, content writer and an executive assistant. If you are unable to type 65+ words per minute, then you should follow some easy steps to Improve Typing Speed. So, being able to type quickly and perfectly might be the only skill which matters between you and another equally qualified applicant.

Here, we are providing shortcuts that will help you increase your typing speed in no time. Before appearing in Typing Exam, you should start preparation for test by the following before given steps. With the help of these tips you’ll definitely get a leg up on the competition. These tips are:-

  1. Chatting and Commenting
  2. Don’t Look at the Keyboard
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice
  4. Technique Matters
  5. Use online resources
  6. Be comfortable
  7. Typing content as per your Interest

7 Easy Ways to Increase Typing Speed

#Chatting and Commenting

Increase Typing Speed

Chatting & commenting is play an important role which help to speed up your fingers on keyboard. It is very interesting way to do so. During chatting & commenting, we have completely focused on the topic and it outcomes much accurate sentences. Nowadays, it becomes a part of most of the teenager’s routine life. So, there is no need to do practice in spare time. There are so many versions of chat applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messangers etc. available on desktop.

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#Don’t Look at the Keyboard

Increase Typing Speed

Here, you will get another trick to help you increase your typing speed in a short period of time and it is, you should avoid looking at the keyboard. By the way, by doing this, the result may be wrong but you will learn the positions of the keys at a much higher rate without using the keyboard as a crutch. You should try to covering the keyboard and your hands with a piece of paper while you type.  Those want to challenge yourself, they must use Das Keyboard Ultimate, it is a keyboard with blank keys that will literally force you to learn the keys via motor-skills.

#Practice, Practice, Practice…

For increasing your typing speed, you should do practice, practice and more practice!!!  It is the best way to checkout the results. If you are doing practice typing skills for 30 minutes each day for a month, you will see result that can make all the difference in helping you land your dream job.

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#Technique Matters

Touch typing is 80% technique, 10% accuracy and 10% speed. So, those are masters in touch typing they are able to type   so fast without proper hand position and typing technique. By using proper techniques, you can learn type much easier and open a world of opportunities when it comes to increasing typing speed.

#Use Online Resources

It is an easiest way to advance your typing speed and purity is to have fun with it.  The lists of some great resources are available online to use (including games!) and pick the one which matches your current level or style of learning and start practicing!

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#Be comfortable

It means that when you are comfortable, you can do work better. The same goes for typing. It makes sure that your setting posture is straight and allows your wrists to rest during the typing. In addition, keep both feet on the floor and take break when required. If your fingers or hands start to hurt, take a break!!! It takes time but finally you’ll need to take fewer rest breaks.

#Typing content as per your Interest

During the learning new things, it is the best practice to learn it. The way you love to learn and same is applicable to learning typing. You may select the articles from niche you love to read and practice with them. There are many software and websites available which allow you to use your own material for typing. One of them is this Custom Text Tutor.

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WPM Score Measure:

Below 20 WPMYou seriously need to work on speed
Below 40 WPMBuck up
40-50 WPMYou can get better even better
50-60 WPMNot bad. Try for  more
70-80 WPMYou are good but don’t settle for it
80-90 WPMYou are pretty fast- how about hitting Century?
90 and above WPMProfessional – Haven’t looked at keyboard in a long time I guess

Those want to truly increase your typing speed, you should make sure the experience is a mix of both work and play. Above given table of WPM score based which can judge your speed level. HOPE!!! You are satisfied from the above described information regarding 7 Easy Ways to Increase Typing Speed. Through this page of, you may get many types of articles. So keep in with us continuously.

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