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Invention Quiz – Inventors Quiz, Online Trivia Questions And Answers

Invention Quiz

Are You An Inventor and Always Learning Related To Scientific Inventions and Discoveries? Then, you can try Our Online Invention Quiz and Test Your Inventors Trivia… Inventors Quiz is one of the important things that are asked in many competitive examinations. Ever since the commencement of history, people have been inventing things so in below segment we’re providing you some Invention Quiz Questions And Answers for your well preparation for any exam. Take this quiz and solve Famous Inventors Quiz Question to test your knowledge on some famous inventors and their inventions.

Most things we use today were invented by scientists and do you know these scientists and can you tell what they have invented? There happened to be various scientists on this world who thoroughly went profound in their theme and rewarded incredible which world cheer. Here on this web page is presenting the Invention and Inventors Quiz Questions and Answers for the candidates to prepare well. Aspirants may also do their practice through Online Quiz.

Invention Quiz

Ques 1: Which famous inventor worked at a patent office ?

Ques 2: What do inventors, Tesla, Popov and Lodge have in common ?

Ques 3: Who invented the refrigerator?

Ques 4: Which organization invented the Internet?

Ques 5: The theory of Evolution was produced by

Ques 6: Neutron was discovered by

Ques 7: inematography was invented by

Ques 8: Inert gases were discovered by

Ques 9: Who discovered oxygen?

Ques 10: W.Harvey discovered by

Ques 11: Who designed Suez Canal?

Ques 12: James Chadwick discovered

Ques 13: Revolver discovered by

Ques 14: Thermo Flask was invented by

Ques 15: Typewriter was invented by

Ques 16: Blood Circulation was discovered by

Ques 17: Streptomycin was invented by

Ques 18: Analytical Engine was invented by

Ques 19: Stethoscope was invented by

Ques 20: Pneumatic tyre was invented by

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Dear visitor, by going through above stated question and answers, you may increase your knowledge. As we know, some inventions have made our lives easier, while others have permitted us to travel round the world, even into space and some inventions were fun, like the candy floss machine, or the unicycle so stay tuned with us on our web portal to get latest updates about Invention Trivia Quiz. All the Best for Taking Participation In Invention Quizzes.

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